2 Lebanese, 2 Palestinians could face life sentence


Military Prosecutor Saqr Saqr charged on Thursday two Lebanese and two Palestinians with spying for Israel.

If convicted, the four will be sentenced to life with hard labor if convicted .

The Palestinians: Wael Abdullah is in custody but Hasan Naufal is still at large .

The Lebanese: Tony Butros is in custody while Joseph Qassis is still at large

More spies arrested

According to local reports Internal Security Forces (ISF) Intelligence Branch detained Thursday Ibrahim Hassan Noura and his son, Jaafar, in the southern town of Marjayoun on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

The detainees were reportedly transferred to the Intelligence Branch in Saida for investigation.

Lebanon has filed a complaint to the United Nations over Israeli spy networks in the country, in the first such move against the Jewish state.

Lebanon’s U.N. ambassador, Nawaf Salam, delivered copies of the complaint to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and current president of the Security Council, Turkish ambassador Ertugrul Apakan.