Israel warns that Hezbollah placed 15000 rockets along borders


Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, warned Friday that Hezbollah has placed around 15,000 rockets along Lebanon’s border with Israel, including some that could hit southern Eilat.

A parade by the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah militants

“The Syrian-Iranian backed Hezbollah poses a very serious threat to Israel,” Oren said in a conference call focused mainly on the new direct Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations.

“Hezbollah today now has four times as many rockets as it had during the 2006 Lebanon war. These rockets are longer-range. Every city in Israel is within range right now, including Eilat,” he said.

The Red Sea resort of Eilat is the most southern point in Israel.

He said the rockets also have bigger payloads and are “far more accurate” than those fired four years ago.

“In 2006, many of their missiles were basically out in the open, in silos and the Israeli air force was able to neutralize a great number of them,” Oren said.

“Today those same missiles have been placed under hospitals, and homes and schools because Hezbollah knows full well if we try to defend ourselves against them, we will be branded once again as war criminals,” he added.

He said Israel is watching the situation with Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim fundamentalist movement, “very vigilantly” because it is of great concern to the Jewish state.

“We know Hezbollah has in violation of UN resolutions once again penetrated southern Lebanon, transformed entire villages into armed camps and put in about 15,000 rockets along the Israeli border,” he said.

Israel has already said Hezbollah has a total arsenal of 40,000 rockets.

In the summer of 2006, Hezbollah fired more than 4,000 rockets at northern Israel during a conflict with the Jewish state, paralyzing the region for 34 days and forcing a million Israelis to hide in shelters or flee to cities in the south.

More than 1,200 Lebanese, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mainly soldiers, were killed during the 2006 war.

Israel accuses Shiite Muslim Iran of arming Hezbollah.




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  1. Then clash between Israel & Lebanon, deaths on each side & foreigns funds to rebuild.

    Same screenplay, the difference ? UNIFIL’s presence, inefficiency & a renewed mandate.

    Name it the “shameful escalation’s war”.

    At least, the next episode gonna be wrote without a STL.

  2. There is way too much building up to this war and the threats keep intensifying, I say let them go at it!

    no one can contnue to live with threats from both sides, this is getting ridiculous, so I say to both sides….commence battle! burn each other alive and may the best rat win, oo rey7oona ba2a, once there is a definative winner then people can move on.

    1. In a war there are no winners Maria, there are losers on both sides. Wellington after defeating Bonaparte at Waterloo said himself that winning was even harder than losing because cleaning the aftermath was a big chore. Can you imagine the devastation and the aftermath of an all out war this time around?

      That being said, you can strip the legitimacy of HA’s weapons if the Israelis and the Palestinians reach a peaceful agreement and send the refugees back home and finally demarcate the borders between all the countries including Lebanon and Syria.

      Then HA will lose the mask and they will have two options. Either give up their arms or face a civil war.

      One more thing, in this civil war they can never claim divine victory, because he who shoots at Lebanese is the Devil reincarnate.

      1. Walid you are 100% right, I just find it frustrating that this issue of HA arms and constant threat from IS will never be resolved. People want to move on and build for a future but all this internal and external threats are going to end bad. With the way things are going, do you think there is a peaceful solution to this mess?

        BTW I love your website!

      2. Thank you Maria about your kind comment in regards to the website. Stay tuned for the TRUTH of the histories as they should have been told NOT the way they are portrayed and the lies told in our books.

        To answer your question, one can find solutions to any of our problems and they are staring us in the face. Peaceful solutions are long lasting, whereas hawkishness solutions (a la G.W. Bush) are short lived.

        That being said I am unfortunately NOT optimistic at all.

        I hope I am wrong.

      3. dont worry these scare tactics have been going on for a very long time. i keep saying that no side will think of pushing the button first though israel has tried several times and fortunately enough, HA didnt budge.

        we saw the flotilla, the tree, shepherds and missiles fired at our waters.

        HA has way too much to lose if they fire first cos they will have israel and us to fight and they dont want that plus they will be forced to dismantle and they are fighting hard not to go there.

        HA will only fight if israel attacks first and the lebanese people will be behind HA all the way if this happens.

        i totally agree with you walid that peaceful solutions are always the best and they are long lasting.

      4. Walid and Maria, I totally agree with you. h/a’s recent actions, rhetoric, demonstrate that they do not want peace, they just want to be inciters. Listen to a/j and hassoun’s recent statement: They are against the peace process and doomed it before it started. Why are they putting their noses in a palestinian matters!! are they more palestinian than Abbas and the PA’s administration. The world cannot be shaped according to h/a, syria and iran. Don’t they have enough problems on their own : poverty, unemployment, famine, censure, abuse, corruption,lies,lack of freedom, suppression….Their recent action clearly demonstrate that they are agents for israel….by opposing the peace process, israel gets a reason to continue on their path blaming the arabs before and now h/a, syria and iran for their objection. Any way, I am not concerned about h/a’s arms any longer, compromised already by the slew of info from within in the hand of israel and I would like to add one more sentence I learned and I will say it in arabic: “AL SILAH BE EID ALKHARA BYEJRAH”. and that what is currently happening.

        I truly believe this is the beginning of the end for h/a, they will self destruct.

    2. Jean Haddad Avatar
      Jean Haddad


      I agreed with you. We are fed up. Get to the battlefield and let us live later peacefully

  3. maria click on his ads like i hae done, he gets paid for each ad.

    please no war. the only loser is lebanon cos israel doesnt stick to the south. it punishes the lebanese for their support of the resistance like they did in 2006.

    it wasnt a happy ending for anybody though i’m still very impressed at HA’s accuracy of killings of 160 mainly soldiers as opposed to israel’s cowardly methods of attacks to show 1200 killed mainly civilians.

    1. i will click all his adds Tony! ra7 walli3a lal site lol

      like i said HA was on top of the world in 06 but this hijacking of the country is whats killing them

      1. maria i totally agree with you. like i have always said, god gave us free will to decide our own destinies and every action we make decides the karmic reaction we receive.

        HA right now is not doing itself any good cos of the actions its taking. its making very poor decisions in this moment of its existence.

  4. I had enough of this bull-shit, I hope they strat a war and finish each other so people can go on with their lifes.

    1. jerth your comment is written without thought. when israel attacks, it doesnt stay at the borders bro. think before you utter nonsense.

      all of lebanon is in danger when israel attacks.

      1. Israel most of the time fire back where the fire come from and that will be HZB-ALLA.

      2. jerth i was there in 2006 ya genius and israel never fired at where hizbollah was. they destroyed all lebanon.

        are you telling me hizbllah was in all of lebanon?

        you seriously have a common sensical approach problem to the israeli war.

      3. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad


        We brought ourselves into this crisis we have helped HA to raise from he dead so let us pay the consequences of destroying HA. You remember my words, if war goes on between HA and Israel you will witness more commandos street fights from inside to the borders. Is going to be dirty game and here would be no bomabrdemrnt at all only tactical.

      4. jean i totally agree with you that we created HA as i’ve always said that but war aint gonna happen man.

        just relax.

        i’m going today to lebanon for a month and i will post when i come back the spirit of the lebanese.

        i’m sure everything is much better than what it sounds like on the news.

        i’m so glad i was there in 2006 cos when i left through syria and came back to lebanon i knoew my parents and family would be fine cos on the news it sounded like israel carpet bombed lebanon like the idiots and cowards they are.

        i’ve always said lets look at why HA was created and the fingers will always point to us,.

        HA will dismantle bro but we have so many things to deal with before that happens and it will.

        lebanon is finally going ito a new direction with its aliance with syria and turkey and the flushing of the spies.

        its obvious who killed hariri man. it was israel and the US and HA is the scape goat.

        i will go and enjoy lebanon for one month sadly i hope it was for more but i will take this one month and enjoy the hell out of it.

        there will be no war.

  5. One of the reasons that peace talks are not welcomed by some groups is that they will have no role to play !A war or a cause keeps them moving ,helps them gain ground !

    1. fauzia if you want peace to be given a chance then go tell israel to treat palis like humans and to stop disrespecting everybody.

      you seem deflated and sad in your posts today habeebti.

      you’re usually full of fire. dont ever give up.

      HA is not the problem even though they’re not thinking right in these days. the whole lebanese structure is being revamped with new laws so give it time.

      let me ask you this my dear. when HA absorbs into the LAF which will happen and israel keeps attacking, who will you blame then?

      israel cannot afford to have peace when the world community is always looking at its internal problems.

      israel needs friction and bad groups and rogue organisations so thta it can keep the UN distractred and the world body busy cleaning after them while they try to ethnically cleanse the palestinians.

      dont lose hope habeebti. we and the palis have been fighting for 50 years and none of us are tired. we’re more angry than tired so enough’s enough.

      i dont want HA to drop its weapons until the LF can prove it can defend lebanon and then HA will gladly drop its weapons.

      1. Jean Haddad Avatar
        Jean Haddad


        Are you serious about keeping HA weapons till you assure LAF are stein enough. Sorry bro you sounded like those HA members claiming beirut must be protect from Israel. Do you seriously believe Israel will invade Lebanon if there is no HA. Come on Tony we are living 21st century. Things have changed since he 80s. I will assure you my life that Israel will never mess with us if we aee able to control he borders from the palestinians.

      2. CHRISTIAN Avatar

        Tony do you think you would be calling israel an enemy after HA dissarms and our borders are controlled by the LAF, having the LAF well equiped and the only body that carries guns on lebanese soil? what excuse would it have then? another point i would like to make PLOs issue with the jews isnt something we should bring into our country when it should be a concern we should fight diplomatically and through debate even using a number of srkes or movements to get world attention.

        greetings to jean!

      3. jean and christian its whats gonna happen man. i didnt say this. listen to the presidents speech and the MPs and yo ucan see the vision of the government and the poerful body.

        they all say HA needs to dismantle but not yet.

        HA knows that which is why its arrogance is getting the best of it.

        stay at the borders where you belong (i mean where your weapons should belong) and leave beirut to the people.

        read walid’s post guys cos he said that israel tried to invade beirut before and we attacked them with knives and whatever.

        you cant have HA disarm yet (according to the politicians and have a naked country) and i agree with them.

        this will all be in stages.

        christian i will be calling israel our enemy until it learns how to treat the palis like humans cos it is their bullsh@@ mentality that is causing extremists everywhere and the know it and they thrive on it.

        israel with all its spies that we caught, do you think they’re our friend? do yo uthink israel cares about us? they only want peace with lebanon so that they can use our land as a dump for palis to live like garbage here.

        the palestinian issue isnt a lebanese issue, its a human issue and none of us should be able to sleep well at nght knowing there is a huge outdoor prison called gaza on our planet or starving africans in a continent full of riches or kids being sold for prostitution and the list goes on.

        i dont look at the palestinian issue in any other way other than the fact that we’re all humans and lets live lie that.

        but instead we live like animals where many of us turn a blind eye to whats really going on near us.

        did you know that the latest flotilla to israel is gonna be launched from the US?

        i hope they succeed and i hope they sail cos thats a people from a country that bows to israel thanks to AIPAC so think of the coverage that flotilla will get if any since the zionist lovers own the media but that what you tube is for aint it?

  6. FAWZIA,

    What peace process? Have you read what Israel’s foreign minster said yesterday?

    Have you been listening to Netanyahu’s peace conditions? Do you really think this process will accomplish anything?

    Peace requires two sides that are willing to negotiate in good faith. They need to be able to compromise. Nothing Israel is doing indicates that they are willing to pay the price for peace. They are busy building settlements in the west bank. They refuse to even discuss the refugee issue. They insist on Jewish state when 1.5 million Israelis are not Jews. They insist on keeping Jerusalem as a capital of the Jewish state. Palestinians have nothing left to give.

    If you look at the map of the west bank, you can easily see that it looks like a piece of Swiss cheese. There is no way Palestinians can build a viable Palestinian state on the piece of Swiss cheese.

    Another important problem, is the Palestinian leadership representing Palestinians in this progress, have no legitimacy. Abbas ‘s term has expired. The elected government of the Palestinians is not being recognized by Israel or the international community. I don’t know what makes Abbas think He can sell any agreement to his own people

  7. Only 15,000?

  8. I have been listening and I have been reading and I have been writing!! I know that what the Israelis have been doing and are doing!I think that war is terrible , loss of lives and destruction!How many more do we need!I just believe that peace should be given a chance !It s not easy because the Israelis are not going to give back land nor rights for peace but the fight for peace should continue!This is an opinion and I respect yours Prophet!!

  9. Israel is acting as if HezbUallah is a great threat to it which is, but not to the extent it is exaggerating it to be. Israel is just building its cover internationally for justifying its much anticipated war on Lebanon. This time Israel wants to have green light from USA, Saudi, France, Russia, Japan, etc…. before dancing the final dance with HezbUallah.

    I believe Israel is betting on the STL indicting HezbUallah and that the resistance will be weakened by the Lebanese turning against it because of the STL’s indictment…. If that didn’t happen then Israel will wage a large scale war this time…a war it cannot afford to lose again..hence it will be bloodier than ever


  10. jad if israel wages a war against HA it wont be against HA it will be against lebanon and if i’m there visiting when they do that i will join to defend my country cos HA is not lebanon, we are all lebanon and israel doesnt differentiate between us and HA.

    look at 2006 man so get that through your head.

    stop talking about HA as if its an outsider.

    sure it has problems but i wouldnt wish them death cos that will bring death to lebanese.

    through peaceful talks and not putting up with intimidations rfom them, we can tighten the noose with laws and guidelines and it will happen.

    dont hold your breath for the STL indictment cos the verdict is already out man. we can all see who the scapegoat is. syria and israel are countries and they cant be indicted so who does that leave.

    why do you think the israeli spies loaded the truck in HA land. do you think HA did it all alone?

    then you’re more naiive and innocent than i think you are.

    this STL is more of a negotiation tactic than finding out who killed hariri. everybody knows who killed hariri – the US and israel using all the spies in our country killed hariri and if you dont see it then you’re blind.

    HA yelling and screaming about the STL is not cos they’re guilty, its cos they know they’re trapped.

    but their parking lot incident doesnt help their argument either cos they’re already under the spot light.

    israel will lose any future war it wages on lebanon cos lebanon has had enough and if you think HA is weak against israel i will remind you that they killed precisely around 150 military personnel in 2006 while israel with all its technology killed 1200 civilians.

    you tell me who has more courage.

  11. Tony, why do you have emotions in the way…I don’t wish HezbUallah dead or unarmed just REGULATED under our army.

    There is no such thing called Resistance in a free country, we are not occupied, hence the resistance should lay low that is all, no need for showing muscles (weapons) in the cities, hide your weapons and be ready.

    Tony, it is not nice calling people naive, i don’t get emotions blur my judgment that is all, and I am very blunt yet honest and rather to criticize my own countrymen than the enemy.

    You and some other people keep on saying that the indictment is already out there and the conspiracy theory about the scapegoats, bla bla bla…that might be all right and then again wrong, so what I would say to people like you and HezbUallah … it is good that you have raised your concern out in the open and now shut up from crying out loud and let the STL do what it is paid for. Maybe, just maybe the STL would be more honest and upright than more than 90 percent of our corrupt politicians

  12. Tony

    It is true that Israel will wage a war against Lebanon as a whole nit just HezbUallah…that is exactly why HezbUallah and the Government (army) should agree on a formula to attack/defend Lebanon together.

    The current scenario now is that HezbUallah is in so many ways undermining the authority of the Lebanese army every time they invade a street or a neighbor in Beirut or another non shiaa area by force….what is the army supposed to do? you tell me…

  13. well thats what the israels do manthey keep crying and protend that they are so scared remember thats what they did with the arab during the war and when the arab started the invaded 3 country and beat the hell out of them and they always do the same this time lets hope nothing will happen but if did they gonna hurt lebanon badly and thanks for the brave HA which they will be hiding underground trying to play hide and sick thats what they are sick and i don;t thing they will be able to say we did win like 2006

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