EDL cracking down on electricity theft


As part of a crackdown on power theft, Electricite du Liban (EDL) on Thursday said an observation team has inspected the house of Batroun priest Pierre Saab after observers found a tree planted at the base of an electricity pole with an underground cable to the cleric’s house.

The company said in a statement that the observation teams, consisting of Justice Ministry staff, were working “day and night ” to curb violators of the public network across all Lebanese territories “without exception or discrimination.”

Priest Saab accused EDL,of “personally” targeted him.

“Observation teams came to Batroun at night to ask for the house of priest Pierre Saad precisely … This is clear evidence that I was personally targeted in this campaign and it was not a wide-spread campaign as the statement said,” Saab said in a statement.

“This is considered a humiliating act against me personally and my wife and children,” Saab added. ( Naharnet)