Obama opens 2-day Mideast peace summit


US President Barack Obama plunges into Middle East peacemaking today with two days of summitry he hopes will be the first step in brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement within a year.

Among his first tasks is to convince increasingly cynical Israeli and Palestinian publics -which have grown weary after 17 years of photo ops, handshakes and unfulfilled accords – that a two-state solution to the conflict remains possible.

Obama today will hold a series of meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah II before an evening dinner at the White House.

On Thursday, direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians – stalled for nearly two years – will be formally restarted in a ceremony at the State Department.

There are many obstacles to success, most immediate among them the looming Sept. 26 expiration of a 10-month Israeli moratorium on construction in West Bank settlements, which Palestinians see as a key obstacle to statehood.




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  1. the 3 stooges. what a joke. get rid of abbas, poison natanyahu and find some controversy to impeach obama.

    these guys are so in bed with each other that abbas carries his teleprompter around and reads whatever is fed to him.

    i hate abbas. he’s a true traitor.

    1. lol too funny Tony I like your solution…

      1. walid thanks bro. was it the teleprompter for abbas that did it?

  2. It may succeed with a lot of peace agreements.

  3. PS : Welcome to Israel, Benyamin

  4. wanna bet things will stay the same for the palestinians and Isreal will gain from this…Isreal will humiliate every arab so long as exists.

    Isreal has never had or have even considered for once to have peace with the arabs….they force their kind of peace on their neighbours, the kind of peace that has USA threats imposed on the ones facing Isreal

  5. Well Jad, Israel governement too isn’t independant.

    I guess that’s the game played by superpowers.

    Look around, can you remember what’s the role of UNIFIL in Lebanon ? Prevent frontier violation, in deep of a funny one with the tree’s joke, the mandate has been renewed.

    I wonder yalibnan.com gonna open a People section, more funny.

  6. I totally agree…

    and I only blame the Arabs… Bunch of lazy fat idiots…

    Arab League aal… kell miin iido elo league.

    1. agree with both of you.

      unfortunatley the arabs always used the palestinian cause whenever it suited them and to make money.

      they really never gave a sh** about them!

    2. Constantin Avatar

      Indeed a bunch of “lazy fat idiots”, actuallyn these days the most backward people in THE WORLD are the Arabs.

      Guess what is behind and the cause of their backwardness? Some here who know me will guess easily what I mean…

      “Kil melon la wara la wara”

    3. hey walid who’re you calling fat??

      sebouh very well said bro.

      cathy watch your language dear lol

  7. Agree with your analysis.

    My only fear is that this is a pre war senario. When THIS pocess fails to acheive an progress, the alternative is war.

    Usually wars happen to acheive political objectives ,such as forcing a solution or creating apportunities for solutions or gainning teritories.

  8. Agree with your analysis.

    My only fear is that this is a pre war scenario. When THIS process fails to achieve a progress, the alternative is war.

    Usually wars happen to achieve political objectives, such as forcing a solution or creating opportunities for solutions or gaining territories

  9. Why can’t they create a multiple national state and forget about past woes. That’s the only humane and logical solution, and it may not happen until 2090. But why live the next 80 years in misery. Can’t they just fast forward time? Israel should become like the USA if they believe in democracy and equal rights for citizens no matter their religion or ethnic background. And it should be open to all Palestinians that care to go back.

    The leaders should work on a new state constitution that guarantees everyone’s right. Obama is the right guy for this but they need someone like him 80 years from now when they’re ready.

    1. Dandan, there is no way that Israel would accept that. it wishes to be a JEWISH state and will NEVER accept the return of any palestinian refugees, yet gives the right of return to any jew, including ethiopian jews, chinese jews, etc.

      1. Cathy, centuries ago Christians and Muslims did not believe in coexistence either, and before that, Jews and Christians. The reality is that once tradition and dogma is let go of, society evolves into less dogma and more openness, thus making this possible. The question is: why can’t we use our brains and realize that there is no point in waiting decades for this to happen.

  10. coexistence is the only road to israel’s survival. everybody knows that and both sides know that.

    the 2 state solution is history. it is not feasible, not logisitcally viable and not operational.

  11. I agree that the most immediate obstacle to the peace process is the settlement activity.On July 1991 Baker said,¨Every time I have gone to Israel in connection with the peace process,I have been met with the announcement of new settlement activity.Nothing has made my job of trying to find Arab and Palestinian partners for Israel more difficult than being greeted by a new settlement every time I came.I don t think there is any bigger obstacle to peace than the settlement activity¨.They did the same when Mitchel went the last time As long as Israel continues its settlement policy and its refusal to give back the land it took by force and its refusal to give the Palestinians their rights,there will be no peace!The Palestinians should unite and fight together and not against each other!Enough of groups here and there!!This is not in their interest.It is in the interest of Israel! The Palestinians have committed blunders and paid a high price and still are!


  13. Lets for once wake up and stop blaming Israel, and the USA for the failure of our leaders in the Arab World… After all, our Arab leaders needs some one to negotiate peace treaties between them before they can negotiate with Israel… I hate the policies of Israel, and never been fond of the USA bias policy towards Israel, we see that in the treatment of the Palestinians, in the last war in Lebanon and others… BUT… The only time we can achieve real peace with Israel on our terms or at least 50/50 is when us the the Arabs (as in our leaders) get out of their dens and start acting like leaders…

    As far as I remember there was one and only one Israeli leader who would have truly achieved peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs in general… That was the Late Issac Rabin… The west and the entire world would not allow a full peace treaty in the middle east… MAIN REASON!!!!!!!!!!!! THE OIL.

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