Wikileaks: Hezbollah trained Bahrainis in Lebanon


King Hamad of Bahrain reportedly said in July 2008 that Bahrainis were receiving training from Hezbollah in Lebanon according to a cable released by Wikleaks and published in The Guardian newspaper .

The king who made the comment to US General David Petraeus, admitted he had no definitive proof.

The King also said that the Syrian government was complicit with the training of Bahrainis by Hezbollah, and was helping them with travel arrangements

Here is the text of the cable :

King Hamad related the report that Bahrainis were receiving training from Hezbolah in Lebanon, but admitted he had no definitive proof. He also speculated that the Syrian government was complicit, and &must be8 helping these Bahrainis & travel without passport verification as tourists.

Opposition supporters in Bahrain have held protests for a third straight day, calling for more rights and for the prime minister to step down.

Some demonstrators are calling for the ouster of the king, while all are demanding the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa, who has been in power for nearly 40 years.

Most of the people participating in Bahrain’s demonstrations have been Shi’ite Muslims, who represent about 70 percent of the country’s population. They claim they are treated like second-class citizens by the ruling Sunni minority.

Photo: Computer video game, Special Force 2 has reportedly begun in Bahrain. Petitioners say: “Special Force 2 encourages violence for Arab children in a very political and religious way, by taking a devastating war and manipulating it into a recruitment process for Hezbollah through a CHILDREN’S VIDEO GAME.”