Lebanon PM: Stability is a duty


Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said it is the duty of all Lebanese leaders to preserve stability in the country as a value added asset.

“Calm brings stability, which in its turn brings prosperity,” Hariri told his guests during an Iftar that he hosted in Qoreitem in honor of economic associations and businessmen.

“Stability is no longer a need. It is a duty and necessity,” Hariri said . “It is the duty of all leaderships in Lebanon to deal with security, political and social stability as a value added asset.”

Hariri also hoped “calm would always prevail” in the country after Prosecutor General Said Mirza received material provided by Hezbollah to press its claim that Israel was linked to the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Palestinian rights , oil law

Hariri lauded Lebanon’s expansion of employment rights for 400,000 Palestinian refugees. Parliament’s decision allows Palestinians to work in the same professions as other foreigners.

Hariri also congratulated the Lebanese for the adoption of the oil exploration draft law by parliament on Tuesday, saying it was “an important step in a march that we hope it would continue.”



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  1. That’s how Libnan like you.

  2. Leborigine Avatar

    Well Mr Hariri, well said, but honestly the leaders of our country and its people do not have a brain. You see you cannot blame the people alone, they listen to whatever their leaders say and they follow as most of them need direction.

    All you have to say is to put Lebanon’s interest first and then their interests later. Lebanon has to come first and foreemost. This is a small country with the most love it can get from its people.

    Hey Lebos, love your country god dame it and stop talking crap. Defend it with one hand and one soul and one heart from any muther***** and lets make it a one powerful small nation you morons!!!

  3. well done hariri. your father may he rest in peace must be proud of you.

    you’re a good man.

    1. Hariri may god protect you …You are putting lebanon first…

      Allah mak ya Saad!

  4. Geagea, listen and LEARN! This is what needs to be said!

  5. Very wise words by PM Hariri, my only wish is for other politicians to think on the same wavelenght, show that you love your country more then yoursrlf. Are you listening Mr. Wahab and some of your cohords?

  6. Mr Hariri is a man of considerable caliber!

  7. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Yes Hariri is getting wiser allright even though he’s still have a lot to learn. My gut feeling tells me he’s befriending Syria he can get hezbollah of his back. So by doing so if the STL accused hezbollah and him and Assad are becomming buddy buddy, then Syria will be forced to stop hezbollah from attacking him. its smart move if you think about it. The STL already seems to be swayed not to accuse Syria of the assasinations and only seems like the direction to hezbollah members. Therefore it would be smart to be friends with Assad and try to create a division between Assad and hezbollah. However it will not be that easy since iran and hezbollah has a lot at stake with Syria. However there is definitely sign of division where it even spilled over to West Bank. Where Hamas is being pro-syria and jund al islami being pro-iranians almost got into it last weekend over this division. Yes some of you going to say where you get your sources. I read many sources and these sources I believe are credible. Does anyone know that were an iranian fighter jets that was shot down few kilometers by Russian forces protecting Bouchner nuclear plant? and 5 drone planes hit the area last week. Yes i am an israeli spy lol.

    1. moustapha Avatar

      LOL! i read something about that at NOW LEbanon.. =P

    2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Syria and Iran are also at odds because they are both rooting for different sides for the new govt in Iraq. Seems like trouble in “Paradise” to me.

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