Syrians protest in Lebanon, call for re-occupation by Syria [Photos]


Around 60 people gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy in Beirut, chanting the slogans: “we want to return to our country,” and, “with soul and blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you.”

The Lebanese army has cut off parts of Makdessi Street in Hamra leading up to the embassy.

NOW Lebanon’s Patrick Gallagher said that despite the demonstration, the embassy appears to be open and running as usual with additional guards in front of the building. The Lebanese army and police are not allowing pictures to be taken unless individuals show their press credentials.

The crowd is jeering and whistling, even erupting in laughter occasionally between chants.

Syrian university students gesture as they carry banners, one of them reading 'With our souls, with our blood, we shall sacrifice for you Bashar.' (AP Photo/Ahmad Omar)
Syrian university students in Lebanon demand more rights in Lebanese universities. REUTERS/Sharif Karim
Syrian university students in Lebanon shout slogans as they carry a picture of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, with words that read "The person who became a president will remain the same person who is a doctor and above all a citizen. President Bashar al-Assad". REUTERS/ Sharif Karim

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