Ad-Diyar: Karam’s file is full of evidence of spying for Israel


Ad-Diyar newspaper reported on Saturday that Brigadier General Fayez Karam’s case file is “full with tangible evidence” that proves he had collaborated with Israel.

Karam, a senior Free Patriotic Movement official, was arrested by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) – Information Branch in August and was charged with espionage and providing Israel with information on Hezbollah, Aoun’s closest ally.

Hezbollah knew that Karam, was collaborating with Israel from the moment he was arrested last September, an Arab diplomat told Al-Balad newspaper in an interview published last October 22.

“Hezbollah did not bring up the issue of Karam publicly because it took into account its alliance with FPM leader MP Michel Aoun,” the diplomat said.

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon in May 2005 , 11 days following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon.

Aoun said earlier in November that Karam was not guilty.

FPM worried

FPM MP Nabil Nicolas voiced his concern  over the life of Karam during an interview with new TV .

“The ISF-Information Branch should not be dealing with people. It is enough that bureau members have tortured Karam in prison,” Nicolas said

“After torturing Karam and attempting to poison him, we fear his life could be endangered ,” Nicolas said.

He also said that ISF General Director Achraf Rifi should resign and be punished.

Nicholas did not reveal the  basis for his accusations over  the torturing and poisoning of Karam