Egyptian PM: The situation is extremely better than yesterday


CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewed Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, asking about the current situation in Egypt on the 13th day of protests.

“The situation is extremely better than yesterday,” Shafiq said. “I think the ideas [between the government and opposition] are nearer now than before.”

Asked whether the government was ordering the arrest of reporters and humanitarian workers, Shafiq said “it’s not intended at all, my dear.” He went on to insist that any such arrests were being perpetrated by rogue actors, and that such arrests were not ordered by the government.

“I will go directly to check this point,” said Shafiq regarding reports that the Egyptian government had arrested a reporter from the Al Jazeera network.

Shafiq insisted that Mubarak would stay until September and that discussions were underway as to whether he could leave before then.

Asked whether the state of emergency had been lifted, Shafiq did not fully understand the question.




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