Harb: Aoun should not remain in a government he labels as a mafia


Lebanon Labor Minister Butros Harb criticized on Thursday Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun for his latest attacks against the government, saying that he should not wage campaigns against a Cabinet that includes FPM ministers.

“If Aoun was serious about his statements, and I hope he is, then he should hold his ministers accountable or withdraw them from Cabinet,” he said after meeting Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Serguei Boukine.

Harb added that all political sides should withdraw from power if they are not content with its decisions and policies.

“It’s not right for Aoun to remain in government as long as he curses it and labels the state as a mafia. Why has he remained silent for so long? Why is he speaking of reform today and he hasn’t done anything for reform?” he asked.



10 responses to “Harb: Aoun should not remain in a government he labels as a mafia”

  1. aoun is like cancer spreading across our nation, he is doing nothing but to stir the situation in Lebanon and make it worse. How can an idiot like him, calling himself a reformer, speak from both sides of his mouth? On one hand he defends spying for h/a and in the other he defends h/a!!!Isn’t ironic that he could have it both ways. Is this again an indication that he has something to do with spying on h/a or this whole scenario about the spies is a distraction from the real issues. aoun should be committed to asfourieh,NOW, further it is an insult to his party members, bloc and followers to be branded as a MAFIA. Truly, I believe this is aoun’s end, he has no allies left and damaged all bridges leading to civility and reason.

  2. auon speak like an ignorant barbarian this is a democratic governement that is elected by the majority of the lebaneese people that is hoe democracy works

    it looks you are the only ignorant outlaw here you need to resign

    and ggo back to highschool and build up your education because you do,nt have any

  3. that comment was meant for aoun to resign

  4. What a state without opposition ?

    1. aoun comments are not opposing or criticizing which he is entitled to; but they were all insulting and offensive and he needs to learn the difference and should back to highschool

  5. عو عو عون بس بيعرف يعوي

    1. Notice that old isn’t obsolete.

  6. moustapha Avatar

    Eat mlukhiyeh but dont eat the whole soniyeh

    1. لا يهمني عن ذلك ، أريد واحدة بعد أن شخص ما للقيام بذلك ، وتعرفون ماذا؟ وأنا لن أكل

  7. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

    “harb: aoun should not remain in a government he labels as a mafia.”

    yes sheikh boutros, you are definitely right on target, but then again, if aoun’s ministers leave the cabinet, how can his nephew gebran bassil afford to pay for all the real estate he is recently purchasing in batroun????????

    i guess gen aoun, like his recently found role model hezballah, is aplying the trojan horse strategy, advising his ministers to remain in their posts, undermining the lebanese government from within, taking credit for the good that comes out and blaming with his loud mouth the other cabinet members and the entire system for all their mistakes.

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