Social Security offices robbed in Choueifat


Voice of Lebanon (VOL) reported on Thursday that unidentified people broke into the Social Security offices in Choueifat at around 4:00 and robbed the place. However, it is not yet clear what was stolen.

Security forces managed to arrest one of the three perpetrators, while the other two are still at large, VOA added



One response to “Social Security offices robbed in Choueifat”

  1. well this is interesting. lebanon is tiny and i hope they’ve sealed the borders in case they’re going west or south.

    also, i find it despicable for anyone to steal. its the most cowardly thing that anybody can attempt.

    i hate thieves and i would love to catch some of them so i can pound some senses into them.

    i hope they all get caught and lebanon doesnt need more thieves.

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