STL calls Hezbollah evidence ‘incomplete’ asks for more Information


The Special Tribunal for Lebanon announced Tuesday that the

Office of the Prosecutor has requested the Lebanese authorities to provide “additional information and evidence held by the Secretary General of Hizbullah” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

“In response to the request of the Office of the Prosecutor, on 17 August 2010, Hezbollah officials hand-delivered to the Attorney General of Lebanon an envelope containing six DVDs. This material was handed over to the Office of the Prosecutor on the same day,” a communiqué issued by STL’s press office said.

“The Office of the Prosecutor has begun its review of the material. The preliminary assessment of the DVDs has determined that the information is incomplete since the material that was handed over is limited to the material shown during the 9 August 2010 press conference and does not contain ‘the rest of the evidence’ that (Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah referred to in his press conference,” the communiqué added.

The Office of the Prosecutor said that the information received “will be thoroughly assessed,” adding that “this can properly be done only if it is based on a complete information.”

The communiqué went on to say that “the Office of the Prosecutor is continuing its investigation with diligence and applying the highest standards of international justice.”

“The Prosecutor will determine when and against whom an indictment will be submitted to the Pre-Trial Judge for confirmation. However, no indictment will be issued until the Prosecutor is satisfied that, in light of all the circumstances, it is based on solid and convincing evidence,” added the communiqué.

During his 9 August 2010 press conference Nasrallah said he has more evidence which he will present at an appropriate time.

Last night Nasrallah brought again the issue of false witnesses and asked :

“Who is behind the false witnesses? Why do some [people] in Lebanon want to hide them? If you do not want to punish them, do not. But [I ask] for the sake of truth and justice. Who fabricated them and misled the investigation for four years?”

According to Ya Libnan legal advisers there is no such a thing as a false witness before indictments are made . Only the courts during the trial can determine whether a witness is for real or false. At this stage no body knows who will be indicted, despite the fact that Nasrallah has revealed that some members of the party will be indicted. Such information is not coming from STL …such information is most probably assumptions or extrapolations coming from Hezbollah members that were interrogated by the Investigators. The trials will start after the indictments are made . There are 12 judges , 4 of them are Lebanese .



7 responses to “STL calls Hezbollah evidence ‘incomplete’ asks for more Information”

  1. A STL for Hezbollah’s Official killed ?

  2. At this stage NO BODY KNOWS who will be indicted, despite THE FACT THAT NASRALLAH has REVEALED that some members of the party will be indicted. Such information is not coming from STL …such information is most probably assumptions or extrapolations coming from Hezbollah members that were interrogated by the Investigators.

    Read the BOLD….he clearly knows that they will be indicted and scrounging for cover. If he had nothing to worry about then he would have kept silent.

    1. Like always, you make absolutely no sense and once again display the lack of comprehension and understanding you have for politics.

      1. Your right Joe….please help me understand how politics work mr. Wisenheimer? Accept/obey what is forced down my throat? Maybe that’s how many like yourself like to live (oppressed) but no in a free democratic society.

      2. I don’t know where you think I live, but my residency and place of birth is in Canada; a country that is a lot more peaceful and 100 times more free then Lebanon, despite the despicable government and foreign policy this nation has.

        Hezbollah pointing out that its party will be indicted is no indication of guilt, it is an indication of understanding. They know what is going on, as does anyone with even the smallest semblance of intelligence. You should have known from the beginning when they were blaming Syria that it was a sham, and you should have especially known better when the STL admitted to being politicized in its accusation against Syria, after which the accusation was dropped because it was no longer profitable to blame them, but going after Hezbollah was the next best thing.

        However, you have a problem. You WANT Hezbollah to be responsible. Your hate for your fellow countrymen runs deep and is obviously politically and religiously motivated, but such are the miserable lives of the anti-Syrian extremist crowds.

  3. this incident should at least show ALL lebanese that the STL is a legitimate one that is operating under the letter of the law.

    if the STL is requesting mmore evidence, then the STL is showing impartiality to its eventual indictments.

    this should allow HA to persent ALL its evidence if it has anymore to the STL so that we can all end this sage in our lives.

    lebanon needs to move on and needs to have closure and acceptance so we can deal with other very pressing issues

  4. nasrallah have the evidence man but by mistake he send the stl the porn tape he was watching thats why the evidence incomplete what a shame he thing he is playing with lebanese jude and he can be fouled easy

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