Envelopes with white powder found at 3 embassies in Israel


Police, firefighters and hazmat (hazardous materials) teams were called to the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel Tuesday afternoon after officials found an envelope containing unidentified white powder, and a threatening letter with a swastika drawn on it.

A hazmat team erected a portable shower where they washed off two employees, one of them a female, who handled the envelope.

The two were placed in isolation.

“At this point we have no indication as to whether or not the material is hazardous,” a hazmat official said, according to the Ynet news site.

The woman did not complain of any after effects from touching the powder, according to an Israeli Army radio report.

Emergency services are also investigating similar incidences at the Spanish and Swedish embassies in the city.

Officials did not reveal what language the letters were written in.

The personnel at both facilities were evacuated from the buildings, and crews collected the material for police forensic analysis.

There are no reports of injuries in the incident. Xinhua



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  1. It’s sugar or cream or baby powder.

  2. It’s sugar or cream or baby powder.

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