EDL cracking down on electricity theft


As part of a crackdown on power theft, Electricite du Liban (EDL) on Thursday said an observation team has inspected the house of Batroun priest Pierre Saab after observers found a tree planted at the base of an electricity pole with an underground cable to the cleric’s house.

The company said in a statement that the observation teams, consisting of Justice Ministry staff, were working “day and night ” to curb violators of the public network across all Lebanese territories “without exception or discrimination.”

Priest Saab accused EDL,of “personally” targeted him.

“Observation teams came to Batroun at night to ask for the house of priest Pierre Saad precisely … This is clear evidence that I was personally targeted in this campaign and it was not a wide-spread campaign as the statement said,” Saab said in a statement.

“This is considered a humiliating act against me personally and my wife and children,” Saab added. ( Naharnet)



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  1. What is humiliating is that a priest(!) is stealing energy – not that he is targeted!

  2. Crackdown!!!!!!

    Is that what you call a crackdown when only one person is involved ?

    What about the Bassta and some of Beirut rurals that are dominated by militias and are not willing to pay? It seemed that electricite du Liban is so good on cracking down only on people of Kesrouan and Christians.

    1. This has been the case since the 80s. “rjeel bass gala le-m3attaer”

      Go collect in dahye ya “jubana”.

      More and more I am starting to believe that it’s time for the Christians to arm themselves even if they have to make peace with the devil himself.


      As to the priest playing victim, SHAME ON YOU! You should lead by example.

      Failed State!

      1. walla ya Walid, if they have not been arming themselves for the past 10 years, that will be the greatest mistake of all time.

        this equation of HA only to have arms is very scary which leads me to GUS….how you going to collect bills from HA areas when you cant even enter the area without getting beat up or even killed. I say if there are prominent wealthy people in each area, they should have their own power plants for their area, this way the gov is not responsible for all of libon….private enterprise! People will begin to blame their leaders (HA) as to why we have no power, you have billions ready for weapons but not power. Lebanon can never function as 1 country and 1 people.

      2. I am beginning to hear you… Sadly

        I think best to keep it together is a federation like the U.S., Canada or Switzerland.

      3. Walid, this is my second time on this website and I’m really impressed…Someone still has the courage to talk like that. Ten weeks ago I finished my visit to Lebanon and went back home(I used to say it the other way around) really depressed after what I’ve seen there The Country in Not Ours anymore. We really need some changes.

      4. Thank you Talia,

        I am NOT afraid of telling it as it is.

        Lebanon is hijacked by those morons the oligarchs. It is time we take it back. We should fight for expats right to vote so we remove those idiots by the ballot FIRST and then if they do not listen to reason by force.

        They complain about electricity and they burn tires then they do not pay their bills. I wonder if anyone in Iran dares not pay his/her electric bill including their stupid revolutionary guards.

        badna dawle amma laq Friggin make up your mind!


  3. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Is he Saab or saad? Ya libnan makes up your mind

  4. The Middle Man Avatar
    The Middle Man

    Yes Talia, u r right, until a couple of months ago, i used to call Lebanon home. and from this point on, its never gna be that, i’ll be visiting lebanon and then going back home, where i belong…. we have to thank a couple of stupid lebanese for that. i wouldnt top the federation thing, as I would be giving an OK to every SECT to arm! because we are not mingled together, every “mant2a” has its own religious sect. I believe we should privitize the electricity field, and the telecommunications field. this will encourage competition and will cause a price drop and less outage time as each company or entity would like to have more customers. and at the end of the day these companies will pay the government. this way the government will always make money out of these sectors, no losses. and the population will enjoy better electricity

  5. Maybe Sami Gemayel’s wish is coming true, federation,lol

    1. What’s wrong with that? If we do not get along in bed 😛 let’s get a divorce and TRY to be civil. LOL

  6. Walid,

    Lebanon is too small to be divided, too large to be swallowed by any sect. Federation is worse than the sectarian system we have. We properly need Viagra to get in bed. Divorce is like severing the whole member, lol

    1. Prophet: OUCH! Don’t go there buddy 😛


      I do agree with you specially that the sects are spread across the country as there are really no demarcation lines in between.

      Then As a Prophet, can you please tell me, as a moderate non-religious person (still believing in God) but areligious, HOW ON EARTH can I cohabit a group of people raising the pictures of Khomeini, khamenai and other mullahs welcoming me at the airport when I cannot bear the looks of them. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind Moussa el Sadr’s picture as long as the person is Lebanese. Can you imagine if I did believe in G.W. Bush (GOD FORBID YUCK!) me posting the picture of Bush at the entrance of the airport?

      If that continue, your slogan becomes mute and irrelevant. Then I want my own place to call home.

      Am I missing something?

      So either we all abide by a non-sectarian system weapons free streets or lets call it quits and go back to the Green line and get at each others for another 15 years.

      anno ye3ne ma t3allamna that nobody wins at the end? So either they come into the fold or we split or we fight until one of us kicks the other out.

      Which is gonna be?

  7. Walid,

    As Shiaa myself, who is very open minded , and not religious, yet so anti Israel, and so pro resistance advocate, I can understand your frustration with those posters, and I Share your opposition to that. Last time I was in Lebanon, I raised this question with anyone I could. The answers I got, though not necessarily convincing, were something along the line of religious belief. Some believe the Khaminai to the HA Shiia (WILAT ALFAQIEH BELEIVERS) is like the pope to Catholics. It’s a tough argument. I still would like them removed one day.

    As for the sectarian System, It’s a problem we all should take responsibility for .The problem is that everyone opposes this system, but all use it to their advantage .All us it to keep a better grip on their own people.

    No more fightingWalid. No more civil war. No shiia /Sunni war in Lebanon. Eveyone is playing a dangerous game where they push each other to the edge of the cliff, no pushing down,

    As for your own place, watch out now. Being a prophet I might find a historic event that might make me or anyone claim it, lol jk

  8. Walid,

    The day Lebanese decide on a federation. All history books have to be rewritten. The billion year old question of who Palestine belonged to, would become a joke compared to all the questions all sects in Lebanon would raise about history and geography, I’m not kidding. You never thought about that, I bet.

  9. No matter how you spin it my humble Prophet, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and pretty much all the Levant share the same history and the same people. The definition of that however, of our identity and who we were and who we wanna be is totally different.

    Who are we really?

    Phoenicians? Akkadians? Persians? Crusaders? Greeks? Romans? Arabs? Egyptians? Christians? Moslems? Druze? What type of Moslems? Shia? Sunni? and the list can go on forever.

    I want Lebanon to be Lebanon with a multifaceted multicultural, multi-religious communities (and yes to include Jewish Lebanese whom we treated like crap for years and they ended up leaving and polarizing towards what israel represents). We know from DNA studies that we are a bastard nation as there is NO one genealogy that really defines us as a “race’. We are modern Lebanese with a Lebanese culture which holds the past (from Phoenicia to Carthage, from Greece, Rome, to Byzantium and Constantinople, from Islamic culture and Arabic arts to Persian rugs and 1001 layle wu layle). No one culture or sect can claim it as theirs. We are Lebanese and we are beautiful!

    1. Walid I like what you said. You’re a gentleman and a scholar..Don’t be jealous Prophet i have high regards for you too lol…

    2. walid i’m glad i’m part of the bastard geneology my friend. 🙂

      i love lebanon and i bymonday 11pm i will be in beirut airport kissing the ground and being greeted by my family.

      ta7ya libnan and tooz bi israel and time of the year.

    3. Walid, ELIAS,

      ELIAS, I’m never jealous of Walid or any one… I always respect his intellect, even when I disagree with him. I share many of his goals, though we may not always agree on how to accomplish them.

      I’m always trying to learn, and I hope that my humble opinions are an added value to the debates.

      Walid, I was not trying to spin anything.

      I think you missed my bad joke (about your place). I was echoing a typical Lebanese thinking, where everything can be -and most of the time is- analyzed to death. As we can see, hardly anything is ever accomplished with out Pickering and splitting hair.

      As far as the Lebanese identity, I totally agree with that, we are bastards, and Lebanon is a bastard country. It is a gift and a curse, but definitely beautiful.

      I would only want it to be better, but never any different in its make up.

      A gift because we are, as you said, a multicultural, and multi religion society.

      A curse, because we have failed to create a political and social system that can integrate us FULLY, into one defined society with one national identity.

      A national identity would have the same national goals, and dreams, instead of 18 different identities with so many conflicting goals and dreams. A national identity would define us, not by our differences, but rather, by our common desire to defend a pluralistic and democratic system.

      I have always been of the opinion that Lebanese people share the same destiny, and that they have no other choice, but to reform their political system, and to gradually break down sectarianism, initially within a sectarian context. Trade offs would have to be made so that all communities can accept the change without any of the communities being threatened.

      We have the richness of so many different cultures and religions, but we have failed to appreciate, and preserve it.

      I still have faith that one day, soon hopefully, all of us realize the importance of preserving the beauty of this country , and the richness of its culture.

      I can’t deny that Lebanon has been dealt a very bad hand. I’m not saying that to avoid any blame at all. At the end of the day, we should take responsibility of our decisions and actions.

      1. Well said Prophet. We can use all the above in the NEW constitution of Lebanon. 😉

  10. walid just one thing i wanna say a priest is stealing electricity come on man why does he need to do thats when every day at his church he will reminde us with the 10 commandment do not steal thats a big shame realy

    about you saying lebanon is not home anymore sure when do you go out of lebanon for a while you do forgot the people mentality they don;t thing exactly the same way as the people in the state or canada to me lebanon is always home where may grand dad water the mod with his blood so is may dad too and now is my turn and my soon when i get married lebanon is always our home and wherever you go live in the ward he will be missed like hell that was the plan for the syrian and the israels to get us out of lebanon to make us one day say its dosen;t fell like home so at the end they look like they are winning and we are loosing big style take care my friend and lebanon is always our home dasen;t matter is there is peace or war

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