Suleiman: Politicians should speak politely


In response to Aoun’s attack Lebanon President Michel Suleiman said in a statement issued from his office on Monday:

“Any public figure granted access to the media should refrain from wielding accusations for the sake of personal interest and should use “balanced, quiet and constructive speech.”

Accountability is necessary, but we must begin with ourselves, resort to constitutional methods and speak politely,” Suleiman said, adding that “weeping over the ruins does not benefit or build a nation.”

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun attacked the government in a televised speech on Sunday and called for resignations of several ministers. He also criticized president Michel Suleiman . “For some time we have been telling the government that it is violating the law, but it is as if they are not listening.”

He also asked : “Is President Michel Suleiman doing anything other than weeping, ” and added : “He has taken the oath on the constitution and has vowed to preserve it.”

Aoun said that the Internal Security Forces (ISF) Information Branch is an “illegitimate branch “, “kidnaps people for months,” and “spreads rumors about people.”

His criticism comes as a possible reference to the branch’s August 5 arrest of retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam on charges of spying for Israel

Karam who is also a senior FPM official, was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah.

Aoun repeatedly condemned authorities over the issue of leaks to the media on the investigation.

“Who is this branch responsible to?… Is Interior Minister [Ziad Baroud] asleep?” he asked.

Aoun made the remark after questioning whether several cabinet ministers are “sleeping” while rumors leak from the investigation of retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam, adding that resignations are needed.

Karam – an FPM official – was arrested in early August on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

Aoun also said that even though Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar is responsible for keeping investigations confidential, rumors have spread. He criticized Information Minister Tarek Mitri and Defense Minister Elias al-Murr over the investigations as well.

“Are all these ministers sleeping?” Aoun said, asking, “What are they waiting for to resign?”



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  1. My highest regards to President Suleiman. He came from the same military school as aoun. The difference is Mr. Suleiman is a statesman while the dwarf is a thug with attempts to overthrow the government so he can perch himself on that damn seat. Ain’t gone happen kiddo no matter how much you kiss syria’s ass, or h/a’s or iran. Poor little aoun is not getting the attention he needs. He keeps on weeping and crying just a little baby…And what do you do when this happens? you give the baby a sucker to quiet him down. Here is a solution to shut him up and keep him quiet. Very simple and inexpensive solution. He might like it!!!!

  2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Well Said Ali. All these attacks are orchestrated by the axises of evil (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah). all to bring down the gov’t. their leaders talk nice in public. But they send their stooges like AOun and Wahab and many other thugs to attack the gov’t. this is all preparation to change gov’t in order to stop STL once and for all. Second to prepare for war against israel since they will have members in the gov’t supporting and approving their actions. So much for weapons of the resistance that will bring down the nations and destroy it. What good is that weapons doing if it will bring the end of lebanon.

    Thanks Mr. Nassrallah for fighting for Iran and Syria and destroying lebanon. You think israel is going to be quiet this time like it did in 2006? Nassrallah you’re as evil as Natanyahou. Go to hell you and your stooges..

    1. George, the irony is that h/a and proxies are thumbing their nose in every issue whether in Lebanon, israel, palestine, iraq… no matter what they are contrarian unless the issue suits them, syria and iran to accomplish their evil goals. Do you agree!!!

    2. George,

      Your defense of this Government is very politically motivated so is you’re labeling of Aoun as a stooge.

      Can you name five things this government has accomplished to improve services for the public? Has this Government done anything to ride the country of corruption?

      Electricity is prefect, water is running to every house, Roads are paved perfectly, security is perfect, and so on…… who are we kidding?

      Is it illegal to bring a government down? Is it constitutionally prohibited to criticize the government or its policies?

      In all of your previous posts, you lecture us about democracy and accountability, yet you can’t tolerate any criticism ,fairly or not, of this government or the prime minster. Don’t you think it is hypocritical? The day you, and everyone else stops supporting blindly, is the day the leaderships starts to understand that public can’t be taken for granted.

      I didn’t see you criticize the president when arrest warrants were issued against three young men who had criticized the president, unless you approve of such actions.

      I’m not defending Aoun or Wahab, I’m just defending their rights to criticize.

      With all due respect to the president, Can you tell me three things he accomplished? Not that I think He can either. Do you think He’s immune of mistakes and criticism? Is anyone immune of mistakes?

      Why is it so offensive to you that Aoun or anyone else criticizes the president or the prime minster? Before you start labeling Aoun or others, show us where they were wrong in their criticism. Just calling people stooges isn’t enough. I hope you’d show some honesty in your criticism, so that your argument is more credible.

      The day we can accept criticism, is the day we can start improving performance of government institutions

      Speaking of Syria,

      The same Syrian regime, with its security control, that ruled Lebanon, controlled political life for more than 30 years, and abused is being invited by the same government you are defending , to get involved in our internal affairs. I don’t see you complaining about that? Hariri is visiting Syria more often than his father or karami did. Don’t you see anything wrong? He visits Syria more often then HA leaders or Berri or Karami…..Is there anything wrong with this picture?

      You give your self the right to attack, and label, HA, other Lebanese parties and politicians any way you want. You label Aoun, who represent more than half the Christians in Lebanon, as a stooge for criticizing the president and the government. If the leader of one of the biggest blocs in the parliament does not enjoy this right, who does? I didn’t see you get offended when Geaga criticized the president few times in the last two months.

      I’m not defending Aoun or Wahab, I’m just defending their rights to criticize.

      With all due respect to the president, Can you tell me three things he accomplished? Not that I think He can either. Do you think He’s immune of mistakes and criticism?

      Do you know that almost every road in south Lebanon was built or repaired and paid for by one “the axis of evil” member? Why is that? It’s because this government and all previous governments neglect to do any thing. Isn’t a shame? Don’t you see why Iran’s policies are getting more support from a large number of Lebanese? When will we have a government that takes responsibilities of its own people, so Iran or Syria or any other country won’t be able to come in an build our roads and buy our support?

      Try to explain to people in the south that Iran is evil…..

      We have to admit that Lebanon is a failed state. It’s a state that is structured wrong.

      It’s a state that , since created, failed to control its territory, failed to defend its people , failed to be fair to all of its citizen, failed to enforce any law and order on its leadership, and its people, except when it was in defense of the government or the “ sect” or the “leader”?

      The only evils in our Area are the Israelis and those who support them, and work for them.

      Show some objectivity.

      1. fady atallah Avatar
        fady atallah

        Man you stink of backword logic and the smell of Hizbollah: you deff must be a SSNP member. Lebanon was never given a chance to bounce back always Iran ar Syria and ther stoofes in Lebanon taking money and defeating the STATE to be created.

      2. FADY ATALLAH,

        You could not rebuttal any points I raised, but your nose can smell my political affiliation? Now, that is straightforward logic .lol.

    3. I’m really scared to post my opinion of our president. I still remember what happened to the three boys who did on face book. So I’ll be a typical Lebanese and say “Suleiman is the man”. lol

      1. Oh do not be scared Prophet. All what you have to do is get the support of Syria then you can spit anything you want a la Aoun and Wahab.

        Syrian immunity allows wonders. hehe

      2. Sorry, Walid,

        I REFUSE TO LIVE IN A LEBANON, WHERE I HAVE TO SEEK IMMNUITY FROM SYRIA OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. THOUGH I’m big advocate of good relationship with Syria, but I STILL want an independent Lebanon, where I can criticize my own leaders with fear.

        I have been critical of Syria’s role in Lebanon since the 80’s.

        I always appreciated their support to the resistance. I give credit when it’s due, and criticize when necessary.


  4. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    prophet, u can blame the government for lack of ability. I agree. But tell how the government is composed of. As george said, imposed ministers from all sects and mostly dominated by HA, if they breath HA reacts and threat. Givernment is so busy in satisfying HA reactions more than been worried about the citizens. It’s easy to say government has neglicted Lebanon but they live in conditions worst than the days of civil war. It ends the government is kissing today Syria hands for help to hold HA. And we balme the government. They can’t even take a decision to move the army into strategic areas to protect the people of Lebanon to avoid blood shed or any interaction with HA. My friend the HA has taking the governmwnt in hostage. The beauty of all this, if syria start changing directions toward Hariri, to stop this HA is taking us to war just to break all set ups with the Syrian against them. The government has no role and no presence because of HA. Aoun is preparing to replace Suleiman as he did after gemeyal presidency. But will never happens. What about his famous minister of electricity since he came to the ministry we have more power cut more problems more and more what about he is trying to sabotage the entire government toturn everything against them. Can Hariri fires him? No way because HA won’t allow this happens. And you give us a speech about the government role. I understand your judgement conditionally if we live peacefully but Lebanon is in cold war against itself. Take the weapons off HA and I assure you this government will hit strongly against deviation corruptions and against useless miniters. This is Lebanon……

    1. Jean

      If you can’t accept the reality that HA is a Lebanese party, which is supported by a large constituency, this debate becomes useless.

      You can claim that the misters were imposed by HA or who ever you want to, but Lebanese governments have always been formed based on a sectarian formula, and through a process of negotiation among Lebanese political and/or sectarian groups, and with the influence of outside interference. As bad as this criteria is, it is a reality that have been with us for years. At times the government was to your liking, and at times it wasn’t.

      We can all pretend to be idealistic, and criticize(rightly so) the whole system, yet we all know the reality of our system. In an ideal system, none of this should happen.

      As far as the failure of this government to concentrate on basic services, is not forgiven. So My criticism to this government is exceptional, since it was a national unity government, that has no excuse non what so ever to neglect the electricity, water, and so on. What ever goes on in the government, the basic services are issues everyone agrees that they should be addressed . The buck stops with the PM. His issues with HA and Aoun were never over domestic issues except for the fact that the PM wants Aoun’s ministers to fail.

      As far the failure of all Lebanese governments to offer any services to the south, this is sad reality, that HA and Iran are filling the Gap, when it is the Lebanese governments duty to do.

      It was the failure of al Lebanese governments to protect its territories and people for the past 65 years, that forced people to defend their towns and liberate the south. Where were you when Israel was occupying us? Did you and your government liberate the south? Many of the Lebanese leaders were allied with the enemy when HA and others were fighting the occupation. Where was the patriotism of the so called ‘LEBANESE LEADERS, AND GOVERNMENTS”. Enough non sense, Jean. Can you guarantee that those who had allied themselves with Israel to bring two presidents won’t do it again?

      Can you guarantee that Lebanon will be protected if HA is to give up its arms? If you are not worried about Israel, most people are.

      As for the Syrians, I rejected their interference years ago, when most of march 14 clowns were in bed with the Syrians. Though I want the best of relationship with Syria, I don’t want to see any interference at all. I would have expect you to reject such interference as well, instead of betting on Syria changing direction (highly unlikely ,and wishful thinking for many) toward Hariri therefore changing the balance of power. Basically we’ll have a similar situation, but reversed. If you think it’s a good solution, than you’re being a hypocrite.

      If you want us to score points, we both can go back and forth al day long. If you want to have a constructive debate, we need to start with our system, not with the weapons.

      Our system needs an overhaul. Our sectarian system has to be dismantled We can’t go on pretending to be civil , and democratic when we re all tribal. Our system is worse than tribal.

      1. moustapha Avatar

        I must disagree with you bro. Hizballah is intimidating and threatening in every move and corner they possibly can. The government is dis-functional due to one agenda being implemented which is the Hizzy’s agenda.

        To be fair all the elections that have taken place through out all these years have never been other then MAJORITY rules. Why now when majority rules came up to the favor of other then the hizzy and his supporting actors they FORCED us to have a national unity government.

        And you blame it on the PM.. how fair is that.

        You say “how do you guarantee that the same people who collaborated with Israel wont do it again?” Well the hizzy promised to never use their weapons “NO MATTER WHAT” and they have many times. How do you gurantee them not using them again, other then us bending over and letting them screw us any way they want =)

        And their actions have all been through provocation. 2 years sitting on the streets of Beirut.

        You have to see it from all sides bro.

  5. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    Correction- Aoun does not represent more than half of the Christians in Lebanon.

  6. Polite? Polite?!! When was the last time I heard this word… .emmmm, Oh ya KG2 in school…

    Ya Mr. President your a good guy, but you do need to get your hands dirty too and be more often in the ground, all what I see you doing is making speeches here and there and when things really go bad you might happen to meet with conflicting parties to ease things down…and it never worked with all due respect la fakhamtak.

    Prophet to a certain extent is right when he said that now a days Saad H. visits Syria more often than Berri and HA, how come he is not being criticized?!!

    Well it is very simple, the trio meeting that took place few weeks back between Saudi-Syria-Lebanon sanctioned Saad’s visits to Syria and gave it the Saudi cover it needed…it is as simple as that.

    You think Saad would act like he is acting with Syria because he misses Syria so much… It is a Saudi order.

    You see Saudi wants Syria to get involved again in maintainig lebanon’s security (I am very polite now just like Mr. Suleiman asked us to be)…obviously we cannot keep our own security on our own, we need Syria back but not just for security purposes only…this is just a cover for Syria to put a tight leash of HezbUallah…that is all

    1. Nobody wants Syria back in Lebanon. All those politicians causing trouble are incited by Syria so they make their way back. Syria is the root of ALL evil.

  7. Politicians should speak politely. I couldn’t agree more. Geagea and Gemayel have been watching too many Hitler speeches reruns.

    Aoun is just frustrated that they found out about Fayez Karam and his involvement with the Mossad since he went to Paris with Aoun in the 1990’s. Don’t worry he’s going to divulge everything you guys did over there.

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