Geagea: aoun should reform himself before criticizing others


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea attacked Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun on Wednesday calling his Change and Reform Bloc in parliament the “ruined bloc.”

“The biggest threat to the state is that it can’t make any defense strategy decision as far as military, or security operations are concerned,” Geagea told a delegation from Baskinta in response to Aoun’s accusations of violations that allegedly threaten the state.

“I think that one of the blocs was called the Change and Reform bloc and turned into the ruined bloc,” the LF leader mocked.

He urged the FPM leader to reform himself before criticizing others.

Geagea also slammed political parties that are allegedly trying to weaken the March 14 forces and reiterated demands to declare Beirut weapons-free.

His comments come after Aoun attacked the government , PM Saad Hariri and the president in a televised speech on Sunday calling for resignations of several ministers. His speech was criticized by many political leaders including the president and the PM.

Aoun repeatedly condemned in his speech the Lebanese authorities over the issue of leaks to the media on the ( Karam) investigation.

“Who is this branch responsible to?… Is Interior Minister [Ziad Baroud] asleep?” he asked.

Retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam,a senior FPM official, was arrested last month and was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah, Aoun’s closest ally.



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  1. Right on GEAGEA!!

  2. the Lebanese equivalent of the KKK is retaliating? Shouldn’t they focus on evolving out of their racism towards anyone who’s not christian, and stop harassing Christians who are not bigots?

    1. Thank you Hala. someone that sees Geagea for what he really is.


    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      And if you we listen to you and Cathy we will help Nassrallah and his thugs establish Wali Al Faqih. Maybe we should then they can dress with hijab from top to bottom. You die hard supporters of Aoun are nothing but followers and slaves of this manic and pathetic leader. He’s so sore about not being a president. He made so much money from Iran, Syria and hezbollah but its never enough for him. He dragged his supporters into the streets of Beirut and broke their backs and others were hauled like animals to Syrian Jails. He left them all behind to pursue his happiness in france. Where he was visited by israeli mossad first. Then Rustom Ghazali with 15 Millions dollars in his suitcase. You people are getting dumm and dummer in trying to follow this idiots wherever he goes. He even attacked Sfeir who never hurt any human beings in his life. Him and Franjiah get interviewed time after time on Al Manour station to blast christians and the symbol of christianity in lebanon. No one rioted against Al Manour Station for attacking the christians symbols. But if LBC was interviewing even a muslim to make fun and blast Nassrallah. Then God helps us all. You’re slaves of Nassrallah and you kiss his ass every day instead of the bible you christians hypocrites. You’re nothing but low lives and following a low life like Aoun. If we can’t convince you of his evil ways, then how can save lebanon from these pompus arrogant S.O.B like him, wahab and nassrallah and Qassem. Rot in hell you and Aoun. In the end he will die at the hands of hezbollah because Syria want Aoun and hezbollah is pulling him on their side. In the end him and Berri will face the ground and never get up.

      1. Was that for me George?lol

      2. George, you see, here you go again, spreading the non sense fear tactics that others have been trying to brainwash you with.

        1- the spiritual & religious reference of shias is the khomeini just like for catholic christians it is the pope as he is supposedly infallible (complete blasphemy and I reject that as an orthodox). same freaking concept.

        2- there is not a unanimous agreement on wilayat al fakih among shiaas

        3-persians do not have the same culture as shia arabs and especially Lebanese shiaas.

        4-senior Lebanese Shia clerics–including the late Shamseddine and Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah–have rejected the concept as formulated by Khomeini

        This is from wikipedia:

        Nobody believes that the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran is the best implementation in the framework of Wilayat-Faqih. In fact its chapter XIV has been entitled “The Revision of the Constitution” and it revised one time yet.[21] Also it is a good idea to separate the theory and practice and then discuss around them

      3. Guy lets not forget that a few years ago BASMET Watan made fun of Hezeballah, what did they do in return they went to Asharfiya and distroyed it. How soon we forget. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

      4. oh and George i am not a die hard aoun supporter nor HA nor Syria, nor hariri, nor geagea, when are you gonna understand that???

      5. when JY with a comment like that gets +3, we know who’s active on this site today lol

      6. “Him and Franjiah get interviewed time after time on Al Manour station to blast christians and the symbol of christianity in lebanon. No one rioted against Al Manour Station for attacking the christians symbols”

        George, I think you might be schizophrenic. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE STORIES?? LMAO

        See in true ouwwet followers style, they make up stories about others bashing christians lol

      7. George, I didn’t want to comment on your views of HA or Syria. We’ve been there and

        I know it’s a lost battle.

        But I want to address the issue of Wilayat Al Faqih. You always bring this up, and try to scare people of the possibility of HA imposing that on Lebanon. I have posted more than once regarding this, and I feel that I have to explain it to you one and for all.

        You can not view the concept of Islam as seen by the Shiia sect only in the contest of Wilayat Al Faqih. This concept is always in the spotlights because it is supported officially, and only by Iran. The greatest majority of Shiia scholars in Quom do not believe in this concept. Many Iranians do not support it.

        The concept of Wilayat alfakeh has created big debate among shiia scholars inside and outside of Iran, including Lebanon and Iraq. Many people, including a big number of Iran’s most influential clerics and scholars, who support an Islamic state, do not support the concept of Wilayat alfakeh. Iran’s opposition, though mostly support an Islamic state, reject the absolute power of the faqieh. Iran can apply this conceptas long as they have enough support for it.

        You always accuse HA of trying to impose this concept on Lebanon, when you know that HA, though believe in this concept, understands that There has to be a Muslim state in order to apply such concept. Then, the majority of Shiia has to support it. So HA ‘S BELIEF IN THIS CONCEPT IS NO THING BUT A THEOLOGICAL BELIEF. Their members can use it as a personal and organizational guidance to manage their own daily issues. Just like a catholic believes in the pope, a HA or believes in wilayat alfaqieh.

        The possibility of Lebanon becoming a Muslim state is zero.

        The possibility of Lebanon becoming mostly shiia is zero.

        The support of Shiia for the concept of Wilayat Al Faqieh isn’t there, and will never be there.

        If you really fear this concept, I urge you to read a little bit more about it. You can’t be a stronger opposer of wilayat al faqieh then a shiia who is against it. Your fear is not justified.

        If you keep bring it up as a scare tactic, then you are not being an honest debater.

      8. why did I get a -8 you retards when I am explaining FACTS about wilayat al fakih??

        oh of course you people dont like facts, you just live on your delusions. *rolling eyes*

      9. ma elik ghayre ya Cathy! 😉

        I gave you a thumbs up.

        When I get a chance I will go down to the computer lab and log on to different machines and pull up your score. lol

      10. LOL WALID! You’re too funny!

  3. shwee shwee ya Hala,lol

    The man became a prophet

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      No Prophet it was the for messiah Hala and Cathy sorry budd!


      2. LOL PROPHET! Exactly he is using me as his punching bag but he knows you’re listening! LOL

        ba3den girgi mish 3ayb 3alyk t2oul la binten (I am only 27 yrs old) to rot in hell?

        ma3lesh Allah yessem7ak ya chretien modele inta.


  5. moustapha Avatar

    I think that Geagea has been acting far from racist since he stepped back in to the realm of politics. What in his stance here is racist?

    His closest ally is from another confession (hariri) more then Gemayel.

    He has been preaching unity under one flag, one government, one army.

    Now i know you are going to say his past. Tayib all of the other politicians other then Hariri have a past and have both BLOOD and DIRT on their hands.

    So looking at the present there is only a few leaders and political groups that have Blood on their hands and we can start with the head millitia Hizzy and go down with amal, ahbash, ssnp, and their supporters in crime the Aounists/marada.


    1. george haddad n.j Avatar
      george haddad n.j

      If he was a racist would he be the guest of honor at Iftar last week? Just now because he’s defending lebanon against tyrants like Aoun and Nassrallah Ghaddafi Jr. that doesn’t make him racist? its the people who are using christians like Aoun and Franjiah to attack other christians who are racist? its the people who say resistance for lebanon while its top commanders and all the control under shiites? Name me one person with the top resistance leaders or commanders that’s christian or sunni? otherwise shut the hell up Cathy and hala.

      1. A war criminal, Israeli collaborator, Tyrant himself, is defending Lebanon against Aoun and Nasrallah? You must be out of your mind George. This man should feel lucky He’s out of jail. Now You want me to believe that those who supported the biggest Israeli invasion of Lebanon are defending us. I’m sorry George you are way off now.

        It’s people like you, and Geaga that make MORE shiia support HA, and demand their protection.

      2. all of you stupid lebaneese the more you fight each others the more you loose and all the other countries win

        wake up ya ghashim and unite and sve your state

    2. Moustafa I love you Brother…I wish that Christian follower of Aoun can have 1/2 of your logic.

      Peace to you and Hariri!!

    3. Moustapha, habibi, we both know its all a game and a show.

      thats what politics is in lebanon otherwise, politicians, wouldnt be switching statements and sides every 3 seconds.

      of course he is gonna side with hariri now against his sworn ennemy HA and preach about unity under one govt. his goal is to dismantle HA. he is not stupid, he’s playing the game.

      we will remind each other in the future when his true colors show.

      moustapha, I had many friends and acquaintance that would prance around with their ouwwet cross and beleive me you do not want to know what they had to say when we talked about religion in lebanon.

      and no that is not 1 or 2 guys, these are people that were very highly ranked. Just trust me on that. I am christian and I was appalled by the things they said.

      1. I am so jealous Cathy for calling Moustapha habibi… lol

      2. lol Walid inta kamen habibi! my spitting image! LOL

      3. Cathy,

        What is your goal? Do your hate blind you to the point,

        that whatever GEagea say something intelligent you jump in the past of the man, who learn from is mistake.

        Do you actually believe by inticing hate in our fellow lebanese we gonna achieve peace and harmony.

        You say that you are Christian, Im starting to doudt, because Christian believe in redemption.

        Please put your emotion aside. Just look at the statement of Geagea, look at the wording not the person who speak it, you may find it easier to give him credit and may discover trough reason not passion ( hate ) that his real goal is unity not destruction…

        Why Cathy, why don’t you give credit when credit is due…. I wonder!!

        Peace to you

      4. Marc, you have read my posts, and I think I do give credit where credit is due.

        I just dont trust Geagea no more than I trust Aoun. Im not trying to incite anything…

        I think Geagea was and will always be after his own agenda and I sincerly doubt his patriotism…his words are just that: WORDS.

        if I were to see and hear with my own ears change in the mentality of the former ouwwet followers then I gladly give credit.

        and telling me that my hate blinds me, please Marc, no one who has read my posts can actually with a straight face claim that…

        its the other side’ hate that get them to anaylze on an emotional leven rather than on an objective one.

      5. moustapha Avatar

        hehe.. inte kaman habibteh Cathy. You are a good person, i can tell from your posts.

        I think people take you for a pro hizzy and Aoun because majority of your postings are justifications for their actions, but i do believe you when you say you are in the middle of the whole bunch.

        No with regards to show, politics is a show in every country and not just Lebanon. Ours just has more ta7eene and olive oil to the hummus then others. ummmmmmm that sounds good right now with la7me.. WOW! 6 hrs to go.

        To be fair, its been 5 years that Geagea has been back on the scene and he hasn’t flip flopped once. That is impressive compared to the 3 second rule.

        And on top of that he is the only politician that Publicly Apologized to every Lebanese person. I respect that, being he is the only one who admitted his wrong and paid for it.

        Cathy, these Christians you are talking about are no different then the Sunnis, Shiaas and druze who if you hear them speak religion you would vomit. Bess there are many in each confession changing their views and not necessarily being less religious but understanding the basics which is tolerance and unity. I believe there are many within the LF ranks who have come to terms with ridding themselves of their ta3asob and inshallah i can say that to all confessions.

        I wont sit and wait for an undetermined time in which Geagea could flip the switch, and thats if he does. For now his actions are all good and I give him 10000000x props for being a descent, eloquent, professional and Stead fast guy.

        And inshallah his friendship with Hariri will allow the idea to sink in with the ones who are stil mit3asbeen from both confessions to find those common terms between us.


      6. moustapha Avatar


      7. You’re right about one thing, he did apologize and I DO give him credit for that.

        but as you seem to understand my posts better than a lot of people here, I really am in the middle on the bunch and I dont trust anyone that includes aoun and geagea and hariri who one second is against Syria, the next he is apologizing and kissing ass….

        maybe you’re right, maybe he is a changed man, only time will tell.

        but as far as people from other confessions talking bad about other religions, I knwo that there are in every sect of course, but I meant it from the mentality of the party of ouwwet, because that is what they said behind closed doors and they weren’t giving just personal opinions, they were stating what certain ouwwet goals are for lebanon and why…

        but like you said, people change, and hopefully you’re right.

        I will just remain a bit skeptical until time shows it 🙂

        peace to you

      8. I am too jealous of Moustapha. What are we Cathy chopped meat?

        just kidding! you all have a good day.

  6. moustapha Avatar

    hehe.. habibi Marc much love back to you to my brother. Peace to us all khayeh Marc.

    1. You know cathy your last post sound more objective.

      If we in lebanon can forgive each other and start fresh we will do amazing thing.

      I really believe in giving the man a second chance, he in my humble opinion deserve it.

      Hariri is on a learning curve. He is aiming to unite not to devide.

      He is able to put is emotion aside, to talk to Syria for the benefit of Lebanon not because he wants to jump in with wahab and aoun…

      Give him a chance to govern a very complex nation like ours…

      Peace to you sister!!

  7. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
    George Haddad N.J.

    Cathy and Prophet here are two prior short videos off youtube from Nassrallah speeches.

    This one he mentioned that christians were not allowed in lebanon because they were invaders.

    I wish they out the whole speech in its entirety but this will do.

    The second he talks about waliat al faqih

    Maybe they’re old but just because he carefully chooses his words. that doesn’t mean he changed his ways..

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