Mikati: Technocrat government is not only option


PM-designate Najib Mikati said during an interview with OTV that forming a technocrat government is one of the options, but it’s not the only one that he intends to pursue.

“I don’t see the mission of forming a government as impossible and all pending issues will be discussed inside institutions in a bid to find consensual solutions.” He said

Asked about when he expects his government will be formed and who will be in it he said:

“I have not committed myself to a deadline as to forming a new Cabinet. I haven’t been informed that Hezbollah won’t take part in the government, I’ve only learned that it will participate should the new government be non-technocratic.”

According to observers Hezbollah may not want to participate directly in order not to repeat the same mistake Hamas did in Gaza ( You break it, you own it ) , but regardless all Hezbollah allies that will participate will be a rubber stamp for Hezbollah.

Asked to comment about the protests against his appointment he said:

I honestly did not follow up on the number of people who took to the streets, but definitely twice the number of people, who support the path of reconciliation and peace, stayed at home .

Asked about the possibility of a new war with Israel as a result of the takeover of Lebanon by Hezbollah he said :

“No one can count on Israel’s ‘good behavior,’ but I stress that Lebanon and the Resistance won’t be the reason behind a new war.


According to Hezbollah sources the party decided not to participate directly in the government, but instead will participate through its allies . The sources reportedly said that Hezbollah will nominate former state minister Adnan el Sayyed ( who represented president Suleiman in the outgoing government and whose resignation resulted in its collapse ) Rafik Nasrallah ( journalist and media expert ) , Journalist Mohammad Hussein al Shami and Samar Hajj former detained general Ali Hajj



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