Gemayel : Elimination of STL is like elimination of Lebanon


MP Nadim Gemayel said during a ceremony on Monday that “the Special Tribunal for Lebanon does not concern only Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his family, or only (former) president Amin Gemayel and his family, or any of the martyrs’ families in particular; and it does not concern the Sunnis, Maronites or the rest of sects . It concerns all those who aspire for a free country”.

The ceremony marked the 28th anniversary of the election of his slain father, Bashir Gemayel, as president of the republic. Gemayel stressed that “without the STL, politically-motivated crimes in Lebanon would become permissible, and we are the ones who do not want the politicization of the tribunal.”

“The issue of the tribunal is imperative to the extent that even if Saad Hariri accepted, we won’t accept, or president Gemayel accepted, we won’t accept, or (Progressive Socialist Party leader MP) Walid Jumblat forgave and forgot, or pretended to forget, it would not be possible for us to accept that the STL be eliminated, because that would be like the elimination of Lebanon,” Gemayel stressed



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  1. how dramatic.

  2. Prophet Avatar

    This is a good example of how our politicians produce more of themselves. Your uncle didn’t try the man accused of killing your father. Now you’re becoming more Hariri than the Hariris? Kamal Jumblt , Maarouf Saad, Bashir Gemyel, Rashid Karami, Hassan Khaled, Rene Mouad, Moussa Sader ,Samir Qasir,Gibran Tweine, a long list of Lebanese politicians and leaders from all sides ,and most importantly thousands of innocent Lebanese were killed, YET Lebanon survived, and it will survive. It never looked the same after the killing of any of the above. Definitely it does not look the same after the murder of Hariri, but it will survive. May God forgive them all.

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Prophet lebanon survived in such a brutal way under Syria occupation and israeli bombardment. What Nadim is aiming it the permission to keep killing and killing and it will be a slow death. I am not here to side with him but I have to agree the STL is for all lebanon and to put a lid on the war. Yes Amin could not issue a death sentence to the person who killed his father. But do we really know if that was really the guy who killed him? if so, I heard the SSNP attacked the jail cell area and freed him. But I am as surprised as you if he was the killer why would even allow him to live. Maybe they wanted to leave him alive to get more info? or possibly try to implicate the higher up involved. I am not sure but i am suprised definitely. I have read an article on Now Lebanon that Arafat was behind the killing of Bashir and not really Syria. SSNP are famous for assasination and I would not be surprised if they were somewhat implicated with the Hariri assasination. Assad Hardan is the most dangerous man in lebanon believe it or not. But no matter lebanon cannot keep surviving while the killing keeps going. if HA keeps on ticking then what makes them in 10 yrs from now not to turn lebanon into an iranian pennisula? Israel wants to keep the Palestinians in lebanon and you give them more rights, then they want next citizenships and work permits and medical assistance. Not that I am against it helping them, but also can lebanon keep surviving all these ongoing and difficult situations. Yes you say we’re here but here we are wandering and wandering in the neverland. Its like Michael Jackson life story worked so hard to make a name and then died on drugs. Lebanon have many ailments besides water, electricity, drug problems, the killing fields and control of Lebanon not just by hezbollah. But by syria, the west, israel and iran. Ask yourself this question? can Lebanon really survive? just because you’re there do you call this a living?

      1. Prophet Avatar


        Please read me carefully. You know I don’t like scoring points when I’m discussing issues with you.

        As much as I’m resisting to talk politics today, I’ll briefly respond and agree with most of what you said. Like I told Walid, My frustration with Everything going on in Lebanon might be taking a toll on me .My comment was not really directed at Nadime as much as it was directed at the political game that He has inherited. I see him and all the new young leaderships that are replacing their elders practicing the same game instead of offering any thing New. Second, I thought it was too big of a statement for him to make. I attribute that to his youth, and inexperience. Whether the SSNP was responsible for Bashir’s killing or not, whether the SSNP really freed the accused killers or not, I HONESTLY do not know. Bashir had lots of enemies, and any of them could have killed him, including Israel. I DON’T KNOW.

        But what I know is no HA, no party, no matter how powerful they are, can change Lebanon into an Iranian or Qaeda or any hardcore sectarian style. Being a southerner myself, I can assure you that NO one can turn Lebanese shiia into something they are not. They are Lebanese and they will always be LEBANESE. Any one who tells you anything other than that, they are dead wrong. I don’t know any southerner who paid a blood price is willing to be like Iranians. You’re so underestimating the cultural difrences between Arabs and Iaranias. Prophet Mohammad was Arabic, Ali, Hussein were Arabs, not Iranians. Iranians pary in Arabic, not in persion.I may have said this once before. Shiia in the south won’t be taken by granted by HA or Amal .Both HA and Amal know that. I just fear the sectarian instigations, not because of a shiia Sunni conflict, but for fear growing an isolationist Shiias .

    2. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      There is ONE common denominator in ALL the people whom you list PROPHET ……………..Guess ……………………Guess ……………. Guess ………………….

      OK k3iit?


      (well OK may be not Moussa el-Sadr) 😉

      1. Prophet Avatar

        LOL Walid. You might as well be right on some or all of them.

        I won’t Judge Nadime, nor would I want to make an issue with his youth.

        I guess I was expression some kind of frustration here.

        I thought Nadime was too committed to something He is no way capable of.

        . My other frustration is with the reproduction of same /old leaderships. I just can’t stand looking at History books with same names ,except for a different first name. We lecture each other every day, we yell at each other everyday, and talk about how we need to change Lebanon, yet (don’t mean the Gemayel family in particular) We still follow the same political homes that brought us where we are. I MEAN ALL OF THEM.

      2. walid habeebi you were minus 1 bro. i put you at 0 bro. obviously some people dont get humore mixed in with reality.

      3. Tony Smith Avatar
        Tony Smith


        Lebanon is a society of mixed cults.

        We’ll never be able to replace these ruling families..

  3. Good words ya Nadim, Allah yerhamo Bayyak you look a lot like him , I used to see him in Bikfaya alot when he was a teenager walking by the movie theater with a runny nose and your aunt like a tom boy on bicycle and your uncle used to play basketball with my older brothers and his cousins near your Grandpa’s house. Good old days carefree and fun look what’s happening in Lebanon one poison after an other.

  4. george haddad N.J. Avatar
    george haddad N.J.

    Prophet its okay we go at it every now then as long as we respect each other. My comments are not meant toward the whole shiite population in lebanon. I understand what you mean of not underestimating the shiite who may not go along with Amal and HA. but so many shiites tried to rebel against them and failed. In the South and in Dahia. They shut down these voices with intimidations. The iranians have done that with their people too for the failed election protest. they have systematically killed people, raped them in prison and tortured them before killing lots of them. Look at the protest now mostly died down and its due to these tactics. Some protesters even state that some of the police force there spoke arabic. Some even points out to hezbollah and hamas having offices and they’re being used to silence people. One reason its easier to have outsiders due the dirty work for you since and chances are do not have relatives there. Please do not tell me these are rumors and these iranians who are saying that were prior followers of the regime. Hezbollah is arming the mexican drug cartels. They’re training them too. Please do not ask me how i know because i know. THe drug cartels in mexico are killing people in order to intimidate the populace. You can be 100 to one and if this one have a big gun he can kill as much as he can before you fight him back. IN the end you might win. But it will a very bloody mess. Again look back at Iran and they have thousands of people in 1988 when thousands of people tried to revolt against Ayotollah Khoimenini. Hezbollah tried in limited basis to do so in 2008. If the Sunnis withstood their ground and not saying they’re coward. Its just there were unprepared for HA. then we could have much bloodier events in 2008 don’t you think? Syria controlled lebanon for 30 yrs thru its bloody operations and systematic killings. It took the whole world including Half of our population lol to revolt and with lots of pressures it finally left lebanon in mukhbarat but not their spirits lol. So what makes you think you can fight back a group who fought a tough fight with israel in 2006? I am not here with Nadim much and i agree with you on having these youngesters take over the fathers. But i am with him on bringing justice and try somewhat close a lid on the war. Let’s say for sure that HA, Syria and now iran being somewhat implicated in the assasination. And let’s say the STL got cancelled. Do you know how much boost it will give these groups to go on and continue with their killing spree if someone go against them or do not agree with them. First you’re accused of being a spy, next you’re executed and would anyone dares to say anything. Why so many spies Prophet? HA has been in control the Communication network for a long time. Why capture so many now and not before? could it be for political reasons? could it be because they want to confuse the STL knowing they could be accused of the assasinations? They capture a spy and he’s tortured to death then now we’re asking to hang them? Did anyone out there hear their testimonies? did they hear their confessions without being tortured and told to confess or else? I have hard time believe all these people captured are spies. Maybe some but not all. We’re condemend them to death because HA says so? what make you think you can fight this group when they lay the ground rules for Waliet al Faqih? sorry for the long post..

    1. george bro learn to write in paragraphs. it makes reading much easier. when you write in blocks, it makes reading more tiring.

      walid, i love you.

      prophet, you speak logic but please also write in pearagraphs with a space in between.

      believe me, the reading becomes much easier.

      peace y’all and i only have 12 days to go for L-L-L-L-L-L-L-LE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E–B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A–N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N–O-O-O-O-O-O-O–N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-NNNN-NN-NN-N-NNNNNN

      1. PROPHET Avatar

        I promise to do that when I grow up,lol

      2. How about you learn how to spell Tony

    2. PROPHET Avatar


      I’m not here to defend the Iranian regime, nor am I here to Condon the way Iranian police dealt with the protesters. I realize that Iran has its own problems. I don’t underestimate those problems either… The idea of Wilayat alfakeh has created big debate among shiia scholars inside and outside of Iran, including Lebanon and Iraq. Many people including a big number of Iran’s most influential clerics and scholars who support an Islamic state, but not under Wilayat alfakeh. So among other issues they have, this is and will be the most important problem to deal with, especially When Khaminai dies.I’m not an expert on Iran, but my humble knowledge tells me that unless they resolve this question, they’ll have bigger problems.

      The notion that Iran employees HA and Hamas to quell the protesters is really laughable.

      You may not know this, but 25% of Iran’s citizens are in the area of ArabStan. This region is right next door to Iraq. All of its residents are Arab. So having Arabic speaking people among Iranian police is not uncommon at all. What makes you think that HA has extra thousands of people to spare? I recently read here at this site, and

      Many people commented on, that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are fighting with HA in Lebanon. Now you are telling me HA is policing Taharn’s street? Think about it. It makes no sense. You can’t believe every rumor you read or hear. Really laughable.

      I don’t know that there is or was revolting shiia against HA in Lebanon Many Shiia don’t support HA,But non are suppressed because of that. Don’t Believe every propaganda stories you hear or read. Don’t believe the stories that might resonate with your own thinking, especially when you read Lebanese or Arabic media.

      I think your paranoia with HA and your animosity toward the Syrian is blinding you a little. You can’t seem to distinguish between realities and fiction. All this talk about killing, conspiracy theories, arming Mexican drug cartel, and so on. Accusing people of being spies and killing them , do not make any sense to me. I don’t know how you are willing to believe that?

      Still, You are so wrong if you think HA can always take the shiia ,especially his supporters for granted. Shiia have learned their lessons since the days of traditional families controlling their lives.HA Fears only two things in Lebanon: sunni shiia conflict,and the other ,its own base of support.

      I’ll conclude by saying this to you; I personally have never been a member of any political party in Lebanon, and never will. I’m just another miserable Lebanese who was dealt a bad hand.

  5. Prophet Avatar



    I hope you enjoyed the funny story I Posted for you. Good night,

  6. I think I know what can be done to fix the problem in Lebanon.

    A) Send all lebanese out of lebanon (whereever they want)

    B) Send Palestinians elsewhere.

    C) Ban all Syrian access to Lebanon

    D) Move people from anywhere else in the world to live in Lebanon.

    I remember something a friend used to say:

    “Sha3bon iza doriba fihi el 7iza2o sa7a el 7iza2o bi 2ayi zanben odrabo”

    1. hey tim maybe you should have added that all israelis leave the middle east and you’ll see a prosperous planet.

      i betcha balfour is turning in his grave for sure over what he did on this planet.

  7. please don;t say syria did all the killing in lebanon they elimnated some of the lebanese as they where extra

  8. Bachir thought when he became President he was able to sweep his controversial past under the rug especially his close ties to Israel how wrong was he.

  9. Why ? Is STL Lebanon ?

  10. Replying to George, you have a few things wrong. Although the leadership of Hezbollah believes in Wilyat Fiqeh. The vast majority of LEBANESE Shias do not. Rather they emulate Ayotallah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, who is openly opposed to Wilyat il Fakih. Lebanon will never be like Iran, because it would be overwhelmingly rejected by the shia population in Lebanon. Hezbollah would lose most of its popular support in that case, it would be suicidal.

  11. TAMER BACHIR didn;t care about the tie with israel or anyone else he only care about lebanon the full lebanon 10452km2 thats what he cared about and nothing else he was the best person ever we wouldbeen finished long time ago from all this farms we are in now was just 20 days a lot of scam they where living lebanon god rest him in peace he was a good man

    1. Ok lets see ordering the death of hundreds of Lebanese because their identity cards said “Muslim” yes a great man indeed!

  12. if you are talking about the black satuarday look what was the couse for it and how many lebanese died because there identity card said they are christain it did work both way man and we don;t have to keep diggin the past there s no one innicent in lebanon and didn;t get involved in things the only thing its gonna help us is to put our hand together and forget the past and look for the future thats if there is one

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