Jouzo: Aoun defends Israeli spies while Hezbollah defends Aoun


Mount Lebanon Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Ali Jouzo slammed Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun and Hezbollah on Thursday for attacking security officials and the judiciary.

Aoun “is trying to protect Israel’s spies in Lebanon, that’s why he has launched a campaign against the (ISF) Intelligence Bureau … which has unveiled the truth behind Fayez Karam, one of the most important FPM cadres,” Jouzo said.

“It is strange for Hezbollah to stand idle or to defend the general (Aoun) in his stances,” he said.

In a fiery speech on September 5, Aoun criticized the government over the investigation leaks of former Brigadier General Fayez Karam, a senior FPM official who was arrested August 5 on charges of spying for Israel.

Karam was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah, Aoun’s closest ally.

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon in May 2005 , 11 days following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon.

Jouzo also accused Hezbollah of pushing former General Security Department chief Maj. Gen. Jamil Sayyed to attack PM Saad Hariri and other officials in his press conference last Sunday to “obstruct the role of the international tribunal.”

“Why is Hezbollah afraid of the court if it sure of its innocence?” Jouzo wondered.



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  1. malla khaltae… Lebanon is at the brink of civil war and nobody sees it. I wish that everybody JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!

    1. are we really at the brink of civil war????

      1. Where are you LOST? I will send you a GPS… 😛

        The conflict between Al-Ahbash (which ideologically is closest to Shia Islam amongst all other Sunnis) and Hezbollah is a drop in the ocean. Why do you think everyone is scurrying to make Beirut a weapons free zone? I believe that the so called leaders are trying to leave certain areas “out” of the conflict that is coming as soon as the STL indictment comes through as a safe haven for them to conduct “business as usual” while the people suffer as the thugs in the streets go at it.

        I hope I am wrong…

    2. all of this to be blamed on aoun and his allies because they do,nt want to obey the law of the state

    3. why you want the people to shut up, I am christian and find juzzo a very corageous man ,he make a lot of sense,he’s asking tight question , why Hezbollah want to stop th einternational court , and why all the previous dogs of Syria ,Lahoud ,Sayyed,and the recent traitor Aoub are barking agaisnt the court,you know why because they are the killers or they know who is the killer and the killer is them or close ally to them, you don’t bark if no one accused you yet or if you know you are innocent.Why they don’t wait and see maybe the court will accuse israel.

      No democracy one bu shutting up , the Cedar revolution was a revolution of people who had enough of shutting up. With all respect if Hariri the son want to settle on his father blood to gain Syrian friendship, the people shouldn’t settle. his father was a symbol for many also many paid the price, if Hariri wasn’t killed by Hezbollah for sure Syria has hand in it , no one can bring 10,0000 of high explosives, only a state can have access to such amount , the Syrian intelligence knew and still until now know who move ,or sneeze and when any go to washroom from any party , and such operation will not escape them . Do you wonder why no one dare to open the file of Renez Mouawad,because Syria is behind it, when Bashir died and a week after there was a banner in Btegrine posted for “every traitor there is Habib” , and Habib shartouni live currently in Tartous.Syria and Hezbollah and all the dogs of Syria opened fire on Rafiq Hariri prior to his death ,to prepare Psychologically the people that his death is not a bad idea . Also Iran has a big role , just go on you tube and watch the open war between the Sunni clerics and Shiite clerics on all subjects ,Shiite are swearing on all Sunni religious figure from Osman to the prophet himself, and Sunni attacking the shiites in all ferocity , including Nasrallah had fiery speeches against the Sunni historical religious figures, and Hariri was the symbol of regaining power in Lebanon by Saudi Arabia ,and the decree 1559 by the UN that Hariri pushed meant for HEZBOLLAH and Syria that he’s a traitor who deserve to die and they killed him . Syria was extorting 6 billion dollars and still to certain level from Lebanese economy from their worker, drugs and prostitution rings,Syrain prostitute currently are at large in Lebanon, and many of them are intelligence .Syria had for long time places all over Syria run by officers to sell Syrian the stolen cars and goods from Lebanon , that’s a big gold mine for them, and Hezbollah in the name of Mokawama ( lah yerkabouna bil moukawama) were the executors fo Syria and Iran and they still openely. Hariri was trying to end this as he couldn’t continue kissing the asses of the sYRIAN AND ALLOW LAHOUD TO EXTEND HIS DICTATORSHIP AND TOLD SYRIA OPENLY, and so is Joumblat and so is Kasir and Tueini. And let’s say Syria wasn’t behind it or as to be fair no one knew 14 February who killed Hariri,but it was the smartest thing to do to have a revolution to kick the corrupt and tyrant out , the smartest thing we did in 30 years of war was the 2005 Cedar rev,70% of the Lebanese united to kick the Syrian and they should have continue and kick lahoud from the palace as he was illegally extended . And now i SAY WE SHOULDN’T STOP EVER!!!! even if it takes more lives to achieve the complete independence , and the dignified state , we should never stop and never allow Syria back , it is better to lose the life and not live without dignity ,it is not matter of Hariri anymore it is matter we need to punish the killers as Serbia leader were tried and jailed , as the Nazis were tried in 1945, the regime in Syria killed ,tortured and bombed civilian with no excuse ,they bomb innocent civilian in Achrafieh in 1978 and Ain El roummaneh for 100 days day and night when they were suppose to be a peace keepers, what was the differenc between the Syrian shellign of Buildings and killing civilians and burning the Dora Gas tanks and Isreal invasion in 1982, what right they got to do that !!!!! simply murderers !!!they played with fire between all communities, their canons shelled East and West Beirut to feed the civil war in 1975-76 , we don’t want them to interfere in our life , we are Lebanese free people and we refuse to live like Syrian . Syrian national on daily basis are arrested and interrogated , and tortured and killed, and from 1975 and especially from 1990 -to 2005 they manage to install a puppet goverenment in Lebanon and transformed Lebanon to mini Syria , the Lebanese army need a major cleanup from the Syrian Intelligence , and we will not accept and will continue with Hariri the son or without , live or die and we will win, because freedom is the nature of the human being and no matter how the wind will blow and how long it will take , the freedom win will blow in the direction of Syria and the people there will revolt and the tyrants will fall so is their collaborators in Lebanon

      1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar


        you are absolutely right, the cedar revolution lebanese cannot and will not shut up until they reach justice and reestablish legal lebanese authority throughout lebanon, with or without jumblatt and mp hariri, if they ever decide to change course and forget those who killed their respective fathers.

        after all and since the cedar revolution lebanese cannot count on any weapons in their disposal, like the 8th of march folks, to impose their opinions, talking is at the moment the only means left to prove to the rest of the lebanese and to the world the righteousness of their cause.

        if they shut up, lebanon would as a best case scenario, become a grotesque and backward copy of the iranian and or the syrian regime.

        but in the worst case scenario, lebanon would become an international pirates’ cove whereby the current flagrant examples of lawlessness from dahieh to britel and hermel etc… would spread throughout all the lebanese territories.

  2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

    mufti jouzo is absolutely right on that one. yaaneh ya general aoun w ya hezballah hayyartouna.

    two months ago you were jubilating and congratulating the lebanese for the well done job of the isf intelligence bureau catching all those spies allegedly working for israel till fayez karam’s arrest.

    now, few months have passed since the start of the catch a spy campaign, and aoun the nutty general is viciously attacking the isf among other institutions and officials in the government while hezballah is suspiciously defending aoun?????

    from here i can see 2 possible gloomy scenarios emerging:

    1- if the isf is right with his indictment, that would mean general aoun and hezballah are conspiring to cover up on israeli spies in lebanon, specially if the isf have additional infos on any new fpm and or hezballah elements involved in this scandal.

    i would not be so surprised to see at the present the iranian folks and their representatives in lebanon, directly or indirectly, strike deals with the israelis, since they have done it several times in the past.

    2- if the isf were wrong in their assesment regarding fayez karam and if the tayar folks could mount a credible case against them, that would open a pandora box for all the spies previously caught, demanding their immediate release.

    that could deal a serious blow to the recently reinstated internal security apparatus in lebanon that was still trying to recuperate from the long years of syrian hegemony.

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      I agree with Voice of Truth. You always talking sense compare to some other hezbollah nitwits..

    2. Voice of truth you said it all or the righteous win or it become like the Dahie or much worst as Somalia a lawless land of gangs run by Syrian intelligence and a big whorehouse , we are not far from it anyway , if you were to be kidnapped by Hizbollah now on the Airport road now tell me what Authority can bring you back, is that a state ?

  3. Walid, im from australia.. i always try to understand lebanese politics …and always end up being so confused.

    I think we need to get rid of all these politicians and get some lebanese from abroad to run the country loll

    1. Yeah man, that’s the way to do it. All the Lebanese with potential leave and thrive in the US, Canada, Europe, Gulf Region, Australia..etc


      Walid Khouri for President LOL

      1. Kareem for prime minister.

      2. You are Durzi you get wizaaret el difee3 Kareem 😛

        Until I abolish sectarianism that is then you can become President if you’d like 😛


      3. Shu baddeh b wizaaret el dife3?! 2anja2 bi2dar 2awwis water gun 😛

        I’ll have to convince you to fix the constitution while I’m at work 😛

      4. Walid,You would have gotten my vote if you didn’t tell me to shut

      5. OK prophet you can start talking now… lol

        How are things?

      6. Thank you Walid,

        All is well here; I hope all is well with you and yours.

        I can officially talk now, and I’ll vote for you when you run for president, at no cost at all, lol.

  4. The irony of it all is that the hypocrites are recognizing the hypocrisy of others but their own.

  5. Finally someone in Lebanon with some vision

  6. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Jouzo my man the title said it best. You’re absolutely, positively and 1000% right. No need to say anymore.

  7. Hey come on !

    You can’t tell someone insane that way!

    If you’re defending the state of lebanon, defending itself USA, defending NATO shutting its mouths when talking of the jews gene, allowing a country flirting Shoah (Roms politic, France) and killing arabics approximately everyday etc …

    You’re insane too, Mufti Sheikh or not.

    Lemme remind you this sentence from Bush Jr, now considered as an idiom.

    “There’s so many ways of being arabs, I don’t understand, so to simplify let’s say they are all terrorists.”


    “Why is Hezbollah afraid of the court if it sure of its innocence?” Jouzo wondered.

    Is it a genius light u got there ?


    Mufti of my arse!

    1. OLE

      NO swearing at clerics

      It is akin swearing at the religion.

      1. moustapha Avatar

        If you look at his previous comments you would know that it is his intention to do so. The thing is all his/her comments are blabbering and putting out words that don’t make sense.


  8. hahaha it seems like we are all getting thumbs down

  9. What an interesting concept…

    Nassrallah barks at Israel, and proming them dooms day…

    Aoun defends Mr. Karam for spying for Israel…

    Nassrallah defends Aoun…

    If the math is correct it seems that Nassrallah is defending the spying for Israel against his own puppets by substtitution…

    Once some one suggested that Nassrallah ans Aoun would welcome a war with Israel, as long as Israel destroys Lebanon, leaving him intact, so maybe Aown can be installed as a Lebanese president, and Nassrallah will be the head of the government…

    Same as the USA did with the Shah of Iran in the 50ths, and with Saddam Hussien…

    After all,,,, what else is new!!!!!

    1. george haddad N.J Avatar
      george haddad N.J

      Sami its very obvious that hezbollah needs Aoun to show its support is mixed. Nassrallah have asked him to tone it down when it came to Karam. But also Aoun is afraid that the investigation of Karam is going to lead to information that Aoun have dealt with israel too in the past. But Hezbollah regards Gemeyal as traitors because they dealt with israel. But its okay for Iran to buy spare parts from them during even the time they called it the devil. But also some of its march 8th leaders have dealt with israel. Even few months ago, ISF have informed hezbollah about certain top members of Hezbollah that are being involved in the spying for israel. However Hezbollah choose to keep quiet and a tight lid on it. They like to keep Aoun happy for now until they have no use for him. Eventually when there is too much power exploding in the March 8th ranks. Then Syria want to have some of that for its own. It would be insane to have Iran total control of Lebanon. That’s where the Saudis come in and try to create division between Iran and Syria. There is no way that Syria and Iran will be buddy buddy forever. eventually something has to give and it will after the STL is issued. If Syria let’s say not accused of any wrongdoings. Then it would want to distance itself eventually from hezbollah (If HA is accused of course). Aoun is like Neron who burnet Saida long time ago in order to just get a laugh at it. That’s hezbollah and Aoun for you. Or rather Iran and Syria too.

      1. George, you are on the money dude. h/a’s agent’s were installing gps and spying devices on SUV’s and telling their own idiot leaders that they are updating the Air Flow Sensors on their vehicles. True, I swear it is true.

  10. george haddad N.J Avatar
    george haddad N.J

    I believe what you said Ali. Because HA had control of communications even prior to 2006. Why the sudden arrest of spies? and why not before if you know what these employees doing? I bet you more tha 70% are political in nature in order to disqualify the STL rulings and blame the whole assasinations on Israel. they have been planning all this while back. Some of these guys arrested are Prior or current LF members. So its very convenient to arrest such members and accuse of spying since LF was aligned long time ago with israel. Why is AOun is so vengfull in his attacks on gov’t and ISF after arresting Karam. Yet he hardly said any words about the prior arrests of spies? Lies LIes and many lies. However I blame Aoun for letting himself to be a pawn of Syria and Hezbollah instead of being his own man. But he’s so intoxicated with money and power. He is willing to drink lucifer blood in order to become the supreme Pope of Lebanon and the middle east heaven forbidd Lol.

    1. What happens when you take a fish out of the water!!! aoun, is in that kind of predicament, gasping for his last breath. aoun thought he is smart by playing the dirty had laid out for him by syria upon his return from hiding. Awkwardly, it is coming back to bite him in the ass and showed his true color after he changed his name to aounallah.

  11. Hey Jouzo don’t try to act smart when you mock Hariri’s blood.

    Israel murdered him along with twenty others and you more than others should understand the consequences of foreign interference in the Lebanese arena.

    Just look at the American/Saudi/Israeli backed Fatah Al-Islam terrorists that wreaked havoc in North Lebanon and left 500 people dead and many more injured.

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