At least six killed in a traffic accident south of Beirut


At least six people were killed and 20 others injured on Tuesday in a traffic involving several trucks and other vehicles on the Jiyeh highway, south of Beirut.

A Lebanese soldier was among the dead. The dead and the injured were taken to several hospitals in the region.

The National News Agency (NNA) quoted witnesses as saying that a truck carrying sand hit vehicles, including a transportation van, that had stopped at an Internal Security Forces (ISF ) checkpoint.

A pick-up ( tanker) carrying water also hit an oil tanker truck the witnesses said.

The accident caused heavy traffic on the Sidon-Beirut highway.

Other accidents

– Noha Hasan Suleiman, 65, was injured after a Nepalese UNIFIL vehicle ran her over at Hawla in south Lebanon. She was transferred to Mays al-Jabal governmental hospital for treatment.

– A vehicle hit Madleine Chalhoub, 60, on the Khaldeh highway on Tuesday . She passed away after arriving at the hospital.

– A French peacekeeper was killed on Tuesday when his vehicle toppled near the southern Lebanese border town of Kfarshouba, AFP reported

UNIFIL military spokesman Col. Naresh Bhatt said the accident occurred while the peacekeeper from a UNIFIL engineering company was performing engineering work for the “safety of the force in the area.”

“The circumstances of the accident are under investigation,” Bhatt added.

Last month, a French peacekeeper was killed and two others were wounded in a traffic accident in Borj Qalaway.



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  1. Thats what you get for putting a checkpoint in the middle of the F*&^*ing highway. I cant believe how stupid the army is for placing checkpoints on freeways, rather than have police enforce rules of driving between the lines, stopping at traffic lights and speed limits. I think the country is fed up with checkpoints but I guess some syrian habits never die.

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Done with the syrian checkpoints only to be replaced by the lebanese ones, well at least the lebanese ones are Lebanese, ha.

      1. Constantin Avatar

        But still we should blame Syria for these killings….hahahaha

        Hayde mou’amara souriye aal Highway!

        Unfortunately, the Lebanese drive like crazy, there should speed limits enforced on the highways like in any civilized country.

  2. What a massacre on the lebanese roads!! for god sake these are driving roads or killing machine!!

  3. Ask my mum Avatar

    2 years ago i was at a red light in batroun (the only intersection with trafic lights in batroun)it was peak hour 12-1pm and there was a traffic officer he looked at me and with a loud voice says ‘what the hell you waiting for yalla yalla yalla’

    this year i would drive down from the north to beirut doing appro 140-160ks an hour just past the tunnel before batroun and a friend said to me be careful there is a speed camera here (she actually pointed it out to me) it was hilarious just seeing a speed camera there (i can imagine this thing being put ino the ground with no wires, just there for looks)

    yalla yalla

    raji3 raji3 yet3amar raji3 lebnan

    bas badkoun tentro shouwayeh

  4. I was actually here stuck in traffic with my best mate going towards sour …. let me tell you when we reached the carnage i remember the white van it was so fucked up and i seen all the blood and blue blankets on the floor i feel really sorry for the familes …

  5. Simple solution to all these avoidable truck accidents.

    Build a truck and bus lane.

  6. Omar Halabi Avatar
    Omar Halabi

    I just returned from Lebanon 2 days ago and I can say that my only complaint was how people drive. It is unbelievable and something needs to be corrected.

    We saw three accidents where body bags where being used all in a span of one week.

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