Jumblatt pushing for a Hariri-Nasrallah meeting


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt has expressed relief at the phone conversation held between PM Saad Hariri and Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah’s political assistant Hussein Khalil on Saturday night.

“Thank God they agreed on calm. This is the minimum required,” Jumblatt told As Safir newspaper in remarks published Monday. “The biggest need is to consolidate the calm politically .”

“Maybe that would lead to an easing of the tension,” he said.

Khalil, has contacted Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Sunday to thank him on behalf of Nasrallah for committing to calm rhetoric, local media reported Sunday.

Hariri’s sources did not comment on the content of the phone conversation but said: “We are absolutely committed to calm.”

Asked about what role he played to bring the views closer, Jumblatt told As Safir: “I don’t care about any role. I care about the result … I still call for not only calm rhetoric but also for viewpoints to meet.”

Jumblatt met with PM Saad Hariri at Center House on Sunday night. He was accompanied by Public Works and Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi.

The two sides discussed the necessity to arrange a meeting between the Hezbollah leader and the prime minister.

As Safir daily said Jumblatt had hinted to some of his parliamentary bloc members that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s interference might be required to hold such a meeting.



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  1. Oh no!! please Mr. Harriri, do not listen to this schizo. He turned against his father and not too long ago against you, March 14, the US, when he stated that it was a mistake meeting with Ms Rice. What make you think that he is not going to regret meeting with you and making the arrangement. Please do not listen to him as your and the Lebanese citizen’s fate could be in jeopardy. This man is sick, unbalanced, a nut case and in arabic ” sweiati”. The ideal russian roulette for those daring ones.

  2. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    He’s trying to act as the godfather, neutral man with no preferences except Lebanon. Jumblatt knows no matter who you stand with don’t lead anywhere so lets play it smart and be neutral in between like “baba Hassan”

  3. Jumblat and Aoun are the same..they both have changing principles also shouldn’t be taken as alleys or even friends as they are famous of turning against you the minute they have the interest to do so…hence they cannot be trusted and you cannot bet on their loyalty….Jumblat was described as the Russian Doll…it fits him perfectly….

    This easing of tension is a joke too, there is a lot of fire under the surface, any other incident things will go back to be even more tensed than before. I believe we should look at the things that causes the tension and work on avoiding them…one of these things could be taking the weapons away from civilians at this point, and shutting up people like Wahab, Aoun, and their likes from taking badly and impolitely about the government

  4. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    great Syrian video about jumblatt lmao, kinda old tho.


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