Shehayyeb: All political powers are demanding arms-free Beirut


Minister of the Displaced Akram Shehayyeb stressed Thursday that all political powers are demanding that Beirut becomes arms-free.

He said: “This is an historic issue that cannot be solved except politically.”

“Controlling the arms is required, and maintaining arms against the enemy is also required. It is important to distinguish between arms aimed at defending Lebanon and those that are disorganized and spread throughout the country,” he noted.

Shehayyeb, who is a member of Jumblatt’s Democtaric Gathering parliamentary bloc Addressed MP Walid Jumblatt’s suggestion that neighborhood committees be formed, Shehayyeb said: “His main goal is to halt the internal strife.”

Furthermore, the minister said that the government’s lifespan is not linked to the indictment in the investigation in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

“The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is now in the hands of the international community or the U.N. We have only voiced concern that the indictment may be politicized with the aim of to creating an internal strife,” Shehayyeb said.



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  1. Cathy,

    you go to google and ask

    1 the world population

    2 The world jewish population

    Yes it was a defeat because they did not kill according to their ratio.

    1. Elie, what are you smoking? I would like to have some of that too!

      tell me why did THEY, Israel, mish ana wala google, wala boogle, say that they consider it a military defeat because their powerful army couldn’t get rid of HA? (again their words!!)

      inno you just wanna have your stubborn ideas without even acknowledging what your enemy himself is saying? LOL

      I dont know what kind of logic that is but hey if it works for you, then so be it…

  2. Cathy, I quit smoking 20 years ago.

    Please tell me how many wars like 2006 can Lebanon afford to win?

    1. Elie, tu ne comprends pas mon point mais pas du tout. I didnt say that we should strive to have wars, of course not.

      Israel did not attain their goals but lebanon suffered greatly and THIS IS WHY Nasrallah acknowledged that had he known the kidnapping was an excuse for them to do all this, that he wouldnt have done it.

      look he may be lying, but at the end, I do think he had no idea of the repercussions of his actions since it wasnt the first time they kidnapp soldiers.

      the point is, now Israel will think twice before doing the same mistake as 2006…

      this is why the whole theory of israel behind hariri assassination makes sense because they wanted HA as weak as possible without Syria in lebanon, which happened, but they calculated wrong…they couldnt destroy the org.

      now they are trying to figure out how to dismantle them in other ways, and what better way then to cause internal strife….

      1. another thing elie, they want them disarmed as much as you do, because then, they will be able to come into your country and do as they please.

        do you want that elie? or do you think all will be merry and happy if they disarm and Israel will quit going into our airspace and into our sea and will become our new best friend?

  3. Cathy,

    How much destruction can the people of Lebanon accept before turning against the resistance?

    1. Elie,

      Hayde trashy ray7a coma, she spews bs and then says all respected journalist, etc… agree with what I’m saying, blah blah blah. i honestly think btikzob el kizbi wa bitsade2a. i have no other explanation for her irrational babbling. she keeps defending the thugs ha regardless if they are right or not. stop wasting your breath on it (intended)

  4. Cathy,

    Je te comprend mieu que tu me comprend.

    Je dis noir et tu dis blanc.

    If Nasrallah himself admit that he would have not kidnapped the two soldiers if he knew Israel’s reaction, what the h…he thinks, he is going to get away with it every time.

    What are his guns going in Beirut?

    1. they shouldnt be in beirut only in the south..I have already criticized that but we cant say that a few idiots from that party necessarly represent the whole organization…nassr. did call for restraint & called it an isolated incident that shouldnt happen again…who knows

  5. cathy

    that is. What are his guns doing in Beirut?

  6. All i wana say is “Aren’t 35 years of war enough” for the citizens of Lebanon and what they “WE” had to indure, when are WE going to REALLY start enjoying OUR lives and better yet the beauty and true endipendence of Lebanon.

  7. ELIE, people should fight as many wars as necessary to defend themselves, but not one more than necessary. You are asking the wrong question. You should be asking, how many wars do we have to win before Israel understands that we won’t live in humiliation and we won’t live at their mercy. All wars that we fought against Israel were in self defense. When was the last time we invaded Tel Aviv? How many times have we invaded them? When was the last time we occupied northern Israel? How often do we send our F16 over Israel’s Airspace? How many Israeli recruits have we employed to spy on Israel’s army?


  9. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Ma chère Cathy,

    Think of military strategy, your logic makes sense but isn’t the game as you think. Disarming HA won’t happen through sect strife. Trust they are bough strong to isolate themselves. Israel has 2 options 1- eliminating the source of HA, 2- destroying their stock and this is the only way to weaken HA. Syria is the middle man between HA and Iran. Big stock of missiles is stored in Zabadanieh in Syria. The US has bought away syria through Saudi arabia on the account of Lebanon. The road through syria is already blocked this is where HA is taking the other way around by bringing the Iranian to supply and equip the Lebanese army and hA indirectly. 2- the US will take a hit against Iran at the area where the supply are made of to weaken Iran not to invade. With this HA has no choice to turn to the table of negotiation. Trust no strife nothing can bring HA on it’s knees except cutting its supply chain.

    I don’t believe HA or Israel behind the assassination of hariri I can turn my face and blame Iran and Syria and probably HA was the executor. Hariri assassination is related to regional influence saudi arabia and Iran. My finger points out Iran and their followers HA

    1. Mon cher Jean,

      I understand your logic that the only way to disarm them at this point is to cut off their supply chain, however, even Israel thought back in 06 and even before that it would be able to destroy them militarily. they have come out and officially stated that that was their goal from the 06 war. so at the time, they thought they could defeat them and disarm them in that way.

      so to completly dismiss that Israel might have been behind the assassination in order to facitilate the carrying out of this goal is turning a blind eye.

      all are suspects. you cannot just take israel out of the equation especially knowing about how deep it has been infiltrating lebanon for years.

      on top of that, the inapplication of resolution 1559 is the major reason why israel would see it necessary to do a major blow that would start the process of applying it, which in fact, it did.

      please tell me how does it make sense that after this resolution was put forward, that syria would be that stupid to assassinate someone who was behind this resolution, and have the world point the finger at them and basically kicking themselves out of lebanon when there was so much international pressure to apply this resolution?

      as far as disarming goes, the shebaa farms dispute is still ongoing. why hasnt israel pulled out yet?

      “Siniora has more stated on July 20, 2006 that “the continued presence of Israeli occupation of Lebanese lands in the Shebaa Farms region is what contributes to the presence of Hezbollah weapons. The international community must help us in (getting) an Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa Farms so we can solve the problem of Hezbollah’s arms.”[11]



  10. ABOU DAOUD Avatar

    Cathy the problem is that the IDF will not do the same mistake again – tragically shown in the Gaza war. HA is nothing but iranian imperialism – just not to challenge religion in this post. The IDF will wreck havoc to destroy it’s enemies, HA will wreck havoc to destroy iran’s enemies. Let the LAF in Liban and the IDF in Israel and sign a peace treaty! No resistance arms needed. We need to strech our hands out for peace.

    1. Abou Daoud,

      I honestly hope this happens one day.

      but I dont trust israel nor its real intentions. if they wanted peace, they would have withdrawn completley from shebaa farms and closed the whole “occupation” debate.

  11. ok my last post of the day, I think I was way too active today lol

    I didnt know about this death threat that maria maalouf got:

    Jürgen Cain Külbel, a former German criminal investigator of the GDR (the former communist East Germany), maintains in his book “The murder of Hairiri”, that the CIA and the Mossad are responsible for Hariri’s murder[23]. In an interview with Global Research, Külbel maintains that one hour before Hariri’s murder Hariri’s jamming device for remote control bombs, which was installed in his car, was turned off. And that Israel as the inventor and sole manufacturer of this device was the only one in position to turn it off, thereby making Hairiri’s motorcade susceptible to remote control bombs. Külbel furthermore alleges that both the USA and Israel wanted to bring down the Syrian government, and that they needed an event such as the assassination of Hariri in order to weaken Syria and have it vulnerable and ready for a possible invasion, like the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. In the interview Külbel maintains that Detlev Mehlis, the first UN prosecutor, casually worked with the CIA and neo-con think tanks[23]. Külbel’s book stirred controversy in Lebanon, because it turned the whole scenario of Syrian responsibility on its head. When Lebanese journalist Maria Maalouf invited and taped a program with Jürgen Cain Külbel, the next day she received a text messaged death threat in English from a Lebanese stating “you are a dead girl”. Maria Maalouf quickly alerted the authorities

  12. ABOU DAOUD,Peace requires two sides. Israel’s side believes that her enemy needs to be weak so that it can force its own conditions. When Israel keeps building Jewish settlements , it’s telling the other side that I set the conditions. Israel does not want peace. It wants submissions from the other side. That will never happen. Unless Israel accepts all UN resolutions, there is no possibility of peace.

  13. so what that to do with lebanon if israel still building jewish settlements or not and do you realy belive that HA can protect lebanon from an israels invaison in 2006 israel did not put her full power weither you gonna say they lost ar they win if you thing HA can stop here with those few rockets he have please look deeper and think again anything happen this time lebanon is gonna change a lot enought war for god sake we are fed up rebuilding and fighting other people war HA way of fighting in 2006 wont work this time and they need a good prophet to tell them what they should

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