Lebanon Complains to U.N. about Israeli spy devices


Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed a complaint against Israel to the UN Security Council through its permanent mission at the UN regarding Israeli spying devices that were recently discovered by the Lebanese army on Mount Sannine in the upper Metn region and Barouk Mountain in the Shouf region.

“Such Israeli action is considered a violation of Lebanese sovereignty and UN Security Council Resolution 1701. It also threatens international security and peace, represents a violent action against Lebanese territories, and shows, once again, Israel’s disrespect of UN decisions,” National News Agency (NNA) reported the complaint as stating on Saturday.

Last Thursday, a third spying device was found and dismantled by the LAF, on Barouk Mountain, according to the Lebanese army command.

Last Thursday also Lebanese President Michel Suleiman praised the cooperation between the Lebanese Armed Forces and Hezbollah that led to the discovery of the Israeli spying devices.

Lebanese media also reported last Thursday that an explosion that rocked the city of Sidon on Wednesday night was caused by an Israeli bombing of one of its sea-based spying devices.

The Lebanese Armed Forces on Thursday released photos of Hebrew markings on spying equipment that it uncovered . A photograph released by the LAF shows a sign saying “Mini Cloud” in Hebrew and “Beam Systems Israel LTD” in English.