Hezbollah MP defends Aoun


State Minister for Administrative Development Mohammed Fneish defended Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun after the former army general slammed President Michel Suleiman.

“Any stance made by him (Aoun) or any other national leader should not pass by unnoticed,” Fneish said in remarks published Thursday by As-Safir newspaper.

In an interview with As-Safir newspaper published on Thursday, Fneish however stressed that a good relationship between President Suleiman a Aoun is the national interest.

“We will do our best to improve this relationship and prevent anyone from exploiting it,” Fneish said, adding that Aoun’s statements did not aim to offend Suleiman but were intended to explain the situation.

In a fiery speech on Sunday, Aoun criticized the government including PM Saad Hariri and president Suleiman and spoke of the need for resignations of several ministers.

Aoun has been closely associated with Hezbollah since 2006.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea attacked Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun on Wednesday calling his Change and Reform Bloc in parliament the “ruined bloc.”

“The biggest threat to the state is that it can’t make any defense strategy decision as far as military, or security operations are concerned,” Geagea told a delegation from Baskinta in response to Aoun’s accusations of violations that allegedly threaten the state.

He urged the FPM leader to reform himself before criticizing others.