Lebanon reveals Israeli markings on spying devices


The Lebanese Armed Forces on Thursday released photos of Hebrew markings on spying equipment that it uncovered on mountaintops earlier this week. A photograph released by the LAF shows a sign saying “Mini Cloud” in Hebrew and “Beam Systems Israel LTD” in English.

Also on Thursday, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman praised the cooperation between the Lebanese Armed Forces and Hezbollah that led to the discovery of the Israeli spying devices.

Suleiman also called for filing a complaint with the U.N. Security Council in addition to other complaints against “attacks on Lebanon’s telecommunications system.”

Israeli espionage “is in clear violation of resolution 1701,” Suleiman said.

One of the long-range spy devices was reportedly discovered on Sannine mountain in the upper Metn area , which overlooks Beirut and the eastern Bekaa Valley, and the second was found on Barouk mountain in the Shouf area , southeast of the capital, the army said in a statement, which credited Hezbollah with providing information that enabled the discoveries.

Another device found

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) issued a statement on Thursday that the army dismantled a second Israeli spy device on Barouk Mountain earlier in the day.

“The second spying device was made of two fake rocks, planted at a region at an altitude of 1715 meters ( 5623 ft) , that contained a receiver and transmitter covering the Bekaa, and certain Syrian regions reaching the Lebanese southern borders.”

A photograph released by the LAF shows a sign saying “Mini Cloud” in Hebrew and “Beam Systems Israel LTD” in English.

The LAF also said that the device was Israeli-made, adding that it can ensure contact between radio stations located in Lebanon and Israel.

Sidon explosion

Meanwhile, Lebanese media reported that an explosion that rocked the city of Sidon on Wednesday night was caused by an Israeli bombing of one of its sea-based intelligence- gathering units.

The sound of the explosion in Sidon caused a lot of confusion. One report said it was caused by an earthquake , another said it was caused by a naval mine that exploded off the coast of Sidon, while a third report said the sound was due the Israeli warplanes that broke the sound barrier at a low altitude over Sidon.

Here some more pictures of the spying devices as shown on the Lebanese army website: