Shouf reconciliation behind Aoun’s attack against Suleiman, report


Ad-Diyar newspaper reported on Tuesday that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun criticized President Michel Suleiman because of the former’s frustration that Suleiman presided over a reconciliation meeting in the Chouf village of Brih between Druze residents and Christian returnees on August 28.

The daily added that Aoun expected Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt, who attended the reconciliation meeting, to allow him to be involved in the issue in order for him take the credit for it.

Brih was one of the very few villages in the Chouf where Christians and Druze had not yet reconciled.



5 responses to “Shouf reconciliation behind Aoun’s attack against Suleiman, report”

  1. Who cares about the credit you old foul…. isn’tit a good thing that they have reconciled… or you would rather for everyone to wait for you to reconcile them and you be the Hero you think of yourself to be.

    I hate people like that…

    1. Jad you are too funny…

      like many of us you speak directly to Aoun as if he were reading the posts or listening to you.

      My 11 years old boy keeps reminding me when I curse while driving other drivers breaking the rules by saying: “Dad why bother? They can’t hear you”.

      Then I wondered will I have the guts to lower my window and tell them my mind? I think not. lol

    2. Ggeorge Aramouni Avatar
      Ggeorge Aramouni

      How about the return of Christians to Aramoun What about our rights as well.

  2. the submarine hero has spoken…..why doesnt he help reconcile the imprisoned he abandoned with syria and bring them home?

    they should have never let this pig back into the country

  3. this guy is always been like that he just love people to applod him and make him a hero and god

    MARIA pig are usfull animal what is aoun good for i wouln;t compare a pig to aoun it will be a big insults to pigs he is a syrian the lowes of the lowes

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