Geagea defends his plan, asks where is the trap?


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea defended on Friday the proposal he presented during the national dialogue session on a defense strategy for Lebanon that calls for having the Resistance at the army’s command.

Geagea described his proposal as a “practical, temporary, and positive” plan that can be applied “as long as Hezbollah exits in the way it does.”

“We know that Hezbollah is wary of revealing its true capabilities, and so placing them at the army’s disposal is the best solution for the current situation,” he continued.

“They say that the Resistance is a powerful asset to Lebanon, so why don’t they use it? We are not saying that Hezbollah should lay down its weapons or disband itself … but the proposal called for maintaining it, but under the army’s control because it is the ideal way to function,” he stressed.

Geagea added that his proposal is the best plan to implement the equation of the people, army, and Resistance, pointing out however that he rejects this equation “because a normal state is comprised of the people and all state institutions.”

He rejected House Speaker Nabih Berri’s suggestion that units comprised of Hezbollah and army officers be formed, saying that this would lead to the creation of two armies in Lebanon, each following a different authority.

Furthermore, Geagea criticized statements that his proposal is a trap for the Resistance, asking: “Where is the trap? The plan calls for cooperation between Hezbollah and the army without the party revealing its capabilities or the location of its weapons.” Naharnet



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  1. as i said, theywill have to change the slogan of the people, the army and the resistance as well as drum up guidelines for the duties and performance and cooperation of the 2 entities.

    this will take time but its definitely in the right direction.

  2. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Finally Geagea got smart and exposed hezbollah and their intentions. He’s right where is the trap here? Hezbollah gets to keep its arms and they’re complaining after all that’s what they wanted. The truth here is that hezbollah wants to act totally independent of the gov’t ,the army and take its own decision with no respect to anyone except itself. Anyone says they’re not acting state within a state is a big liar and traitor to lebanon. That tells us that Hezbollah do not fight for lebanon and only doing so for their goals and purposes for their existance. If you don’t to part of the Army and follow the gov’t rules, then we don’t need you no matter how strong you are. Keep you arms shove it where it don’t shine.

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Agreed Tarie. They should take this opportunity to be one and united with the Lebanese Army. An opportunity they shouldn’t refuse, unless they have a hidden agenda.

      1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie AL Fanarie

        Thanks Leb-Syrian for your support. Don’t ever give your name there are many syrian spies here lol.

    2. PROPHET Avatar

      I think this is a first step in a long process of negotiations.

      Traditionally, when A man askS for a girl’s hand she declines twice, and nods after the third try. It’s one way of saying ;I’m not desperate, and I’m not Cheap. Boy, you need to try Harder. Reading this, I realize how naughty it sounds. I better stop. lol

  3. PROPHET Avatar

    If I Tell you how I learned about this tradition, you’d know how “Not Smart” I am, lol

    I almost didn’t marry my wife when she didn’t nod at the first try. I jumped up and got ready to leave, until my brother grabbed me by the arm, and whispered the secret of this Game. I still get teased about this tale until now. lol


    great post tarie i agree!

    1. CM you will see that tarie is one paranoid dude who is always preaching the end of the world.

      of course its obvious that HA will be cautious cos they will need many guidelines and many meetings before any of this is set in stone.

      but tarie is never happy with anything. even when HA stayed out of the tree incident he was happy to say they were involved.

      do you expect HA to jump in with gaegae when he’s been absolutely against them?

      i’m very sure he’s getting pressured behind scenes so, HA now will have to sit with him and the other MPs in order to hammer out a workable unit called the LAF.

      it will happen like i’ve been saying but we gotta be patient.

      1. geagea is not against ha he is only trying to save lebanon and help all lebaneese including ha regardless of religion or color they can all live in a more secure and prosperous lebanon under one sovriegn nation with love and respect to each otheres

  5. the thing is HA is not free in here and he can not take any decision by himself nasralla does not take any decision its the opposit they do tell him what to do any when thats why he can not communicate with the army and they do see anything as a trap to get ride of the resistance they are no resistance they are iran poppy move them whenever they want

  6. geagea propasal is the best plan so far and it is only fair and legal

    they shall be one state one army and one nation for all lebaneese

    and if ha really patriotritic they should cooporate and pledge their force under the command of the lebaneese army because the lebaneeese army is willing to defend all lebaneese and all of lebanon including ha so what

    ha by keeping itself separate it is acting like it is the enemy of the lebaneese army who is willing to protect them and all other lebaneese

    so geagea solution is really the best proposal for ha futur and lebanon future that will be a step

    forward for a better and more stable future for lebanon and all the lebaneese people

    and if if this all my speach was not convincing

    i have another idea let be the people choice in a democracy the majority of people decide

    let it be a national vote by the lebaneese people on this proposal and i am sure that the majority of the lebaneese people will have the same vision as mr geagea which is merging ha with the lebaneese army

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