Future Movement calls on judicial authorities to practice their role


The Future Movement parliamentary bloc on Tuesday stressed that “the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is responsible of issuing verdicts in the crime of murdering (former) premier Rafik Hariri and his companions.”

“Therefore, every tendentious act — whether statements, accusations, media leaks or promotion (of certain ideas) – is a condemned and unacceptable matter,” the bloc went on to say in a statement issued after its weekly meeting in Qureitem.

“After turning the page on political accusation upon the start of STL’s mission, only the rulings and the resolutions of the tribunal must be considered,” the statement added.

The Future Movement parliamentary bloc called on the judicial authorities “to practice their role and take the necessary measures, without any hesitation or delay, to hold accountable those threatening civil peace and national security.”

“The Future Movement parliamentary bloc stresses that what was and is being made by the greats of Lebanon and the Arab world — to protect Lebanon and its national unity, stability and civil peace, which stems from the will of the Lebanese — has not and will not be affected by the desperate attempts of some who want to disrupt and undermine this course,” the statement added.

The statement was a possible response to the attacks and threats made by March 8 alliance against the so called false witnesses of the STL.

In a related development Judicial sources told Future News: “The Higher Judicial Council will take action regarding the recent accusations against a number of judges.”