Berri: Relaunched peace talks could raise border tensions


Lebanese parliament speaker warned on Wednesday that the relaunched Middle East peace talks could raise tensions on the border with Israel and ignite clashes in Palestinian refugee camps.

“These talks will no doubt cover (Palestinian) refugees, water and oil in the region,” speaker Nabih Berri said in a statement.

“All of this may… ignite clashes inside Lebanon’s refugee camps and affect security in the south,” said Berri, an ally of Lebanon’s Islamic militant Hezbollah movement that opposes the peace negotiations.

In his speech via a video link on the occasion of World Jerusalem Day Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah attacked the direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The revived Middle East peace talks are “born dead”. The majority of Palestinian factions rejected such negotiations. “, he said adding ” that Jerusalem cannot ever be the capital of a “Zionist entity” that has no legitimacy.

Lebanon has not issued an official reaction to the relaunched peace talks in Washington last week that marked the first direct negotiations in 20 months between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

They are due to meet again on September 14 in Egypt in a series of meetings to be held every two weeks that negotiators hope will lead to a final peace agreement within a year.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) estimates Lebanon today houses 400,000 Palestinians, but Lebanese officials estimate a figure of 300,000.AFP



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  1. No way for the Israel/Palestine’s peace.

    Whatever flotillas senders would like.

  2. This man worried by palestinians today is the same man that during Lebanon Civil War ordered his faction Amal attack and kill the same palestinians that are protecting today.

    1. These men worried by palestinians good health today are the same responsibles of what opposed Israel to Palestina yesterday.

    2. Camp, its funny, I am told to give geagea a second chance and that he is a changed man, yet people like you cant get over the past.

      it was a civil war, everyone was killing everyone. if I hated the palestinian THUGS that destroyed aimed to destroy lebanon over 20 yrs ago, that doesnt mean that as a human being, I should not have compassion for people who do not have a land to call home!

      I suggest you watch the movie AMREEKA about a palestinian christian. one very striking scene is when this palestinian woman with her son decides to leave for the US for a better life and gets to the airport in the states and the customs officer asks her what is your citizenship, and she says, I have none, then he says back, you mean you have no country? she says thats right, I am from the occupied territories.

      so Camp, why dont you try and have some compassion and stop living in the glory days of the past.

      1. Well said Cathy!

        I do not have to say anything anymore, you are my spokesperson.

        We will have issues though if you call anyone else but me habibi 🙂 lol

    3. Actually it was the PLO that started abusing the Shia of Lebanon not the other way around. Get your facts straight. Amal (pre-Hezbollah) defended itself.

      However, I do believe it is none of his business if the Palestinians choose peace. It is our business to liberate the occupied Lebanese territories from Shebaa (if it is ours) to Ghajar to all the land occupied by Syria illegally on the eastern borders.

  3. Why the peace between Israel and the palestinians will ignite lebanon borders with Israel? who will ignite the borders Mr Berri? The lebanese army or the terrorists of hizbolla or the paestinians?? Is it only the lebanese borders will be ignited or the syrians also? you are stupid mr Berri and looser like the killers of harriri.

  4. Michael :

    A border may be a sea, a river or a line between two tree, it may have grid or not.

    UNIFIL has signed up for a mandate, and soldiers working for are paid for making this line un-ignitable (whatever the sense).

    Actually, and in the right order :

    What you call terrorism is called resistance in Lebanon.

    When it’s in France (ie: during the second world war), resistance was called resistance.

    The last ignition has been made (whatever WHO) from Israel to Lebanon & the inefficiency of UNIFIL has been proved.

    Actually the UNIFIL mandate isn’t to guarantee border on other side than the Israelis’one.

    Conclusion :

    U donkey from UNIFIL & Cie.

    1. Resistance ya Ole is not a sect monopoly… The resistance as we know it in lebanon is very far from the one that was in France.

      Please read more about history before you make a comment that don’t carry any logic.

      If you remember the general Petain was sold to the nazi and the resistance came from the people who didn’t accept that reality.

      These people received the call from one great General to fight against intern enemy.

      Ha so call resistance doesnt belong with the true resistance of the Gaule.

      HA people are trying to impose their agenda without any other consideration.

      They are loooking to sell to us their agenda by branding their cause with the word resistance.

      If it was a true resistance all of lebanon will be participating in the liberation of our land.

      If they would have join ( integrate ) the army in the fight they could have give us a wonderful advantage, and de facto built unity amoung the people of lebanon.

      So please check your fact before you make comment like this


  5. Abou Daoud Avatar

    Ole the whole world called the french resistance resistance and they disbanded immediatly after the victory. So either HA was not victoriuos or it is not resistance.


    It was for sure an arab country that removed citizenship from this poor christian woman. That past Ole and you wants to get over , right? What about the Kurds in Syria?

    1. Abou daoud, I dont know who on this site who give you a +1 knowing you’re an ardent zionist.

      now with that said, I think you mistook me for Maria, you say an arab country removed her citizenship???? LOL ARE YOU FOR REAL?

      You see, I think you might blend in well on this site after all since you are as delusional as some people here.

      and the whole world called the french resistence resistence but the whole world did not call the IRA resistance, but it was and now it is integrated politically.

      you wanna know why it is still resistance, not because it wasnt victorious but because your terrorist govt (israhell) is still occupying lebanese land and enter daily into the lebanese airspace, water as if they own it. that is a LEGITIMATE reason to have resistance.

      stop posting here, your view is absolutley irrelevant as you are not lebanese but to make it worst an israeli posing as one.

    2. One more thing ya abou khara kleb, the movie I was talking about amreeka was PRAISED worldwide even by fellow jews and got many awards and if you take the time to watch, you will see how it accuratly portrays the daily humiliation that palestinians go through, even christian ones. your govt treats them like sub-human animals and you know it.

  6. Abou Daoud Avatar

    Sorry Cathy (yep I meant you)

    Yes I am real – dont ask

    – Palestine is a region (defined by the polytheistic Romans) not a nation nor a country.

    And as you are so loud get the answer the same way:

    SYRIA, JORDAN, EGYPT are the countries that removed the citizenship of people living there.

    According to the PLO Black September caused 10’000 palestinian death. Fact is closer to 3000. It took Israel almost 30 years to kill as many of their declared ennemies. Iraq is quite similar US caused casualties: 200’000 high estimates, the 400’000 other killed by Sunni and Shiite

    Rather a zionist than an “ARE YOU REAL” ignorant.

    but feel free to follow your iranian agenda – help HA 🙂

  7. Abou Daoud Avatar

    Cathy Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is the second most read book in arab countries. No call for Holocaust in there – that’s from the most read book in arab countries.

    1. Abou daoud, again you’re spewing propaganda. I wont be wasting time with you.

    2. just why exactley are you on this site?? i am an ignorant? LOL you choose, just like your govt to put your head in the sand and re-write history as you wish.

      you can do that without a problem, just go do it on israpundit or jerusalem post.

  8. Cathy,maybe it would be good stop living in the past as you say but I think it’s well worth reminding that many lebanese politicians of today are the the same than 25 years ago.Maybe a new generation of leaders with no family links with present ones is urgently needed in Lebanon.And,furthermore I would add a generation of politicians who show allegiance to Lebanon and not to foreign countries.

    1. totally agree with your last statement. new leaders with no previous affiliations and whos allegiance is to lebanon.

      we can only dream of that!

  9. Tarrie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarrie AL Fanarie

    Yes as long as we have the anti-peace makers like Amal and hezbollah and syria lead by Iran there will be no peace in the middle east. What is wrong with making peace with israel if it brings back your land and 1/2 of jerusalum and make it your capital. Wouldn’t it better than the current situations. But the great devil in Quom and the grand son of Lucifer despise peace. They want to wage war not just on israel but on the world. They’re bunch of angry gangsters who are set out to rule the worlds. They talk about jews controlling the world but they’re no different than them. After All hitler ancesters came from persia and he wanted to control the world. The history of persia all about the conquering of nations by persia. Its an evil nation and i wish israel wipes it out off the map of the earth. And take hezbollah too and syria with it..

  10. Abou Daoud Avatar

    Cathy i’m ready to learn

    Tell me who was the president (or king or whatever) of palestine before 1933….. and the religions of the country before 633 ….

    In response Ill tell you their allegiance (if you name any 😉 )

    You call the truth propaganda.

    Thruth is also that palestinians in Israel have a higher education than in Lebanon Syria and Egypt.

    Compare the right to work of palestinians in Lebanon and Israel – Israel gave that right 60 years earlier than the Liban de mon coeur 🙂 I want a Lebanese Libnan not Saudi-Iranian one.

    I read a lot and think and know after reflection. I may belive … and hate as much as you want it simply does not help.

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