Is Aoun on his way out ?


Free Patriotic Movement leader Gen. Michel Aoun has decided to quit all-party national talks to discuss Hezbollah weapons, the daily As-Safir reported on Tuesday.

Aoun who did not show up during the last national dialogue talks “appears to have burned all his bridges” according to Ali Hussein , a local observer.

Aoun’s decision according to Hussein may have come after feeling isolated following his attacks against the president and Lebanese government including PM Saad Hariri.

Hussein thinks that “Aoun may decide soon to quit politics altogether specially after the arrest of his FPM official , retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam, and burning all his political bridges”

Karam was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah, Aoun’s closest ally.

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon in May 2005 , 11 days following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon.

Aoun, who attacked the government in a televised speech on Sunday calling for resignations of several ministers was criticized by many political leaders.

Aoun repeatedly condemned in his speech the Lebanese authorities over the issue of leaks to the media on the ( Karam) investigation.

“Who is this branch responsible to?… Is Interior Minister [Ziad Baroud] asleep?” he asked.

Lebanon’s Information Minister Tarek Mitri said in a statement issued on Monday:

“At a time when calm and polite speech is especially important, Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun has chosen provocation against the presidency and the government.”

Interior Minister Ziad Baroud and Defense Minister Elias Murr were also quick to snap back at Aoun, expressing regret that the FPM leader was trying to “bring back political bickering to the Lebanese scene at a time when efforts are made to adopt calm and reject any possible strife.”

“All of the Lebanese led by the president are crying in regret over the behavior of some people who are destroying” the presidency, Murr said in a statement.

Baroud, in his turn, said he was “asleep” because there was no electricity. The minister was referring to continued power rationing in the country. Electricity Minister Gebran Bassil is Aoun’s son-in-law, and according to energy analysts the blackouts in Lebanon have increased ever since he took over the ministry.

Minister of State Adnan as-Sayyed Hussein told LBC on Monday president Suleiman is concerned with helping Lebanon and not weeping.

“What concerns President Michel Suleiman is not weeping, but how to protect the country, ease people’s suffering and achieve the content of the Ministerial Statement.” He said

In response to Aoun’s attack Lebanon President Michel Suleiman said in a statement issued from his office on Monday: “Any public figure granted access to the media should refrain from wielding accusations for the sake of personal interest and should use “balanced, quiet and constructive speech.”

Similarly PM Saad Hariri, during an iftar on Monday in honor of social and cultural figures, criticized what he called “loud voices, ” in reference t

o Aoun’s attacks

“The loud voice with a loudspeaker will not be able to reach the minds of the people, but it can engrave venom in their souls,” he told his guests in Qoreitem.



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  1. Well the only two with very loud voices and no class or common sense are Aoun and Wahab, I hope we dont keep seeing and watching them as often as we do as they are both loud and ugly

  2. On his way out? When as the last time we saw a leading politician in lebanon go out unless he’s dead? Heck even in their death they make sure their family take their place.

    Enough dreaming.. the only way any lebanese politician will leave the field is when they are 6ft under.

  3. The way I see it politicians like Aoun and Wahab are on the verge of being politically dead, their heads are too numb for them to relaize how dead they are and believe me they are more than 6 ft under as we speak and still digging deeper everytime they open their mouth

  4. The problem with Aoun is he believed that his popularity was due to his charisma which was not. His popularity stemmed from his previous stance against the Syrian Regime. As soon as he switched side his popularity plummeted.

    Although the switch to the other camp was self serving he was “pushed” out by the Lebanese Forces alliance with al-mustaqbal of Hariri and since our voting system is sectarian he was “forced” into an alliance with HA camp as he needed a moslem ally for his electoral lists. In Lebanese politics only ONE sectarian camp can dominate. The battle between the Kataeb and LF is long overdue and it is stalled by a more serious common enemy (for now).

    That said, Aoun’s jumping camp inadvertently averted the Christians a conflict with HA in 2006 because if they dared attack Ein el-Remeeeneh or Ashrafieh the Aounist would have definitely left his camp in flocks and joined the LF ranks.

    If Aoun disappears from the arena brace for the Kataeb-LF war for hegemony over Christendom.

    1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      “…in lebanese politics only one sectarian camp can dominate…”

      ya walid, this is not necessarily true, you got the current example of the two main shia groups holding together for quite some time now ( amal and hezballah, berri and nasrallah, splitting shores between leading the parliament and leading the resistance ) and the druze lately are switching to this mo ( 3 parties and 3 leaders and also distributing tasks among themselves. )

      the sunnis are the only sectarian group in the country that seem to somehow meet your definition.

      nevertheless, on the lebanese political scene, the weakest partners are definitely in the christian camp and they are split dangerously into a wide range of irreconcilable groups, you got for instance: the pro christian parties, lf, kataeb and others, the new pro hezballah and pro iranians, the aounists, the fanatic pro syrians, frangieh, awmieh, baathists, the independents, the pro westerners, mostly expatriates etc…

      i wished your slogan the one i mentioned above was true regarding the christians but it is not the case.

      this chaotic situation on the ground is unique and is becoming a trade mark for the christian camp in lebanon.

      it is mainly due because each one of these groups has been trying hard to abide by certain custom tailored notions of freedoms and ideals from western influence, but they are neither excelling in translating all these notions to fit the cold and cruel realities of the middle east nor they are receiving enough attention and interest from their other compatriots.

      this lack of genuine assimilation within their physical and social environment could explain their lack of understanding of each other, first within the christian camp itself and their constant insecurity vis a vis the rest of their compatriots and that would probably explain the high rate of immigration of these groups from lebanon and the entire middle east.

      1. I TOTALLY disagree with your comments.

        HA dominates the Shias. Amal is just a political nobody embodied in Berri who is used to do their bids (and maybe reluctantly)

        The Sunnis are split between many parties, Al-Ahbash ring a bell?

        The Christians are split because of Aoun, Geagea and the Gemayels grip on the Kataeb party NOT because of their followers.

        the Western influence you speak of is exactly what is going on in the moslem’s world. Saudi Arabia? the Emirates? etc…

        As far as the insecurities it befell everyone. The blood from the Sunni/ Shia conflict will rise lal rekabb mark my word.


        because of sectarianism and religion.

        Religion and the fanatics behind it are evil people. Lebanon and the Lebanese people are the MOST racist people on this planet hands down.

        Look what the average Lebanese does to the poor Ethiopian, Philippino, SriLanka maids.

        Listen to the intolerance of the parties.

        I mean how do you want me, a Christian born, who is a Buddhist to be integrated within HA which says in its slogan “Islamic Resistance” isn’t it supposed to be a Lebanese Resistance? and Why do you want me as a Christian to integrate with a foreign physical and social environment that is NOT Lebanese welcoming me at the airport with bearded men posters who look medieval at best and imported from Iran. Genuine assimilation aal men weyn jebta hayde??? You want me to assimilate with Iran which the entire planet despises and it is a matter of time before the U.S. and Israel blows it to oblivion and HA drags my country into a war that is not ours in the first place.

        The immigration is hitting every sect and they are going after opportunities and work NOT because they are scared. Didn’t the civil war prove to you that the Christian resolve was BIGGER than Kissinger’s plan to force them to immigrate so the U.S. “gives” Lebanon to the Palestinians as a substitute state?

        As far as their immigration from the entire Middle East look what your compatriots did to the Seryeen and Ashuuriyiin Christians kidnapping and killing their religious leaders. These are communities that predated Islam and the stupid Arab incursion into the rest of the Levant. They should be protected and their race cherished and their culture promoted.

        Yet your compatriots kill their men and force them into exile.

        Voice of the truth yabuth sawt el kazib 😛

      2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        ya walid,

        i am trying to remain calm and refrain from personal attacks nevertheless i did not appreciate the personal attack you started first by labeling me sawt el kizb would you like me to reciprocate by calling you walid el bouzie for example or something else instead of walid el khoury????????????

        i would rather not and i dont think you would like that!!!!

        having said that, i will calmly reply to your post and i will say that unlike you, i agree with some of your ideas and i totally disagree with the rest.

        1- sorry to burst your bubble, but ha doesnt dominate all the shias and berri, being the speaker of the lebanese parliament, is definitely not a total nobody as you mention it. even on the streets, berri has a sizable share of fully armed zaarans even hezballah wouldnt dare to clash with; remember 7 ayyar and who entered west beirut???????

        2- the future sunni bloc dominates the majority of the sunni camp in lebanon no matter what!!! but that doesnt mean they are the only group on the sunni political scene. you mentioned al ahbash, you forgot karami, hoss, mikati, safadi etc…

        3- “the christians are split because of aoun, geagea and the gemayels grip on the kataeb party not because of their followers.”

        the voters of kesrwan and jbeil with overwhelming christian majority, out of free will, gave unfortunately the majority of their votes to gen aoun and his deputies and no body held a gun to their heads so did the voters in the north when they elected the kid frangieh and this has nothing to do with who has grips on the kataeb party!!!!

        i believe here a lot of the christians are split because they

        are lost and dont know who to vote for anymore; they tend to vote for their leader’s past track record and they get shocked and disappointed by what this leader does afterwards, typical of gen aoun and his deputies.that is what patriarch sfeir used to call al ihbat al masihi.

        4- “…i mean how do you want me, a christian born, who is a buddhist to be integrated within ha which says in its slogan islamic resistance…”

        ya walid, you got me wrong on that one, as a christian lebanese, past present and future, i agree with you 100% on that point and this is where i totally disagree with aoun and his pseudo agreement with hezballah.

        nevertheless, my question remains the same: how did this nutty general convince his christian constituents that their best allies are no more the traditional western nations and the gulf nations where a lot of lebanese work and make a living, but syria and iran instead???

        5- the christian immigration from lebanon and the midddle east is a hot topic item that was and is still being debated in a lot circles even during periodical

        meetings of christian religious

        leaders in lebanon and throughout the middle east.

        here, i am simply stating a fact, i dont like it as much as you dont.instead of denying this fact let us find out the reasons behind

        this immigration and maybe try to find ways to stop it before it is too late.

        “…yet your compatriots kill their men and force them into exile.”

        here you are flipping out you think i am affiliated to saddam or

        religious leaders. i did not

      3. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        …i did not say i supported any events going on in lebanon or irak or any place in the middle east where christian minorities were attacked. totally the opposite i condemn any violation of rights to any minority group in the middle east be it religious or political.

    2. Oh dear, there we go again His popularity stems from the fact that he stood up to religious segregation, fake sectarian divides, and upheld Lebanese national identity. I’m also a bit perplexed but the “burning bridges” comment. Aren’t we talk about the insolent banana republic the at imported Fatah el Islam to try to turn us into a Saudi colony in 2007? They deviate funds, make racial slurs again armenians and others, threaten us with vicil wars, freeze public institutions in the 18th century? What bridges (to burn) can there possible be between ethical people and members of a banana republic? The problem is not the comments made against the general, but the low self-esteem of Lebanese people who consider a banana republic as a group of legitimate politicians.

    3. Walid, leave our General alone ,will you?lol

      1. I can’t I want his job of making fool of myself… 😀

      2. Which General are you talking about Prophet. we have so many i am not sure who to report to lol.

  5. Right x Right x Right on all your statements Sebouh

    That makes it Right^3 😀

  6. Not soon enough: Asfourieh, here I come. Soon he will be singing the Beatles song “I am a looser” and hopefully others will follow.

  7. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    The only reason the FPM is mad about Karam because they might be afraid he might implicate Aoun in the process. I heard Aoun have secret meetings with Mossad or some israeli officials while in Europe. Even when he was fighting the Syrian troops also. So the spies stories are catching up with him finally. And the more he defends hezbollah, the more guilty he’s of his past. Aoun for sure exchanged information between him and Mossad agents. Also I am sure hezbollah is aware of it. that’s why he’s so into it when defending again hezbollah because he’s afraid of his past. That’s all i can say about him. He is bringing his doom and failure to a person who could have stoodout as one the best and unique leader in lebanon. Instead he screwed it up big time with all his double wheelings and dealings and greed. He’s just like every leader out there who was and still out for his own benefits and not for lebanon in any way shape or form.

  8. Leave the general Aoun to join a christian Klan?! Do you undertsand anything about Lebanese patriotic who’s intellect is too elevated to belong to any Klan, and do you understand why they demand a religiously diverse nation instead. I have a serious concern for those who don’t see the link between high IQ and the need for diversity. Lebanese national sentiment, and the demand of equal rights for all Lebanese, stems for a high IQ among patriots. This is an IQ that is too high to fit in a regressive sectarian Klan.

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Hala the general is senile and you’re too stupid for defending him.

    2. George,Leave our Genaral alone.


      I responded to your post on Haria,and made a bet with you,that would cost me an expensive dinner If I loose… Did you get to read it?

    3. Meant Hariri,

  9. moustapha Avatar

    hey how about the marada in this mix?

  10. It s a shame that politicians never learn from their mistakes!They keep committing the same mistakes that lead to their failure!Behind these attacks is an angry frustrated man who seems to have lost his temper!

  11. george haddad n.j Avatar
    george haddad n.j

    Sorry Prophet when you leave the site for a while many old comments disappears. So you have to tell me what link it was on. t.c.

  12. Lets book all our politicians on a ship cruise and than ban it from coming back to Lebanon….

  13. is he still here?

  14. Hope you will be out totally in all the sense of the word , what a scumbag traitor to the nation a cheap traitor who came to Lebanon on the blood of Hariri

  15. Hope you will be out totally in all the sense of the word , what a scumbag traitor to the nation a cheap traitor who came to Lebanon on the blood of Hariri

  16.  Avatar

    Hope you will be out totally in all the sense of the word , what a scumbag traitor to the nation a cheap traitor who came to Lebanon on the blood of Hariri

  17. hope he’s out of his way forever , the hell is waiting for him !!!! Satan(s) are grateful for such scumbag was able to hand the country to them on a golden plate ,may you rotten in hell you and your masters and your allies ,bunch of evil doers!!

  18. hope he’s out of his way forever , the hell is waiting for him !!!! Satan(s) are grateful for such scumbag was able to hand the country to them on a golden plate ,may you rotten in hell you and your masters and your allies ,bunch of evil doers!!

  19.  Avatar

    hope he’s out of his way forever , the hell is waiting for him !!!! Satan(s) are grateful for such scumbag was able to hand the country to them on a golden plate ,may you rotten in hell you and your masters and your allies ,bunch of evil doers!!

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