Geagea: ME Christians need freedom, not protection


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said on Thursday, in a possible response to the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , the Christians of the Middle East do not need protection, but freedom instead.

“We do not need anything but freedom, which distinguishes Lebanon from other countries in the region.”

Geagea added that the Christians of Iraq should be granted their freedom.

During an October Synod of Catholic bishops on the Middle East, Archbishop of Louis Sako warned that Catholics were leaving Iraq in a “mortal exodus” to live in peace and freedom.

Nasrallah said last night: I say to the Christians in and out of Lebanon: if you think that a Sunni-Shia struggle in Lebanon would be in your interest, you are wrong, and godwilling this struggle will not happen and there will be no faulty hopes hung on it. He also added in reference to the US and the west :” They do not care about the Christians in Lebanon. They were laughing at some of them in Lebanon.”

Geagea also criticized the behavior of the Hezbollah-led March alliance.

“Certain leaders are taking the needs of the Lebanese people hostage to fulfill their political agenda”, he said in a statement issued by the LF press office. Geagea added that the parties who obstruct the lives of the Lebanese people “will not be able to achieve their goals.”



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