Gemayel: Lebanon is neither a Syrian province nor part of Wilayat al-Faqih


Phalange MP Nadim Gemayel said that Lebanon is neither a Syrian province nor a part of the “Wilayat al-Faqih.”

Wilayat al Faqih is a post-Age-of-Occultation theory in Shi’a Islam which holds that Islam gives a faqih (Islamic jurist) or fuqaha (jurists) custodianship, divine providence or guardianship over those in need of it.

It is the system practiced in Iran.

During his controversial speech in June 2008 Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah asserted that he is part of Iran’s regime (Wilayat al Faqih).

“We do not accept instruction from any state . Not Iran, Syria, France or the US,” Gemayel stressed

“What we have warned against proved our principle position from Hezbollah and its affiliation to Iran and to the Wilayat al-Faqih,” Gemayel added.

He also said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made provocative statements during his visit to Lebanon.