Egyptian FM: Hezbollah with its arms is challenging the state


Egypt has officially voiced its concern on Monday with the latest developments in Lebanon, implicitly criticizing Hezbollah by accusing it of “relying on the power of weapons that are beyond the control of the Lebanese state.”

The official spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Hussam Zaki stated that the general impression in the region was that the situation in Lebanon was heading towards calm and focusing on internal priorities.

“Egypt was unfortunately surprised that pledges have been broken, strife has been incited, and the legitimate state was challenged,” he continued.

“Egypt, which has been subjected to similar developments where some individuals were paid to attack it, sought to be completely above such silly matters and thwarted those individuals from maintaining their violations because it knows that they in fact are going through a crisis they seek to overcome” through attacking the authority, Zaki added.

“Egypt is monitoring their statements and actions until their weak positions become clear to all,” he stressed.

Last April 22 members of the Hezbollah terrorist cell that was discovered in Egypt received jail terms of between six months and 15 years, despite calls from prosecutors for the death penalty to be imposed.

The four defendants who remain on the run, including the alleged head of the Hezbollah cell, Lebanese national Mohammed Qabalan, received life sentences.