Bellemare to issue indictment against Hezbollah bofore year end, report


As Safir , the pro-Syrian newspaper that has been very active in leaking information on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon since last June claimed today that STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare would issue his indictment before the end of 2010 against Hezbollah members.

It based its report on a French source who is reportedly close to France’s permanent representative to the U.N., Gerard Araud. The paper added that Bellemare informed Araud about his decision during a meeting they held last July.

The prosecutor would accuse Hezbollah members of “having a hand in former PM Rafik Hariri’s assassination,” the source reportedly told the daily.

The daily said the accusation would be based on phone calls made between the killers as evidence. Slain counter-terrorism police officer, Capt. Wissam Eid, was overseeing the investigation into the calls before his assassination two years ago.

Hezbollah was reportedly accused of being  behind Eid’s assassination

As Safir report contradicts the statements made by Bellemare during an interview with Now Lebanon at the end of August.

Bellemare confirmed during the interview that all the rumors about the indictments are strictly speculation , since he has not drafted the indictments as of Aug 31, 2010.

“People should remember this: Unless they can read into my brain, everything else is just speculation”, Bellemare said.

As Safir reported last July that the indictment against Hezbollah members will be issue starting September 2010



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  1. This the beginning of an Armagedon between the Shiite and Sunnite

  2. AS SAFIR, Michel Hayek and Nostradamus MUST share the same talent… LOL

    1. Heck Walid if you need predictions just ask the Prophet Lol.

      Michael Hayek predicted Geagea will visit Syria this year. So i have not seen that yet and it doesn’t seem to be any indications otherwise. It would be very stupid indeed if Bellemare is relying on phone calls..Either he better have a better proofs, or that will definitely cause problems in Lebanon..

  3. Bellemare has a similar hairstyle to jumblat..but this guy got more meat on him

  4. Why all these judges look alike lol…

  5. As-safir active in leaking information? That should be corrected as from a journalism stand point it’s inaccurate assumption. It should be “As-Safir active in spreading rumors and publishing speculations and should be prosecuted by the law for spreading lies”

    Almost everything they have said about the STL so far has been all prooven wrong, and Bellemare himself said nothing of this is true. I am not sure if their are any standards journalism in Lebanon should abide by, but enough should be enough.

  6. No kidding, is somebody waiting for something else than this indictment ? Neither shiites, neither sunnites.

    U may add neither israelites.

    Wondering what gonna be the next episode.

  7. STL is a complete joke and I totally agree with the sayyed that it has no credibility because it is not indicting all the criminals behind the murders which happen to be syrian officials aswell. Poor sayyed, they stuck the whole thing in his ass 🙂

    1. tarie al fanarie Avatar
      tarie al fanarie

      Let those who labels the christians as traitors should be calling the the Syrian traitors who are leaving them high and dry when it comes to the STL. Let those who says that hezbollah is only carrying arms to protect lebanon against israelis. Ask yourself why is Hezbollah is threatening civil strife if the STL is not abolished? Lebanon is not issuing the rulings? besides what does HA care if the ruling indicts them since they will not give up any memebers to STL court.. why are they (HA) threatening the parliment if the funding of STL does not end, it will be very dangerous? what are they implying then? are they turning their weapons on us instead of israel? calling Gemeyal a traitor but its okay to lie to us and keep telling everyone the weapons will not be used internally. Then hezbollah are traitors to their own people.WHy are they defending Syyed anyway? he’s threatening parliment and demanding judge and other top post leaders to resign? does he still think he is the president of the republic? Does hezbollah want chaos and have syyed rule the country? I am fuming right now of the people like Cathy, Prophet and the Resistance support these monsters and not even attacking them because they’re threatening civil strife. yet Prophet find it easy to burn gemeyal in hell. Well here are your buddies guys threatening again and again out loud and your voices are silent. why don’t tell you these thugs to stop these threats so we can go on with our lives. Are they going to kill sunnis again because the STL will be accusing them? You say why are you accusing hezbollah and STL has not issued its ruling. Well why is hezbollah assuming the guilty verdict then? you say they won’t be any war.. well guess what it will ha bringing the war internally. Once that happens, then israel will use that to attack HA for sure then.

  8. Bellmare is nuts, somebody get this guy a drink!

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