Mahfoud: Hezbollah is ready to impose its will on Lebanon


Outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri met with the leader of the Movement for change, Elias Mahfoud, who said that “Hezbollah is acting today as if Lebanon is Gaza,” listing a whole list of atrocities and crimes committed by Hezbollah since 2005, including the case of Captain Samer Hanna, the events of May 7, 2008, the attacks against the army, and fighting in Burj Abi Haidar last year.

“With all that has been done, Hezbollah does not have total control of the power in Lebanon, what will happen if [Hassan Nasrallah] is given the opportunity to fully take the reins of power in Lebanon and impose his will. We saw how Hezbollah Secretary General shall convene some Sunni leaders and dismissed others, as was the case with former Prime Minister Omar Karami and Najib Mikati Prime Minister,” said Mahfoud.

“Hezbollah must know that the international tribunal court is not owned by the Hariri family and the Sunnis only, and it is from the home of the Hariri family that I am saying these words,” he added. This court is as much about the Maronite Sunni, Druze, Shiites and the Lebanese Republic as a whole. If the objective is to torpedo the tribunal by removing judges, by blocking the financing or ending the cooperation between it and Lebanon through the protocol, then they can go take care of other things. “The UN resolution adopted by the Security Council (on formation of STL), no one may interfere in any way,” said Mahfoud.

“The danger in what Hezbollah does not lie only in the militarization of the political situation in Lebanon, or isolating Lebanon from the Arab and international scene, but it lies in the fact that [Hezbollah] transforms Lebanon into a rogue state”, he added, referring to the consequences this would have on the financial commitments of Lebanon.

“Hezbollah should know that at the time of publication of the indictment, it will become an immediate part of a Lebanese terrorist organization, which will have very serious consequences that can not be absorbed by the state and the people. They should not seek to take advantage of what’s happening on the Arab arena in terms of turmoil and falling regimes. What actually happens is in the interest of the Lebanese people and the public March 14, which initiated this phenomenon of peaceful revolution, which was then broadcast on the Arab scene. What is happening today is not the result of the coup d’état led by Hezbollah and its employees, but the fruit of the action of the public from 14 March,” he said.

L’Orient Le Jour