Hariri: ‘We want a moderate state where there is no extremism’


Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri has admitted that the March 14 alliance had unfairly rushed to accuse Syria of assassinating his father and that false witnesses had misled the investigation into former PM Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

In his first remarks to the media following the third meeting between him and Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hariri told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper in remarks published Monday that he feels he is going to a friendly country when he travels to Damascus.

He described ties between the two countries as “historic” saying new pages were opened in the relations since the formation of the Lebanese cabinet.

“One has to assess (events) in previous years so that past mistakes are not repeated,” Hariri said.

“We assessed mistakes that we made and that harmed the Syrian people and ties between the two countries,” the PM told the newspaper. “At a certain stage we made mistakes and accused Syria of assassinating the martyred premier. This was a political accusation.”

About false witnesses, Hariri said: “Some people have misled the probe and harmed Syria and Lebanon … They have harmed ties between the two countries and politicized the assassination.”

During an iftar in honor of families and figures from the regions of Minieh, Dinniyeh, Koura and Zghorta on Sunday, Hariri called for coexistence under the authority of the state.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea was a guest of honor at the iftar.

He reiterated that he has been calling since the beginning of Ramadan for the adoption of “calm rhetoric.”

“We want a moderate state where there is no extremism. We want a state where every citizen has the right to express his opinion freely without being coerced by anyone,” he concluded.



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  1. Ya Dee3ankon ya HezbUallah, soon Iran will sign an agreement with the USA and Saudi and you will be left all alone.

    I recommend that all the Lebanese parties to join Saad Hariri in his mission to unite Lebanon and make it a better country to live in Just like his father did before him

  2. Jad jad jad … wasn’t it what killed his father ? not everyone on EARTH (u read it right) like to see an united middle east.

    Think about dude.

    On the other hand i’m for extremists refurms about taxis, WTF women have less difficulties taking them as a service.


    1. you lost me here Ole, maybe your on the wrong blog 🙂

  3. well mr saad you are very opened minded and civilized person and have a lot of class and i really beleive that you want the best things to happen to lebanon and you really mean it from the bottom of your heart keep pushing for democratic lebanon and god be with you are a good man and you deserve the respect of all lebaneese

  4. Total respect for you Mr Saad !

  5. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Lebanon politic is like information technology keep changing based on competition. I support Hariri speech. Why he hasn’t done it few years back. Are they slow thinkers and takes awhile to figure it out? How capable is he in judging Syria is innocent from the assassination of Rafik H in the spite of no one has access to the investigation? So then he can say the same thing to HA, ya nasralleh don’t worry we know you are innocent and we are brothers as syria is our sister….. This is the big game of isolating HA and cutting its road through syria. Saad has not delivered this speech because he would love too. Its the gift of the century US-Saudi and he has to follow his297101570@dialognet.lk saudi king decision. Getting syria on their side and isolate Iran and HA. However we are still a game in everyone hands for the Account of the yahood. We stood up for 5 years shouting the truth and here at the end it becomes as a ransom to please some and Syria is victorious. I wont be surprise if syria wont return to Lebanon to support Lebanese army against probably HA or freeing beirut from weapons. What a show? What a show?

    1. moustapha Avatar

      not sure why you got so many negatives khayeh Jean. I actually find what you are saying interesting and it is possible.

      1. I’ll tell you why He got negative ratings. Many people seem to rate and then read .I tell that (Jokingly ) to my Greek friends, BACK WARDS,LOL

  6. To assassinate a man of a great magnitude like Mr. Rafik Hariri (Allah yer7amo) has to come from a higher institution, which would not be a Lebanese order; it could have been excuted by a Lebanese entity, but ordered by someone with much bigger and higher influence. May the truth be revealed

  7. so none of you sworn ”Syria was behind hariri assassination” theorists have any comments on what harir jr said about syria?


    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Cathy let me tell you something or two about Politics. yes the false witnesses have confused lebanese. But let us remember these false witnesses with the exception of Sadiq are in Syria and still reports directly to Bashar. What does it tell you? Yes hariri is playing politics but he is saying these false witnesses have misled us to believing it was syria. But he has not excluded Syria from being accused? He’s playing politics because if he is still accusing syria publicly he will be committing political suicide. He has nobody to protect him okay if syria and hezbollah are both accused of the assasinations. He is playing them against each other. Besides we all know that syria was accused and had some direct links to the assasination from Detlef Mehlis. The second prosecutor started changing his mind because of some international pressure not to go after Syria. But Belmare is being too vague and secretive at the same time about the outcome of the rulings. How many times lebanese got killed by syria intelligence and soldiers and lebanese hushed up about it? I am not buying one single word that hariri does not believe that Syria was not behind his father Assasinations. Everyone in lebanon plays double cards and again with Syria’s backing, hezbollah will not try to assasinate him or harm him or try to harm the Sunnis. Believe all you like but there is no way you can convince us that Gibran Tueni, Pierre G., walid eido and samir kassir were killed by irsael.

      1. George, you are extremely biased in your political analysis. you hate Syria, we get it, so do I, but its clouding your judgement and you are unable to even fathom anyone else who MIGHT be responsible for all these killings. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE to support your claim. its all speculation.

        At least, I dont say it MUST be Israel, I said everyone needs to be looked at. this is being objective.

        as far as your analysis of what Hariri said, I am very sorry but he could just have not said anyhting or even re-affirmed that we will not speculate but wait for the end of the investigation.

        BUT he CHOSE to basically apologize for JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS about Syria, just liek you are right now, and that he was wrong for doing so and even talks about how “he feels he is going to a friendly country when he travels to Damascus.

        He described ties between the two countries as “historic” saying new pages were opened in the relations since the formation of the Lebanese cabinet.”

        if Aoun or Jumblatt had said that, all of you would have jumped on them and called them traitors, etc. but because its hariri, he’s playing a political game? please you people are so biased.

  8. Cathy,

    Don’t waste your breath on George. He is relentless for his accusations against Syria and HA.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if He blamed Syria for JFK’s murder , or for running over my neighbor’s dog. I still love him though

    1. OK they did not kill JFK but they shot my dog during the civil war for target practice and when I went to their officer to complain akalta falqa.




    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Prophet i gave you thumbs up because you’re just too funny bro.

      Do you know the Syrian intelligent officer tried 3 times to run me over with his car all because i was wearing a shirt says God bless america. He kidnapped several people i know whom were leftist and communists. All because they’re relatives had money and they did this to extort money from them. they took one professor to syrian jail and until his son paid 10 thousands dollars then they brought him back. This guy was so pro-syrian it amazed me that they did this to him. Maybe you have your stories about israelis but i got mine too about our bretheren syrian soldiers and their leaders.. Those who threatened to break hariri’s head and burn beirut meant what they said and did it and feared no one..

      1. George, why on earth would you ever wear a shirt that says God bless america? LOL

  9. You know my views of the Syrians, and the abuse they brought on many people from all sides.

    I have my stories about the Syrians as well as the Israelis.

    My18 year old nephew was shot by a drunk Syrian officer in 86 for no reason, a.

    I was smacked around for stealing dates (BALAH) from a tree close enough to one of their offices. I was 14 only. . I hated their presence in Lebanon as much as you did.

    I bet every Lebanese have some stories to tell.

    When it comes to politics, I’d expect you to be objective, and not throw accusations, just because you hate them. I tend to look at the big strategic picture when discussing Syria. Having an enemy like ISRAEL made me tolerate the big sister country.

    Now that they are out, I’m happier than you are.

    1. well said prophet!

      1. Thank you Cathy,my dear child.lol

    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Cathy your question is fine and it was possibly stupid of me. But same i can argue with them (Syrian) occupying my country and stealing from our properties. So in any case that doesn’t make me pro-israelis and no need for the officer to go extreme and try to kill me.

      And Prophet yes technically the Syrian army is out but not the influence of their gov’t for sure. They had subotaged elections after they withdrawn. They still occupies part of Bekaa valley. Assad keep sending messages gloom and doom at any time the civil will take place in lebanon. They’re interfering in lebanon affairs on daily basis. They have not signed a document stating that the farms in dispute with israel are Lebanese other than i have seen words thru the media. They harbor many criminals wanted by lebanese gov’t and they never release them to us. They have our prisoners and they deny having any?

      And even after they withdrawn they have sent their agents to kill many lebanese leaders. right now they’re quiet because they have a feelings that they will get away with the hariri assasinations. If israel was behind all these assasinations, why would they stop now? after all your budies in lala land are catching spies like ants.. I am sure these so called fictious spies can cause havoc still now. I am not saying is different from syria. I told you before and i tell you now. I consider israel is the no#1 enemy of lebanon. But when lebanese decide to bring iranians and many other foreign elements into the border to review security matters? to decide war and peace? to decide who can come to my country? to decide what laws can be passed or not? to arm and kill in the name of fighting for lebanon. We all saw how hezb sent hundreds of fighters in less than an hour after the last incidents. This game was played by Syria and hezb in order to see who still in charge. So don’t tell me please Syria have withdrawn. Don’t please that Al Ahabash even though i do not care for them they instigated the troubles with hezb? Don’t tell me walid Eido, Samir Kassir, Gibran Tueni were killed by israel. These people as much i have lots of respect for them, they would cause civil strife because they’re that of high importance. their reasons for being killed because they were anti-syrians period. If israel wanted to kill Gibran Tueni they could have killed him abroad since israel have vast and high intelligent officers working everywere in the world? I think i got you on this one lol..

      hezbollah helped you and I would support them too if they helped me too. But I still israel, syria and iran as the enemies of lebanon including al qaada and fatah al islam and many other radical groups wherever their come from or their sect is..

      1. George,

        You must have had another bad dreams Bro.

        Didn’t you just hear of the apology that Our PM Made?

        Don’t you think He owes an apology to his own supporters for being mislead?

        Don’t you think He owes all Lebanese an apology for the tensions He created by his false accusations?

        Don’t you think that , He owes an apology to all the Syrian workers , who were lynched because of the tensions and hatred his False accusation had created?

        Don’t You think in few months or a year, We’d hear another apology To HA, for falsely accusing them for killing his father?

        Can’t you imagine that?

        You are not reading the fine prints.

        Mark my words, George. I’d owe you a nice dinner anywhere you want if I’m wrong.

  10. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    I personally think this apology was long over-due, no one should ever jump to conclusions without hard evidence. However, better late than never. The only good that came out of the accusations was that Syria left Lebanon. Poor Lebanon, we are a mess, we change our minds more than we change our underwear, politics in Lebanon are a mockery.

  11. do they change underwear in syria ?nop they keep turning them rounds and yes syria behind harir death but we have to wait and see who did it is it HA or someone else ,what do you want harir jr to say he,s trying to make a deal here so HA want eat him alive

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