2 Lebanese, 2 Palestinians could face life sentence


Military Prosecutor Saqr Saqr charged on Thursday two Lebanese and two Palestinians with spying for Israel.

If convicted, the four will be sentenced to life with hard labor if convicted .

The Palestinians: Wael Abdullah is in custody but Hasan Naufal is still at large .

The Lebanese: Tony Butros is in custody while Joseph Qassis is still at large

More spies arrested

According to local reports Internal Security Forces (ISF) Intelligence Branch detained Thursday Ibrahim Hassan Noura and his son, Jaafar, in the southern town of Marjayoun on suspicion of collaborating with Israel.

The detainees were reportedly transferred to the Intelligence Branch in Saida for investigation.

Lebanon has filed a complaint to the United Nations over Israeli spy networks in the country, in the first such move against the Jewish state.

Lebanon’s U.N. ambassador, Nawaf Salam, delivered copies of the complaint to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and current president of the Security Council, Turkish ambassador Ertugrul Apakan.



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  1. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    A article from naharnet dedicated to the people that still say Israel didnt lose the 2006 war…..

    Minister: Israel Lost 2006 War Due to Distance from God

    Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai has said that Israel lost the 2006 war with Hizbullah because Israelis had distanced themselves from God.

    “In the Six Day War we fought all of the Arab armies – for every one of our soldiers they had 10,000 soldiers, for every one of our tanks they had 10,000 tanks, for every plane at least 10 planes,” Yishai told Shas Party supporters gathered at a Tel Aviv synagogue.

    “But here we come to the Second Lebanon War, without Syria, without Jordan, without Libya – just 2,000 Hizbullah men. 2,000! And look at what happens,” he said.

    “Do you know why? Because we said, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth’. What do you think? That you can succeed without help from God? Without the Torah of Israel?” Yishai said.

    1. Are you an Islamic resistance or a lebanese one…

      1. Marc you idiot, do you even remember what nasrallah said to the christian clerics after the israelis withdrew in 2000 when christians were afraid of retaliation from HA because a lot of the collaborated with israel?

        He said, this victory is for lebanon, it is not for a sect nor a certain party.

        also, in case none of you idiots remember, I have many christian acquaitances from villages in the south that tell countless stories about how the israelis were destroying the churches there and the shiaas (i.e. HA) were protecting them and treating them like they were part of their family.

        this non-sense ta2ifiyeh HAS TO STOP!!!

        we are lebanese.

      2. If you want to insult me Cathy if insulting is part of who you are. Im not interesting in debating with you. You proving me that you are not seeking dialogue…

      3. Marc, excuse my langage, I get fired up sometimes with my lebanese temperament…I am not meaning to insult you but I really really cannot fathom people who just are on side and completly and absolutly refuse to see ANY good on the other side….

        if we want to have lebanese untiy, we need to stop this and try to have a more balanced approach.

        I criticized HA more than once and am more than happy too since I have no allegiance to anyone.

  2. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    I believe resistance has no religon or culture or face or body,I believe god gave us resistance in our blood line,since we were bornn to resist the devil at every moment of our lives….Have a good day Marc..

    1. Resistance I share your notion of resistance…

    2. Cathy Im not blind I understand your point of view. But when I try to express myself you insult me. If we want to have a civilise debate lets respect each other. I see good in everyone.

      Explain me why HA refuse to consider GEAGEA proposal… You see their political action show me that what matter to them is not Lebanon first (maybe second).

      We lebanese patriot we should built our nation our army our institution to defend our nation from foreigner hostility and internal strife…


      1. Marc, I absolutley agree 100% with this :”We lebanese patriot we should built our nation our army our institution to defend our nation from foreigner hostility and internal strife”

        I actually have said before, if you read some of my posts, that I would like HA to be under the command of the LAF.

        I also said (I feel I sound like a broken record) that the issue is the timing. Many spies have been caught from the army. there is an infestation, really like cockroaches!! it is just getting ridiculous how many spies we have and how many of them are well positionned in lebanon.

        I dont know how feasible his proposal is at this time. it is easy to give an ideal solution, but you gotta think of the logistics behind it and what compromises will have to be made in terms of our security.

        Berri didnt completley oppose it and I beleive he does speak for good portion of shiaas.

        also, nasrallah did say in his aug 3rd speech that he is at the service of the LAF and will protect them just like they would protect the resistance when needed.

        I should at least give him that and praise the fact that he is talking as a lebanese for once and praised the army. even his opponents acknowledged that.

        my problem with having HA completly under the command of the LAF at this point, is how can they be 100% trusted with all these spies infiltrated?

        as I have stated before, one of the reason for the IDF not being able to completley destroy HA like they wanted to in 06 was because of the fact that HA had its own communation networks that werent infiltrated by spies.

        I dont think this should go on forever, of course, they need to be disarmed in the future, and they will in my humble opinion..

      2. Cathy,

        I think the opinion that you express, reflect the true cathy I know… 😉 The spy network are an issue you are right.

        But their is force within our border not only from Isreal but from Iran ( I can hear you screaming at me ) that are stoping the unity of our nation.

        Why don’t you realise the strong influence of Iran in our political landscape… Iran as a much stronger role than ISreal. We should liberate our self from any foreigner force not just Isreal.

        I put Isreal, Syria, IRan on the same boat. They are seeking devision among lebanese.

        The day we gonna say to Iran enough. Is the day we as lebanese became one. Like we did to Syria in 2005.

        All the best sister!

      3. Marc, I share your view of putting all foreign forces in the same boat. I also said that in other posts 🙂

        but I think this where we both disagree, I dont think that Iran can do much in lebanon, saudi arabia and the U.S. and even Syria wouldn’t allow it.

      4. MARC,

        When Lebanon was being torn apart by civil wars, Iran was helping the resistance with arms and money to fight the Israeli occupation. It wasn’t our warlords who liberated most of our territories. While the resistance was fighting the occupation, many of “our beloved leaders’ were allied with Israeli against their own people.

        I won’t deny the Iranian influence in Lebanese politics, but I can tell you that IRAN, Understands its limitations when it comes to influencing the shiia in Lebanon. Even though, both are shiia, and follow the same religious tradition, the shiia of Lebanon have their own culture, tradition and history. The historic Persians/Arab competition is always going to be there. Keep in mind that the Muslim faith was found through an Arab prophet, and the Koran is in Arabic. The original Imam that inspired the whole school of thought for shiia is Imam Hussein, who is the grand son of the prophet Mohammad. Again He was and Arab, and not Persian. Imam Ali, and the 12 Imams that shiia sect believes in and follow are Arabic, and definitely not Persians. Iranians pray and read the Koran in Arabic, not in Persian.

        Another importand thing to understand about the shiia of Lebanon is that their loyalty to lebnaon is very strong. shiaa in Lebanon have no political or any design to be separated from the Lebanese society or culture. They are a product of the Lebanese culture in everyway you can imagine. It wasn’t for the freedom that the Lebanese system( with all of its problems) the resistance would never have been able to liberate the south. Iranian shiia envy the shiia of Lebanon for their open kindness, and culture. I‘d urge you to read the late Sayed Fadlalah teachings and writings. It might help you understand this issue better.

      5. corretion;MISSING If

        It should have said :IF IT WASN’T FOR THE FREEDOM THAT THE LEBANESE SYSTEM,INSTEAD OF :It wasn’t the lebanese……

  3. If killing one Israeli for each 10 Lebanese killed in 2006 and property damage in the billions to none of theirs is winning the war Lebanon can’t afford to win too many wars like that.

    I must admit the resistance put up more of a fight than was done in previous wars, but in 2006 it was not an all out war it was a retaliation for the kidnapping.

    1. Jesus! Elie, just for your info my friend, Israel had prmised the release of lebanese prisoners and hadnt come through and this is why the kidnappings happened and it wasnt the first time.



    2. Cathy please tell me you are kidding me when you say that Iran can not do much.

      They are sending 200 million each year to Ha if not more.

      They have a influence trough Ha wich you can find the equivalent in any other sect.

      And you tell me that Syria and the saudis won’t let Iran influence lebanon. Cathy with all due respect, I find your judgment a little bit off on this one…

      Iran has the upper hand compare to the US Saudis and espacially Isreal…lets not forget Syria


      1. Marc, please refer to the article I posted.

        it explains why the fear tactics that anti-HA are trying to apply and scare lebanese are completly baseless.

        there is ideological incompatibility between lebanese and even iraqi shiaas and iranian shiaas as the first 2 do not beleive in separation of religion and state.

        ba3den you guys contradict yourselves as you said the incident with ahbash is supposedly a proxy war between iran and syria, so why are you saying “especially syria”.

        iran has the upper hand compared to israel?? how did you conclude that?

        many experts have stated that iran is not nearly at nuclear capacity as israelis and the us claim and that this is only a tactic to destabalize the region.

        anyway Marc, it was nice debating with you, til next time….

      2. excuse me I meant to say the first 2 BELEIVE in separation of religion and state.

      3. Cathy I enjoy debating with you also… But when I say upper hand I mean in Lebanon. Iran as no equivalent in term of influence, maybe Syria as more. But for sure our Patriach as little compare to The head of the supreme council in Iran.

        À la prochaine chicane!!

    3. ELIE, every time you comment, you try to justify Israel’s policies and point of view. Splitting hair is what you always do. You make no sense .Israel has been kidnapping Lebanese from across the border for over 60 years. It has launched war after war against Lebanon. It starting shelling our border villages since it was created. It has committed so many massacres against Lebanese villagers. Many of those massacres too place as early as 1948. It has occupied Lebanese territories (seven villages occupied since 1948) for over 60 years. It violates our airspace and water every hour. Now you want people to believe your nonsense that Israel was in self defense when it launched the 2006 war? You know you are not being objective nor are you being truthful.

    4. The shia community is part of lebanon like the rest of us… Im not mixing the sect with Ha political goal. Among the shia community you would find many with moderate view whom don,t align necessarily with HA.

      You say that Iran know is limit of influence in lebanon because of the Arab/persian competition if I simplify a little.

      But ya Prophet Iran doesnt need to impose an Islamic republic in Lebanon to serve is interest.

      The only thing they should do is finance HA military & CO .

      Because of HA political weigth which is directly align with IRan political view of the region.

      The view of the moderate within the shia community is silent.

      So my friend this is not a religious issue this is an ideology (political) convey to the lebanese people with a hand of steel which serve not Lebanon put IRan first.


      1. MARC,

        No one can deny that HA supported by Iran. Iran Along with Syria have supported HA to liberate most of Lebanese territories from Israel’s occupation, when the rest of the world looking on, and when many Lebanese were allied with Israel.

        Before you question their loyalty to Lebanon, you should remember that those who were allied with Israel are the spear head of these accusations that HA, and the shiia are putting Iran’s interest ahead of Lebanon. It is politically motivated attacks. I won’t even try to respond to it anymore, simply because I won’t believe that any shiia would pay a price in blood for Iran’s interest.

        When the south was occupied, no one cared. People in the south were abandoned by their own government. I REALL DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS ACCSATIONS ANYMORE. N o matter what happened, people will throw accusations fairly or not. In this case I think it is not a fair accusation at all. It is what it is, and people would have to live with it, and one day they would realize that the shiia are only loyal to Lebanon.

  4. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    I suggest you come to the south where we gathered my grand mother and aunts bones,and look at all of south Lebanon and than tell me it wasnt an all out attack sir..there was nothing left..But i respect your opinion and comment..Good Day

  5. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    Your knowledge and words are very fair and non biased,you get it,some dont,If me and my enemy got in a fight and my brother tells me that the stranger won the fight,than how can in the world will i ever be able to tell the stranger that I won the fight,hes gonna tell me your own brother said you got your ass kicked..and thats whats happening in israel,and we have some back home that dont want to accept it..

    Like George Gallaway said, he said this is the first time I see this,in the 70’s the arabs lost the war and gloated they won,and now the Lebanese win the war,and arabs are saying they lost…I truly believe this ses it all…Hope your having a wonderful day Cathy…

  6. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Elie ,

    One more thing, you seem to value war and victory on death and destruction,I dont,I value war on how you fight and not allowing the enemy that declares war on your nation to achieve there goals,never surrender and never retreat and at the end of the war if you are still standing, you are victorious and you are proud,cause according to your statement that would mean Al Qaeda is the most powerful army in the world,they killed 3000 americans and brought down the american economy,in one attack, no sir to me they are killers and sick non humans with no religon nor no face they are not heroes or victorious,they set arab americans back 100 years,i define victory different than most,even when some might disagree…

  7. There are 13.3 millions jews and 6.695 millions non Jews.

    The ratio is 1 jew for every 500 non jewish.

    In their thinking (not mine) any time they lose more than the ratio they believe they lost.

    That is why they say they lost my friend.

    1. ya Elie, min wein bit jib your info??

      Olmert was asked to step down because it was a MILITARY DEFEAT (their words not mine).

      their goal was to destroy HA, they destroyed half of the country and still couldnt attain it, so they decided to withdraw after the US vetoed a ceasefire more than once at the UN becuase the goal wasnt attained yet, no matter how many civilians were killed….this doesnt tell you that the US and Israel were planning this war together?

      at the end Israel had to withdraw because not only did they not get what they wanted but world opinion was getting really bad. they had no choice.

      to this day, in israel, on the blogs and open lines, people say it was a military failure because how can the most powerful army in the Middle east not defeat a couple of thousands guerilla fighters?

      1. quote: >>Olmert was asked to step down because it was a MILITARY DEFEAT (their words not mine)<<

        Totally baseless and untrue, Olmert was asked to step down because of alleged corruption,

        Proceedings for those accusations are ongoing until now.

      2. Tiger,

        its true corruption was also part of it but they came down very hard on Olmert and called the war a humliating defeat.

        I will bring the israeli source my friend.

        I do not make baseless comments.

      3. here is your proof TIGER

        Following the 2006 Lebanon War, Olmert’s popularity ratings fell, and on 15 September 2006, former chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon publicly stated that Olmert should resign. In May 2007, Olmert’s approval rating fell to 3 percent,[13] and he became the subject of a Google Bomb for the Hebrew for “miserable failure”.[14] Haaretz Retrieved 2007-11-30

      4. 2006 war pre-planned from independant.co.uk (there are many verifiable sources that wrote this that you can find when searching)

        By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

        Friday, 9 March 2007


        Ehud Olmert’s decision to go to war in Lebanon in response to abductions of soldiers was taken as early as March 2006, according to a leak of his evidence to the commission investigating the war.

        The report means that the military strategy was decided more than three months before it was triggered by Hizbollah’s abductions of two soldiers on Israel’s northern border in July. Israeli officials said this was broadly in line with what the Prime Minister has already told the cabinet.

        Mr Olmert partly used his appearance two weeks ago before the Winograd Commission to defend himself against charges that the government stumbled unprepared into the five-week war.

        But the report will fuel claims by some international critics of the operation that Israel, and perhaps the US, had for some time decided in favour of a military confrontation with the Lebanese group.

        The report, in Haaretz, also suggests that Mr Olmert was told in May that Lebanon was ready to enforce UN resolution 1559, which prescribed the disarming of Hizbollah in return for withdrawal from Shaba Farms, the border zone occupied by Israel which is projected as a casus belli by Hizbollah, but which is also claimed by Syria. It says he passed the message to President Bush, Tony Blair and President Jacques Chirac.

        According to the paper, Mr Olmert told the commission that he had held a series of meetings after becoming Prime Minister and had decided that in the event of abductions there should be air attacks, accompanied by a limited ground operation. He told the military that he wanted to decide ahead of any such event rather than make a snap decision at the time.

        He also defended the much criticised expansion of the ground invasion in the last 48 hours of the war after the UN had agreed on a ceasefire-an operation, which cost the lives of 33 Israeli soldiers. He said the objective had been to influence the draft UN resolution, which he regarded as too unfavourable to Israel.

        * The Israeli military said last night it was looking into a report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem that it used an 11-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man as “human shields” while searching for gunmen in its sweep of Nablus last month

    2. Elie allow me to retort

      I always call it down the middle as I hate all but as for 06 war, you cannot deny the ass whipping IS recieved, the south was littered with so many blown up merkava, it could have been used as fertilizer. Even bull$hit news stations like Fox admitted that HA won. You have to give them props for their victory in 06 but as for their behaviour afterwards (may08), they lost all credibility and trust of the libonais.

      1. maria and cathy i thought you guys might be interested in the article below: i will be in lebanon during those dates but you guys might make them if you’re interested.

        i think you both live in montreal so it might be a chance for y’all to meet each other and who knows, you guys might become friends when you meet in person.

        read below:

        Israeli journalist Gideon Levy to tour seven cities/ Le journaliste israélien Gideon Levy en visite dans sept villes Gideon Levy Poster

        Gideon Levy is an Israeli journalist and editor for the Haaretz newspaper. He is also an outspoken opponent of Israel’s policies in the occupied Palestinian territories. Prior to working for Haaretz, Levy was an aide to Shimon Peres – at that time leader of the Israeli Labour party, now Israel’s President – and served in the Israeli army for four years. The son of two Holocaust survivors, he was born in Tel Aviv, where he resides.

        Book – The Punishment of Gaza

        Gideon Levy est un journaliste et rédacteur israélien au quotidien Haaretz. Il est également un opposant déclaré de la politique d’Israël dans les territoires palestiniens occupés. Avant de travailler pour Haaretz, Levy fut l’un des assistant de Shimon Peres – alors chef du Parti travailliste israélien et aujourd’hui président d’Israël – et a servi dans l’armée israélienne pendant quatre ans. Fils de deux survivants de l’Holocauste, il est né à Tel-Aviv, où il réside.

        Maps / Directions

        * Montreal, QC

        * Ottawa, ON

        * Toronto, ON

        * Mississauga, ON

        * Edmonton, AB

        * Calgary, AB

        * Vancouver, BC

        CJPME hosts award-winning journalist Gideon Levy in a talk entitled The Punishment of Gaza

        La version française suit…

        Gideon Levy

        CJPME is pleased to announce it is hosting a seven-city speaking tour with award-winning Israeli journalist Gideon Levy on Sept. 20-26. Levy, a journalist with Israeli newspaper Haaretz since 1982, has been covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in particular the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, for over 20 years. He is a frank critic of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.

        Tour stops will include:

        * Montreal, QC, Monday, Sept. 20

        * Ottawa, ON, Tuesday, Sept. 21

        * Toronto, ON, Wednesday, Sept. 22

        * Mississauga, ON, Thursday, Sept. 23

        * Edmonton, AB, Friday, Sept. 24

        * Calgary, AB, Saturday, Sept. 25

        * Vancouver, BC, Sunday, Sept. 26

        Join us as Mr. Levy discusses the findings of his most recent book, The Punishment of Gaza, in which he tracks Israel’s progressive abandonment of diplomacy in favour of a policy of provocation and the exercise of raw military power.

      2. Thanks Tony…thats too bad, I will be out of the country….

  8. Prophet,

    I don’t justify Israel’s policy,They state their policy as an eye for an eye, but they don’t stop ar the eye, they get the ears, the nose the mouth the head and everything else. I hate they policy as much as them.

    But please stop giving them excuses to retaliate by firing a home made rocket than only make noise,but that is the excuse they need

    1. ELIE,

      Are you asking the Lebanese to give up because Israel follows the policy of eye for an eye? Since the occupation of 87, many people have had this belief that Israel is undefeatable, and we should never resist or fight them. If that advice was followed, Israel would still be in Junia and Beirut now. A Peace treaty that would have given Israel control of Lebanon would , Violated our sovereignty, stole our water forced us to naturalize the Palestinian refugees, and so on. You have no clue ElIE.

      You talk about given them excuses. Since when Israel needs an excuse, to wage wars? What excuse did Lebanon give Israel in 1948? Or 49, or 67? You should read your history my friend. Unless, the history of the suffering of people in the south does not count for you, then I could understand where you are coming from.

      Now, Israel understands that the eye for an eye policy is biting it in the butt. Because people on the other side accepted the challenge, and said yes, eye for an eye. Gibran said; An eye for an eye, and the whole world would go blind. Let’s see who is going to give up. I BET Israel will.

      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        So Prophet since the last two days hamas group attacked innocent civialians just because the leaders are just discussing peace. Should israel go eye for an eye? if they do, would it not be justified then? yes you’re going to tell me israel started it. You have to take once incident at a time. Those guys who killed pregnant women are nothing but monsters and deserve to be bombed by rockets regardless if the civilians where jewish or not? If the leaders are discussing peace so in order to facilitate a palestinian states. Then they go do a barbaric act like this then how would react if you were in the israeli place? Is this hamas group want peace ever? when we act like this then how they expect the civilized nations to support them. Same goes for israel if it behalf like that. To me those killers are doing harm to palestinians than any good.

      2. George,

        I will be very brief. I question the timing of this operation as much as you do. I do suspect that it was done to derail the peace talks. I think it a cowardly act, not because of the target, but because of the timing.

        However, Jewish settlers are not innocent people. I view the settlers in Palestinian territories the same way I view military occupation of the west bank or Ghazza. Settlers are armed and dangerous, and their sheer presence in Palestinian territories is an aggression by itself.

        I distinguish between civilian Israelis living in pre 67 territories from the ones that are confiscating Palestinian land and building on it. I never, and would never Condon similar acts or attacks against Israeli civilians in Israel.

      3. George, please look up Gideon Levy and read what he thinks of the whole peace process and where israel really stands.

        I agree with Prophet as to the timing of this attack.

        they are idiots so is HA for even making statements about this.

        we all know the peace process will go nowhere because Israel will NEVER compromise and give the palestinians what they want unless its on their terms which are completey laughable and ridiculous.

        I however, think it was completley stupid on hamas’ part of doing anything because they are giving the israelis and the world the excuse to say that its the palestinians who dont want peace yet its not true.

        but George what baffles me is how quick you are to condemn these killings yet I have never heard you say anything about what the israeli army does to civilians????

        please go to betsellem website (an ISRAELI human rights group) and read about the 10-11 year olds girls and boys used as human shields.

        and you clearly chose to ignore my post about those t shirts made about shooting palestinian pregnant women that say 1 shot 2 kills

        as much as I condemn this incident, what dont you also condemn those actions that happen daily?

      4. prophet cathy elias b, walid maria moustapha leb-syrian and others i’m gonna miss you guys this whole month i’m in lebanon.

        i hope when i come back you would still have the passion so we continue informing people what lebanon should be all about.

        i’m so excited going there which is why i’ve lessened my posts as we’re packing and getting ready.

        i will miss y’all

      5. Tony,

        I hope you will have a great time in Lebanon. I have no doubt you’ll be enjoy your stay there. enjoy the food, beach, and the bars. Just don’t drink and drive, lol

        I’m sure every one will miss you here.

        If I remember correctly, you are from the Shouf area. Say hello to the Shouf for me, I lived there for while. Great people

      6. i live in alley bro but originally from saleema according to the family. so i visit my sister in saleema and the drive is awesome man. they should have some hiking trails in those areas. breath taking.

        i love when i went last time with her and stephanie before lunch to her bistan down the valley and picked fresh figs off the trees. i mean absolutely tasty for sure.

        she also has a place in beirut so it’ll be between all those areas but like i said in my posts, i wanna visit my old school – shouf national college in baakleen and see how that area has changed.

        i remember during the civil war when the prisoners up the hill got freed after some shooting and the prisoners all came running down the hill jubilant and one of them screamed ” yislamooli baydaatak yo jumblatt”

        i wanna see how that has transformed as i still have a police badge from one of te cops who gave it to me as a souvenir.

        but, nonetheless, my plan is beaches, pools, foods, get fat, beer, get fat, visit kefraya winery, get fat, shawarma, knefeh, foul emdammas, baraze2, bohsalino get fat get fat get fat and when i come back i go back to my personal trainer and 2 days a week of squash to take it all off again.

      7. Good for you Tony.

        I’ve never been to Saleema.

        I know Alley , been there fee times. When I was a child, every time we had to leave the south because of shelling or invasion, we always settled in Daraya (iqleem).My dad had many friends in the Iqleem area, he even bought a small house ,in early 70, just in case we had to leave again. That area was always a second home for me.

      8. tis how i feel about the world prophet. i do honestly feel that i have many countries and am loyal to all.

      9. Tony, As A Prophet, I want the world to be loyal to me,lol

  9. ABOU DAOUD Avatar

    Prophet you should read history.

    Palestine was part of the roman and later the ottoman empire – both persecuted jews and christians in their own land. So Gazan’s and transjordans should be given a turkish passport and ere resetle where the Armenians where kicked out of turkey and the greeks out of Cyprus? Imagine if all Arabs where sent back to the Arabian Peninsula leave Egypt to the native pharaonians and copts? Morokko to the berbers? IDF hits maybe too hard but did not destroy the egyptian army . . they even made a peace treaty … HA took 2 children of Liban in 2006. Would you show restraint to the kidnappers of your children? When the arbs will love they children more than they hate the jews – war will stop in the levante 🙂

    1. ABOU DAOUD,

      Following your analogy, I’d ask you this: you say Palestine was under the ottoman and roman empires. But Palestinians were living in Palestine before they converted to Islam, and before they spoke Arabic. Where did the Idea of “Israel” as a home for Jews come into the equation?.

    2. A Rabbi, who happened to be a business associate of mine answered my question about peace prospects between Israelis and Arabs with head shack and a smile, and then went on to say: “it’s impossible, because God wouldn’t allow such a thing”. When I protested at his surprising answer, ,He advises me to listen to his explanation, which was worse than Godly answer he had given me. He explained to me this way; “Jews lost their Jewish heritage, and became secular in Europe due to intermarriage and social integration, and therefore were punished by God. Now that ,we(the Jews) are in our promised home land, we can’t coexist with other people, especially with people from different faiths, for fear of loosing our Jewish identity , and that if peace was forced on Jews, within 100 years, most Jews would be mixed with Muslims and Christians through intermarriage. God can’t allow that to happen. The messiah has to come back to pure Jewish nation, and peace would never preserve a pure Jewish state.”

      I was so shocked by his Godly explanation. The first thing that came out of my mouth was: You and the Bin Ladens must be reading similar books. Both of you claim to know what God wants, and both of you claim the authority to speak on his behalf.

      1. Prophet please take a look at my response on the Shia community in Lebanon.

        On a separate note, The danger I see we lebanese have a tendancies of mixing Religion with Politics…

        I know jew friend who have exactly the opposite view of this Rabbi!! He realise that palis where there when they where there…So they have the right on their land also.



      3. Same page- Just scroll up is dated on the 2nd of september…

      4. Prophet, do you know that the jewish community where I live protested against chelsey clinton marrying a jew? LOL

        they had the logic that you explained.

        Marc, yes, of course there are anti-zionist jews, thats what we have been saying in all of our posts.

        but a good portion, even the secular ones, do not beleive in co-existing with the palis.

        this is why I was talking about all these heros(they are in my opinion), like Gideon Levy and Norman finklestein and chomsky who are dubbed as traitors, and self-hating jews because they criticize israel.

      5. Cathy,

        I’m not into conspiracy theories like most people I our area .But Living in New York, where the second largest Jewish community after Israel lives, have opened my eye to things that I didn’t know before. In My business, I deal ,on daily basis with American Jews, who I happened to respect on a personal level. Over the years, I came to believe, that very few Jews believe that a peace can be accomplished in the middle east. Many, for ideological reasons, and many for religious reasons, don’t want a solution that would allow Arabs and Jews to share that piece of land. The majority believe that Israel has a better chance of survival by just being strong and aggressive, and not by peace solution. It’s the fear of integration with others that drive that process of thinking. Thy don’t realize that with time Israel will become an apartheid state which is much more dangerous for them ; They don’t realize that Israel will always repeat its mistakes. And until they start admitting mistakes, they will never change, there for they won’t seek real peace.

  10. ABOU DAOUD Avatar

    sorry meant : HA took 2 children of Israel in 2006. Would you show restraint to the kidnappers of your children?

  11. You stole a whole nation, took its people hostages, killed thousands of them, and you have the nerve to talk about two kidnapped Israelis? What about the Lebanese prisoners Israel was holding at the time? what about the thousands of Palestinians being help in Israeli prisons? You didn’t mention them

    1. prophet and cathy fyi abou daoud is an israeli posting with an arab. they’re all a bunch of cowards who think they can fool us with their names. they come in as arabs but they cant hide forever their loyalty to the devil.

      just like fanairie i uncovered abou daoud a while back.

      it really doesnt take a chicken with half a brain to uncover israeli spies or israeli posters cos they cant ever be far about israel’s policies.

      for some odd and strange reason, when they were kids, they got convinced that all thta crap they were taught was true and then they wonder why there are extremists on our planet.

      i leave sunday to lebanon for a month so my posts are getting less and less but watch out people, dont look at the names, who cares about those, just read the words on the page and you can tell if a person’s arrogant, happy, sad, mad, pro-israeli, pro-stupid ot whatever.

      peace out y’all

  12. Abou daoud, what nationality are you, seriosuly?

    I assume you are israeli or a jew not because I dont like your posts but because of your vocab. no lebanese would use the world “levante” its very much used by jews, also your statement about arabs hating jews more than loving their children is typical propaganda spread by arab-hating jews who dont even know the first thing about us- especially lebanese.

    now having said that, following your analysis and you saying that it would be ridiculous for people to leave their country because they ancestors didnt come from there, i.e. the arab egyptians wouldnt leave egypt to the copts and pharaonians, etc.

    so here is my question, if that is your reasoning, then how exactley do you explain using the opposite logic to justify Israel’s existence by saying that the jews are the rightful owners of this land, even if other populations have been living there for hundred of years, because you say you have the ancestral right to this land?

    big contradiction dont you think?

    #2 HA kidnapped 2 kids?? what on earth are you talking about??

    #3 arabs do not hate jews. in fact, I would like and hope one day for lebanese jews to all return to lebanon (of course those who love lebanon more than israel) and repair the old synanogues and have them stand proud next to our mosques and churches.

    I am very much anti-zionist as you can by my posts, but I do not fo one second hate jews.

    otherwise I would not have dated seriously and am still friends with a jew, and i would not adore this old jewish lady whom i used to work with, whom I have helped when no one was there with her through though time and she treats me like her daughter…

    this is the brainwashing that you feed to your children that all “arabs” are blood hungry jew hating animals.

    unfortunaltey for you it is not true and many of your fellow jews have discovered that and said it publicly, even on CNN which got them banned from Israel.

    1. cathy we should all remove the word “jew” from our posts and focus on the word zionist.

      their strength in the media has been to intertwine anti-israeli criticisms with anti-semite or anti-jewish racism.

      so just to inform western readers of the facts, we need to always let them know that we have nothing against judaism cos thats a religion; we have all our mistrust and hatred or criticism against israeli policies or zionism.

      big difference for our western readers to know.

  13. Cathy, Abou daoud is an Israeli.

    I’d ask him if the Jews hate Arabs any less than the Arabs who hate Jews? Do the Jews think that all humans are equal? Lets’ see how much can He lie about that?

    He doesn’t want to admit that Israel is the most racist country on earth. It‘s a nation built with the idea that its people are superior human beings, and the rest of humanity was created to serve them.

  14. Abou Daoud

    I will tell you what we won’t show restrain for:

    Israelis occupying Lebanese territories

    Israelis holding Lebanese prisoners

    Israelis violating our border

    Israelis kidnapping our shepherds

    Israelis cutting our trees.

    Israelis Israeli plans violating our air space

    Israelis violating our water

    Israelis implanting spies in our country.

    Israelis Invading Lebanese territories.

    Israelis distorting history of the region.

    Israelis lying and claiming God gave them PalestinE.BTW, GOD DIDN’T TELL ME THAT.

    1. Prophet to your last point, it is true many jews have been living in palestine alongside muslims and christians for years without any problem before zionism started in the 1800’s. they are semites who are truly from that land.

      my problem is when israel gives the right to return to jews from anywhere and everyhwere to israel yet not to palestinians who still have lands and homes they own there!!

      I mean really an ethiopian black jew has more of a right to israel than a christian palestinian??

      1. moustapha Avatar

        Prophet.. LOL!!

        No bro.. we dont need one spec of a characteristic close to that of the Israelis.. let them claim all they want is divine.. what is going to be divine is their arses burning in hell for all their crimes and evil doings.


        My point exactly after making that speech, every other speech since that has been we won, divine victory, holy victory, and intimidations, and tirbeeh jmeel with a gun to your head, and sit-ins, and may 2008 and and and tayib ou ba3dein. this is what is getting under my skin. =( wallah i would want nothing but for us to be one in Lebanon to like you say focus on the main issue. Israel. bess there has to be two hands to make a clap and the hizzy’s hand is no where to be seen.

    2. moustapha Avatar

      Prophet, Cathy:

      Abou dawoud, Abu David. I think he is israeli, bess ina ba3d il thani ithim. I would hope so.. cause it would suck to have a Lebanese brother/sister think this way.

      I have debated with him previously and he just stops answering. thats how they act with sedition. They plant a trap and they leave and they go to infest other places. 3anjad their foreheads are the most used. They exist to plot and spread fitna. Allah lahy wafi2 il sahyouniyeh.

      With regards to the 2006 war. Allah yi7mi kil il Lebnanieh and I pray that God rest the soles of our people who fell in that war. I believe that even Nasrallah said it was a mistake on live broadcast and if he knew that the events would happen then he wouldnt have ordered the kidnapping.

      I believe that the kidnapping doesnt amount to .000000000001% of what izzy has done bess the hizzy come back and start saying holy victory and all that kind of stuff.

      No… humbly speaking its not black or white, its a grey area.

      Militarily it was a defeat for the IDF since they had to stop the attack which i say to the men who fought from Hisballah Allahy wafi2on they stood their grounds and gave them a piece of Lebanese ass kicking. Bess to come back and act as if it was a holy victory is sad to say when 1300 people died. as apposed to 100 soldiers. Na7na we lost majority innocent lives not just armed men. they lost men on the ground with weapons(around 100 only =( ). Our infrastructure was demolished and set us back to God knows how much. Look at us complaining about electricity and economy tayib ma you forget all this stuff factors in the set back of our economical improvement.

      I don’t like people who aren’t humble and practice humility. the actions of the HIzzy leaders are causing rifts between the people blindly supporting them and the people who put Lebanon first without holding arms.

      Il 7a2 7a2.


      1. Mustapah.lol

        Give the guy a break. He only claimed the victory to be devine. The Iraelis calim their nation is devine,CUT US SOME SLACK,WILL YOU?LOL

      2. True moustapha, the war was a military defeat to the IDF but was a tragedy for us and all civilian lives.

        I respect your opinion and how you perceive HA as gloating of victory.

        I dont see it in that way, I see them as proud to have been able to stand up to the IDF but also regretfull of the tragic loss of lives and destruction, which he showed as you mentionned when he said on national tv that he wouldnt have done it had he known the response….

        may God rest all these innocent souls. and that includes innocent israeli civilians.

  15. Cathy very true, i never said they were not. My question was about ISRAEL AS A HOME FOR JEWS.

  16. cathy? do u live in lebanon?

    1. no i dont…do you?

      1. lol, I live in New York.

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