Army general charged with spying for Israel


Judge Saqr Saqr of Lebanon’s military court on Wednesday charged Colonel Antoine Abu Jaoudeh with spying for the enemy (Israel), meeting with Israeli Mossad agents abroad and providing them with information on the resistance and army in exchange for money from 2006 until his arrest earlier this month.

This brings to four the number of active duty army personnel arrested on charges of espionage.

More than 100 people have been arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel since April 2009, including members of the security forces and telecom employees.

Many of the charge sheets accuse the suspects of having helped Israel identify targets during its devastating 2006 war with Hezbollah.

The most high-profile arrest came earlier this month, when Fayez Karam, a former army general and a senior member of the Free Patriotic Movement, was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah.

FPM leader MP Michel Aoun is a key ally of Hezbollah

Five Lebanese have been sentenced to death for spying for the Mossad so far, including two who were sentenced Tuesday.



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  1. As bad as this sounds, I really dont see any difference with this colonel spying for isreal or SSNP spying for syria, to be quite honest, wahab, beik, aoun and the rest of the spies should meet the same fate as abu jaoudeh. It shouldnt make any difference who the country you are spying for is, its treason! and its harming your own country and its people.

    1. George Hadadd N.J. Avatar
      George Hadadd N.J.

      Maria they’re going to tell you its okay to get beaten and killed by a syrian bretheren but not israelis lol. On top of it they wants to forget all about it. But they want to remind us that we live under israeli threats alone. Well guess we don’t. We have not only israeli threats we also have Syria, Iran and many extremists that roams the country like ants.

      1. to be quite honest George, I find syria and iran a far bigger threat than isrel. They are controlling libon and pushing it towards war. hateen al libonais a booz al madfa3 while they sit in their palaces and dictate war strategy. Syria couldnt care less if libon gets destroyed, theyll just move right back in there. Syria doesnt give a crap about palestinians, they use them and mizzbel’ah as bargaining chips because they wont get their hands dirty and retieve the golan.

        I lived there for years and to be honest the only fear I had or any libonais did is the syrians with the classic line “Ra7 jibblak al moukhabarat” So if this is a brethren, then I say Kis Ickht heyk ickhwi!

        Sorry to offend the SSNP scum posting in this topic 🙂

      2. Prophet Avatar

        GEORGE, More Lebanese were killed by the Lebanese warlords like Gaega, Bashir Gemayel, Jumblat, Berri , and others like them, than even Those killed by Syria and Israel Combined. I wish all of us will start doing some self examinations. Look each other in the eye, and have the guts to admit the mistakes we’ve made. Look at the leadership we have, and tell them that they are killers. Stop following, blindly, the same leaders who are producing more of themselves. Stop the sectarian instigation, and start looking at ways to improve our political structure so we can have a better Lebanon. Our Problems didn’t start with Iran or Syria. They started when we adopted a sectarian system that forced every sect to seek support and protection in a different country. Iran wasn’t around when Israel started attacking Lebanon back in the 40’s and 50’s. Syria wasn’t in Lebanon either. You hatred toward HA is well countered by other Lebanese who hate the Lebanese forces or the Phanlange partY or the future movement. Where will all the hatred take us? Another civil war? We’ve been there, and we know ( I hope) the pain of that.

      3. George, I don’t think you read my posting regarding the LAF last week. I made it clear that Lebanon should not accept arms from The us or Iran or any other country . I said that any hand out will be conditional; that is not acceptable. I thought, and still think that the only way to arm our LAF is by buying the arms, so we can use it as we see fit. So, you and I are making headway there.

        I don’t accept your accusation that our Army officers are not loyal to the institutions they belong to. I don’t think any of the officers in the LAF Share loyalty with any other party , except for the few that may have sold their soul to the Israelis. Yes, some may have some sympathy to the sect they belong to. THIS point reinforces what I been advocating ,right at this forum, that WE as Lebanese have to find a way of reforming our political system. I may not have the answer to that, but I’m more than convinced that unless we find a better system , nonsectarian system, Lebanon has no hopes. I know this is a sensitive issue. I also know a solution needs to be found. Unless we admit that, and then start listening to each others, we won’t go anywhere. OUR LEADERSHIP takes us for granted. We need to look for leaders that have a modern, civil vision , that are willing to think out of the box, and beyond sectarian loyalties. We can’t and shouldn’t keep running behind them blindly. Many of us died for them. For what? They can’t even give people basic services. Lebanon is supposed to be the Swiss of the Middle east. But with no electricity or running water. ISN’T that a shame? How IN THE WORLD would a Geaga or Berri or Jumblat follower keep following any of them with these condition?

        You and I KNOW they have lights on 24/7.WHY would you or I keep following them blindly when we know they are using us( in the name of protecting the sect) to hold on to power and to the sects leadership. They use fear tactic to hold on to the sect’s leadership.. THE idea that one sect can dominate and rule Lebanon has proven wrong. THEY ALL know it. Everyone is convinced that Lebanon is a multi religion, multi culture country. I have no fear that HA or LF or FUTURE OR any of the parties can ,or would even try to dominate the country. Maybe some would try to negotiate a better deal. That is all they can achieve,

        Iran made the offer to arm the LAF regardless of Syrian presence in Lebanon or not. It makes no difference. I don’t advocate taking weapons from them anyway.

        There were different circumstances as to why HA didn’t disarm at the time the warlords gave up theirs. The Warlords were involved in civil war that was tearing the whole country apart. HA was only involved in fighting the Israelis who have occupied part of the country for years. There was no national united army to defend the county, and still there isn’t one.

        One day, HA will give its weapons. Once the whole Lebanese territories are free of occupation, and the country is secured from Israeli threats, they’d have to, and I believe they will disarm. But No one is going to do it by force, and No one should. People in the south have been abandoned by our state for the past 60 years. How are you going to assure them that they have a government that would protect them? As recent as the 2006 war, the Lebanese government did little to help people resettle. Is any one or any country in this world can guarantee that Israel won’t attack or infiltrate or violate our sovereignty? I don’t think so. Our experience wit the western power is anything but indicative of how supportive of Israel . THE UN, no need to answer, Israel has invaded us more then once while they waved white flags. Regardless of what we think of the incident on the border recently, The image of the UN soldier waving the white flag is a good example. Another good example is the US conditions they put on arming our LAF. You can use it internally, but not against their beloved Israel, NOT EVEN IN SLEF DEFENCE. I Have no hope, and never did have any hopes that the us has the Lebanese interest in mind. It’s all a bout ISRAEL.

        Forgive me man, I didn’t realize I Typed that much. LOL

      4. Prophet/ARMY Avatar

        Geroge, Army is the prophet,

    2. jadmalak Avatar

      You know spying is an act of treason and it is condemned by death in most countries in the world…but it shouldn’t be the case in Lebanon….there are obviously a lot of spies in Lebanon and obviously we are on the right track catching these bastards….I suggest keeping them alive and humiliating everyone they ever known and let the peices of human dignity left in them get smuttered with disgrace, a disgrace they brought to themselves and their families and even their political parties.

      I also suggest trying to using some of them as double agents and try to turn them against Isreal by letting them provide false evidence and facts about what they used to spy about for the enemy, they would also be informed every few days, weeks, months maybe years to spy on different targets…the goverment would know what the enemy is interested to know about through those agents and get ready ahead of time for strikes…so it is kind of a defence…

      Saying that and after the spy is covered by the enemy then go ahead and hang the bastards in PUBLIC

      1. Maria, I like your Anglo/Franco Linguistic Mix there. Too bad you don’t see Israel as the main threat in the region.

        I share your pain with the Mukhabarat experience. But I think they suspected that you are more supportive of Israel than Lebanon. They may have had the right suspicions. YOU’RE LUCKY YOU GOT AWAY, DON’T GO BACK.

      2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        I suggest we hear the testimonies of these spies for they’re caught for political reasons and nothing else. They want to accuse the whole population of spying on them including the Army. I just do not believe all these people are spies. I would love to see them being interrugated by agents other than pro-hezbollah ones. Even as of last month and not trying to change the subject. MP Adnan the mouthpiece of the president was complaining about other party getting armed other than hezbollah. As if hezbollah is the only party that should be allowed or have licence to arm without being questioned. When they accuse the STL as being biased against them and not israel. Then i say lots of these spies maybe caught because at one time or another they have sided with israel and its high time for hezbollah to get even with them. So must if the table turned on syrian spies who have caused many lebanese to be tortured and killed by syrian and ISF following orders of Syrien commanders? Prophet talks about many warlords having killed people. yes they have and they all need to be in jails frankly. But we’re talking now and now is controlled by hezbollah. All milias gave up their arms except hezbollah. Why Prophet? you say IRan has proposal to arm the LAF. did they propose this when syria was controlling lebanon for 30 yrs? now as any proud lebanese we do not except arms with pre-conditions. Not from the US or Iran. Iran arms is going to come at higher cost. the us will not ask the LAF to fight its wars for it other than it was supplied the weapons on the understanding that it will maintain securities within lebanon. Iran would want to fight its wars in case israel or any country attacks it. In either case i do not wish any country to impose their conditions on the LAF no matter what..And last i do not like geagea much and i loved Bashir Gemeyal but he was no Saint either but neither any of the warlords. I wish a peacefull lebanon free from any inside or outside control.

    3. Leborigine Avatar

      We need more women like you, you remind me of my cousins in Lebanon!! Thumbs up.

  2. What a racket, they are all intertwined (h/a, mossad, syria, iran). As the plot thickens, I ask where did h/a obtain the aerial photos (was it supplied by mossad!!) in return for information about h/a indirectly and the army men (insiders) became the sacrificial lambs!!! It would not be far fetched if aoun was a player in this charade to bring h/a down. No one knows what is hidden in this quagmire!!! But one thing for sure h/a was flying high and thought they were solid and untouchable. When cancer gets into you, you will only live a shorter life and I think this is the beginning of the collapse of h/a.

  3. Youssef Avatar

    Ali, if only you talked about the end of “israel” as you do of HA.

    Your hatred for HA seems to exceed that of “israel”!!!!

    1. Indeed, h/a are worst than the israelis. They are supposed to be lebanese citizens, not agents for syria and iran. Let’s be realistic, do you think in this life tha israel will cease to exist as iranians, syrians and h/a are touting.What part of NO you do not understand youssef. Israel is not the doing of Lebanon, however the Lebanese are paying the highest price. If iran and syria are so adamant about liberating palestine why don’t they do that. Cowards, they bark from the other side of the fence and lick their tails once the action starts. BTW are you Lebanese!!!

      1. So my dear Ali,

        you’re saying that Iran and Syria are using HA to provoke Israel and fight them on lebanese soil right?

        so in your opinion, if it wasn’t for the above “provocations”, Israel would want absolutley nothing from Lebanon, right?

        we would live in peace and harmony with our 200K and more palestinian refugees in our country and with dear Israel as our neighbour?

        I am assuming that the answer is yes to all 3 questions, since that is the argument and reasoning that all anti-HA/SYRIA are always using.

        One minute, some of you ACKNOWLEDGE that Israel is no friend of Lebanon and might have evil intentions towards it, the next you say it is all the work of Syria and Iran who are controlling everything from Israel’s actions to when Nasrallah takes a dump.

        so YOU explain to ME, ya Ali, my friend, why did Israel stay in Lebanon for over 20 yrs of occupation? what exactley was their plan and purpose there?

        I am very curious to know, enlighten me please

      2. ALI, Are you sure you are not Israeli? I’m guessing you were with the LAHAD ARMY. You sound just like those guys.

      3. one last thing Ali, dont worry about the Iranians, they will have their share of war, it is imminent and Israel is pushing more & more for it…

      4. Leborigine Avatar

        Hey Cathy, if you do not know why Israel was in Lebanon for then there is no point arguing with you, and in your spare time you reckon you debate with intellectuals and professors, thats pretty good keep it up!!

        Army, you are a great example of a left wing Leb, so if Ali does not support syria, that automatically makes him an Israeli or a zionist. I am sorry, but both of you are idiots!!

    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      And what’s wrong with that Youssef if the guy inside your house wants to kill you before the guy outside of it. So you take care of the guy inside first then the outside next..Hezbollah and their supporters are not shy about their hate for the Sunnis and even cursing Prophet mohamed. I have heard it on TV from sunnis witnesses complaining about shiites attacking them and cursing the prophet. Again i heard them saying it and i was not there.

      1. Nadine Foad Avatar
        Nadine Foad

        “ave heard it on TV from sunnis witnesses complaining about shiites attacking them and cursing the prophet”

        You see that right there don’t even make sense! I am not getting in too much religious details but both sunni and shiites have the same prophet to begin with.

        There probably as much anti-Shiites sentiment from the Sunnis as anti-Sunnis from the Shiites.

        There is now Anti-Islamic sentiment from our Christians brothers and sisters which is spread world wide with massive criticism and stereotyping.

        I don’t think the Sunnis hate the Shiites as much as the Christians hates them. Sadly no one uses the word “Lebanese” when they refer to HA.. It’s like HA is a German party in Lebanon or something. THEY HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT IN LEBANON AS YOU DO, The Difference is they put their lives in the line for it.

        FYI, i consider myself Muslim (not Shiite or Sunni)I hope the rest of the Muslims feel the same way.

      2. George ma3 kill i7tirameh, your reasoning makes no sense. you say get rid of your ennemy inside your house first but if that “ennemy” (which by the way, I agree with Nadine, HA is STILL lebanese) is the only thing that can help in the face of the ennemy outside your house and you get rid of it, then what happens to your house?


      3. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        well nadine foad

        1- were you in west beirut lebanon 7 ayar 2008????? and did you hear what was said by street folks about hezballah and the shia from guess whom ; i will give you a hint: they were definitely not christians!!!!!!!!

        2- “…I don’t think the Sunnis hate the Shiites as much as the Christians hates them…” again wronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!! that could have been true without the presence of aoun folks. some of aoun christian fanatics defend hezballah more than hezballah itself!!!!!!!!.

        furthermore, the sunnis camp is less divided than the christian camp simply because they didnt have anything you could label as a sunni trojan horse to split the sunnis just like what aoun did in the christian areas.

        3- “…It’s like ha is a german party in lebanon or something. THEY HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT IN LEBANON AS YOU DO…”

        again you are totally missing the point!!!!. hezballah as a lebanese group is getting now more than their fair share of rights in all aspects. they got to a point thanks to syria and iran where they became the ones stepping on a lot of lebanese rights.

        the truth is hezballah has under gone radical transformations from an underdog in the eighties and nineties that had the sympathy of just about every body in lebanon and the middle east, up to the year 2000 to become lately a self imposed militia with military dictatorship style that doesnt accept criticism, doesnt recognize any mistakes, that want to antagonize the whole world except syria and iran, and that labels any opposing lebanese povs as coming from the israeli ennemy.

      4. moustapha Avatar

        VOT i dont think i could have said it any better. I think Nadine is not Lebanese. She seems to be looking at it from the outside but great way of depicting the reality of the situation on the streets of Lebanon.

  4. You can keep on dreaming that Syria is an ennemy… I am sure that you also think that Lebanon is the swiss of the levant that Lebanon should be a neutral nation and that “we” lebanese paid our part for the Palestinian cause… and who knows you might be ready to sign a peace treaty with Israel and probably you will want the resistance to give up its weapons…. keep on dreaming. The sad part is that you still didn’t understand why we had 15 years of civil war and you didn’t get it that at the end of the civil war the syrio-resistance camp won. If need be there will be another war like that one and the same winner will prevail…One day you will wake up. A bon entendeur salut!

      1. Cathy… my message was meant to Maria…

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Victor if you heard Hafez Assad during his interview 30 yrs ago when asked if he recognizes lebanon. he said flat you no and he said it was part of Syria. Bashar came with the same idea and even though they’re out of lebanon. The ruling family always want to send us reminder if syria is not happy with its neighber we will never be happy. If we don’t do what they wants us to do then we will always have problems. Now tell me is that a friend or an enemy?

      1. George my friend, you can argue till youre blue but the SSNP on this site will resist and fight you till the death. Its quite similar to when you see the evangelists on TV trying to cast a demon out of a body and they resist (about as real as wrestling)lol…..the preacher slaps them, pushes them and sprays water on them, perhaps these syrian loyalists need the same type of exorcism oo kamen rishiloon kh@rra to relieve them of the assad demon within them.

        Pat robertson is here folks under the name henry, he will cast out the demons for you!

      2. Actually George habibi, Bashar is know to be very different from his father politically and much more progressisst….thats not to say that he is the man of the hour as all of you will now insinuate and call me mouhabarat but from the different political experts I’ve heard, he is not one and the same with his father.

    2. I guess im on the wrong site, seems to be

      victor? let me guess, this is not your real name but your nickname to honour your brethrens victory? walla neeyeloo shaab il libnani feek. Which uniform did you wear when you terrorized your country? the urine stained syrian uniform or the burglar mask of SSNP? I will agree with you that YES, your syria-resisto have won the war and have hijacked the country and so this calls for a celebration, crack open your finest bottle of chateau kh@rr@ oo kissak ya soldat de fortune

      yeeeee bon appetit

    3. Victoe, I dont care who your post is addressed to, I dont appreciate it and disagree with you.

      there is no winner or loser camp and we DO NOT WANT a civil war so take your 1980’s ideas please somewhere else.

      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Yes Cathy Bashar is different from his father. He’s not very blunt like him well sometimes. But he’s definitely a gentler kinder thug than his father. His father would say it straight to you and destory you publicly. Bashar would say say nice things in public like B.S we care about lebanon security. we don’t interefere in lebanon affairs. We’re out of lebanon and they stabb you in the back. He was suppose to be different and started out good in the beginning. But the old dogs around him would not let him have it any other ways. As much and I don’t care whether you believe it or not that i do hate israel for what its done to lebanon all those yrs. I hope it will burn these old dogs the next war. I wish just hezbollah stop taking us the wrong path and if they’re bound to keep their weapons to stay alert but no stupid mistakes like in 2006. israel is waiting to destroy it and the LAF now. Once it weakens its southern borders than Iran will be next. israel is not resting until its satisfied with iran nuclear programs is dismantled. I am sure by doing so, it would be sending a message to Syria to not attempt what Iran is doing too. God help us all and save lebanon.

      2. well at least you admit that he started out good and different than his dad….

        but listen, in my opinion, israel can use a stupid incident like the trees to start a war….

        and btw, even if it was stupid to kidnap those 2 soldiers in 2006, reports were saying that they were on lebanese soil and even if they werent, it does NOT justify the total destruction and 1000 deaths that Israel incurred on lebanon.

        it was pre-planned make no mistake about it.

      3. cathy i dont read your posts anymore, i just thumb up for you lol. keep up the good work. we have a lot of work ahead of us.

    4. Leborigine Avatar

      Of course you and your camp did!

      I also had a sex change so I can plough myself!!

  5. You guys with thumbs down make me wonder (apparently cognizant of one digit). At least jot down your opinion even if it does not make sense.

  6. Ali, If you are running for popularity contest , this is the wrong place.

    1. ARMY, Im sorry to offend you my SSNP piece of trash brethren. I guess 30 years of syrian brutality does not seem to bother you, which makes it quite obvious that you are SSNP scum loyalist. You have no right to come on here and accuse people that do not share your sick vision of being traitors. People like you should denounce your citizenship, move to syria and pledge your allegiance to bashar, after all that is who you spy for, lets be honest, how many lebanese jibtiloon moukhabarat? Man you guys are nothing but garbage, you only know how to kill your own for control but when it comes to a foreign country, you bow like the cowards you are. I take nobodys side and I hate all parties but I cant wait for the day when isreal rains fire on you ya jubana. ya Airmy I think I seen you in some of those 73 war clips with you walkin in the desert with your hands up with the rest of your syrian toy army.

      1. Prophet Avatar


        Thank you so much for the kind words. I won’t respond with insults and curses. But I‘d urge you to read your own comments that you’ve posted lately. You might realize how often you accused those who disagreed with you of being traitors. You have questioned people’s loyalty and accused them of being Syrian, Iranian spies or both… Now that I’ve said that the Mukhabrat may have thought you were an Israeli spy. It offended you. Well, maybe now you realize how people feel when you accuse them of being traitors.

        I won’t call you names. I ask you only to treat people like you wish to be treated.

        What makes you think you are a better Lebanese? What qualifies you to determine who deserves to be a true Lebanese and who needs to denounce his/her citizenship? I don’t need to prove to you or anyone else my loyalty, and my love for Lebanon, nor do I need to prove my sense of nationality. I know how much Blood my family and friends paid for Lebanon. So my citizenship wasn’t a gift from any one, therefore your suggestion is kindly declined. I’m a Lebanese, and I will die a Lebanese. I don’t need a certificate of loyalty from you or any one else.

        You kept saying “you people” .Who were you referring to? what do you know about me to associate me with the “you people” you have in mind? If that tells me any thing, it’s your lack of knowledge, immaturity, and ignorant categorization.

        My views of Syria and its role in Lebanon are well known at this forum. I never felt the need to curse or insult Assad or any Syrian to make a point.. Even when I discuss Israel, I can show their brutality and bad intentions with facts and logic.

        I won’t accuse you of hate, but I suspect your anger got the better side of you. I can’t help you there.

        Calling me a piece of trash won’t change a thing. Rather, it will reinforce my determination to work for a better Lebanon;

        A Lebanon; where everyone lives with dignity, and freedom.

        A democratic Lebanon; where everyone lives in harmony with everyone else.

        A Lebanon; where everyone has the same rights and responsibilities.

        A Lebanon; where individuals count, not their religion or sect.

        A Lebanon; where you and I can tolerate each other and respect each others views. A Lebanon; where our children have better future.

        A Lebanon; where humanity and civility are respected.

        A place; where our children have to experience what you and I are experiencing now.

        I have nothing to apologize for. I just regret having to exchange with some one is not mature enough to talk politics .

        I forgive you my dear, for you know not what you’re talking about.

  7. Israel is Gods chosen people. Christians will be there with Israel when the fighting starts

    1. relax there pat robertson, go back to casting demons and exorcisms

      1. lol maria u crack me up. thats right pat robertson chill out maynG.

        nadine regarding your post, i’m pretty sure there are differences between shia and sunni thinking but plese any muslims feel free to correct me.

        the sunnis i believe look at muhammad as the messenger of godand they pray 5 times a day.

        the shiites believe that another prophet Ali is gonna come and spread unity. so they’re still waiting on this prophet and i beleive they pray 3 times a day.

      2. I am no expert so I found this as an explanation of the difference:

        The division between Shia and Sunni dates back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and the question of who was to take over the leadership of the Muslim nation. Sunni Muslims agree with the position taken by many of the Prophet’s companions, that the new leader should be elected from among those capable of the job. This is what was done, and the Prophet Muhammad’s close friend and advisor, Abu Bakr, became the first Caliph of the Islamic nation. The word “Sunni” in Arabic comes from a word meaning “one who follows the traditions of the Prophet.”

        On the other hand, some Muslims share the belief that leadership should have stayed within the Prophet’s own family, among those specifically appointed by him, or among Imams appointed by God Himself.

        The Shia Muslims believe that following the Prophet Muhammad’s death, leadership should have passed directly to his cousin/son-in-law, Ali. Throughout history, Shia Muslims have not recognized the authority of elected Muslim leaders, choosing instead to follow a line of Imams which they believe have been appointed by the Prophet Muhammad or God Himself. The word “Shia” in Arabic means a group or supportive party of people. The commonly-known term is shortened from the historical “Shia-t-Ali,” or “the Party of Ali.” They are also known as followers of “Ahl-al-Bayt” or “People of the Household” (of the Prophet).

      3. thanks cathy i was somewhat there but no cigar. thank you

    2. Henry you moron, most jews are converts by the way and have no claim to “the land of Israel”

      the jews denied your christ and call him the devil and talk about defecation on him in the talmud.

      you still wanna fight with them?

      read schlomo sand’s book and educate yourself

  8. I honestly did not intend to rile or alienate anyone. There is no reason for that, this is an open forum for one to state his mind right or wrong. We as Lebanese and caring citizen are taking the time to share our opinion and beliefs and no one should be forced to accept one or the other. We can all debate the issues and at the end of the day retire with the hope that better days are upon us. No need to be aggressive or demeaning one toward the other. No need to follow the steps of our politicians and warlord, I think we are better than they are. If I offended anyone, I apologize and assure you that I am as human, passionate toward every Lebanese wherever they are, as you are. I care about our country as you do. The mechanisms to insure peaceful lives in Lebanon sometime may differ, but I hope the end result are alike. Peace and Love to my brothers and sisters.

  9. Prophet Avatar

    Nice. GOOD START Ali, I hope we can debate MORE WITH OBJECTIVITY than showing hatred, or throwing insults and/ ridiculing the other side… I’ll hold you up to that promise.

    1. ya Nabbi inta… many different names do you have on here? Why cant you just go by your name so you can be addressed properly? Go back to your comments and see how you fired the first shot. My comment was directed at the topic not anyone on here and your reply was insulting and then telling me not to go back. I simply gave my opinion and you attacked, SSNP style and then your eloquent response on how:

      “A Lebanon; where everyone lives with dignity, and freedom.

      A democratic Lebanon; where everyone lives in harmony with everyone else.

      A Lebanon; where everyone has the same rights and responsibilities.

      A Lebanon; where individuals count, not their religion or sect.

      A Lebanon; where you and I can tolerate each other and respect each others views. A Lebanon; where our children have better future.

      A Lebanon; where humanity and civility are respected.

      A place; where our children have to experience what you and I are experiencing now.

      I have nothing to apologize for. I just regret having to exchange with some one is not mature enough to talk politics .

      I forgive you my dear, for you know not what you’re talking about.”

      Just read your first one and tell me how you expect people to live with dignity and freedom when you have so many different forces operating in your country. The second one about peace and harmony, tell me how that one is achievable when you have foreign forces igniting wars?

      I find your comments to be quite hypocritical, you insult someone who is all for what you have written. I dont care about changing or convincing anyone, I just comment on subjects and if you go and read any of my comments you will realize that I hate all sides equally and only wish to come home someday to a peaceful place where no more warlords and foreign operatives, spies exist, but i guess I am a traitor for my wishful thinking.

      I realize halloween is coming up soon and that may have inspired you to come on here with so many different masks ya nabbi inta but please take your masks off and be a man, stick to your words and live by them!

      1. Prophet Avatar


        I told you what names I’m using here. So I can’t be hiding behind names that I disclosed myself. If I may add, my manhood isn’t the question here. I promise not to pick on your lady-like characters, If you promise not question my manhood.

        The issues we’re discussing have no thing to do with how many names I have, or what my name is. You can make fun of any name I use, again it makes no difference. For you to try to turn this debate into personal insults and comics, would not add anything intelligent, and would not change the facts. These were your exact words: “Sorry to offend the SSNP scum posting in this topic”. If calling people that post here scum isn’t an insult, then I don’t know what that is.

        We can get beyond the persona attack, if you wish. I said I forgave you, and maybe we both can learn from this unpleasant exchange. I’m a human, and like all humans can make errors in judgment. I’ve always respected everyone here regardless of their opinions. The last thing I want is for this forum to become hostile.

        I won’t question your Love for Lebanon. I understand that sometimes we get carried away. I have no doubt that you want the best for our country.

        I’ll conclude with this offer to you MARIA: If THE WARLORDS WHO MURDERED MORE THAN 100,000 LEBANESE CAN SIT TOGETHER AND MAKE UP, I’M SURE YOU AND I CAN MAKE UP AND RESPECT EACH OTHER. I have no doubt that you and everyone at this forum is a much better person than those warlords. Long live Lebanon. Peace.

      2. Nabbi, ajabtnee with your response! You are 100% right about the warlords, they should be executed for all the blood they have spilled.

        I have no personal issue with you, I just find it hard to believe when you see people get offended over any comments concerning syria……….A seperate and foreign country with the most blood on its hands.

  10. I know lebanese here in the United States they are good people who just want everyone to leave there country alone. War is coming to lebanon. Israel will strike Irans nuclear facility before the Russian fuel rods are delivered. Iran and Syrian backed Hamas and Hezbolah will retaliate through lebanon’s southern border. TheY are better entrenched this time with more rockets and weapons then last time so this will cause an escalation to the fighting because Israel will have to throw in more armour and troops to break through this line of defense. I feel sorry for the innocent lebaneese people whos lands will be a battlefield. Syria and Iran will use Lebanon as there doormat to wipe there feet on.

    1. Henry, you’re such a hypocrite. In your first comment you indicate that you, as a Christian will fight with Israel, then, in your second posting, you feel sorry for the Lebanese. Lebanese people, Christians, and Muslims will stand together and defend their country. I as a Lebanese Christian would offended by your Christianity and your support of Israel.. Lebanon will do without your sorrow.

  11. Prophet Avatar

    Thanks Henry,

    I doubt that a war breaking out. Israel can not Attack Iran, Unless the US is involved in the attack. The US is too busy trying to figure out its way out of 2 wars , Iraq, and Afghanistan. If you are referring to the Bolton call, I read it as a concession speech. Him CALLING ISRAEL PUBLICLY to attack Iran before the weekend, is a way of saying that attacking Iran is already too late. He’s just saying it for the record, and for History books.

  12. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    Israel infringed on Lebanon Sovereignty by spying so did Syria as much as did the CIA (read Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987) and many others including the Soviet era KGB yet I hear nobody complaining about those. The problem my dear friends is NEVER the enemy whomsoever it is. Nations do their best to gather intelligence to further their chances. Heck, the Mossad constantly spies against the U.S. and when their agents are caught they get punished. The problem is OUR Lebanese nation which is a mosaic of sects fighting over the crumbs of this world. We are ONE nation, we share the same history and the same culture, the same language and the same passion, our love for Lebanon and yet we splinter like glass the second we mention religion. That is our weakness, our curse, and our disease.

    In 1985 (and according to “Veil” the CIA enlisted Saudi Arabia (a U.S. ally) to finance the assassination of Fadlallah killing 80 people and missing their target. In total disregard to slaughtering their brethren (being from a different sect) Lebanese operatives on the ground triggered the bomb near a mosque killing innocent people by CIA orders (supposedly as a revenge for bombing the U.S. barracks) using Saudi money and Lebanese hands.

    So my dear posters, as you see, the problem is not Israel, nor Syria, nor America but the Lebanese traitors themselves who worked for foreigners against their own people.

    1. walid you hit it right in the bulls eye bro.

      ya prophet why are you using so many names. you’re confusing the hell out of me. i dunno who compliment anymore lol

      1. Prophet/Army. Avatar

        No Tony, I don’t use many names. I have only two that I personally disclosed in more than one postings.. I’m sorry for the confusion, Tony.You get what you see, and you see what you get.

      2. Prophet Avatar

        No Tony, I don’t use many names. I have only two that I personally disclosed in more than one postings.. I’m sorry for the confusion, Tony.You get what you see, and you see what you get.

      3. so you’re army and prophet.

      4. Prophet Avatar

        Tony,I Guess you’ve never seen a prophet who is armed?lol

    2. Ya walid your post is truly clever and wise… We should always put our country first our nation first, our people first. I love lebanon, Im a proud lebanese, my enemies is anybody who is trying too use lebanon for is own personnal gain without any consideration of the people well-being. We show the world that lebanon can live in peace it is possible to build a nation with coexistence. To my compatriot lets not forget that civilisation came from us an Europa was a Phoenician princesss.

      May God Protect lebanon and is people from each other and foreigners…


      1. Marc, I give credit where credit is due. thumbs up to you and Walid.

  13. Prophet/ARMY Avatar

    George,Army and prophet is the same.

  14. Prophet Avatar

    George, Army is ame as prophet

  15. ya army prophet ya hero lahed army been forced to join the israels because the lebanese gov let them down they let bounche of asshole palestinain to attack them all the time and without the back up of the lebanese army left them with no choice but to defend there home and remember they where mix of lebanese people and they are the best you can have because they did stood against the palestinain syria is the main problem in lebanon yes .HA did have prisonners in israel and they all return at least they where in good health wile the prisonniers in syria some of them cames back and with in few month they died does thats tell you anything i guess not .

    1. Prophet Avatar

      Joey, Are we here to compare who was more brutal? I hope not… Everyone knows how luxurious the Syrian prisons are. LOL. I don’t condone what the Syrians or Lebanese or any other Arab regime do to their prisoners .

      The Lahad people were brutal to their own villagers. Hundreds of young people were tortured in Alkhyiam prisons for years. Some were killed in prison. A young man died while being tortured. When his body was delivered to his family It was discovered that his eye were removed. All of that was done with the supervision of the Israelis.

      Am I supposed to than Israel for not torturing the HA you mentioned?? Remember that while those prisoners were, as you say treated well, 1400 Lebanese murdered by the Israeli war machine

  16. has anyone bothered reading the mantra of the MOSSAD? do you guys go through life blind or not bother to do a little soul searching from what you see?

    their first mantra on their emblem:

    1) where there is no guidance the people fall.

    do you people not see how that directly relates to lebanon, US and any other country under the israeli spell? lebanon had a shepherd names hariri who was guiiding the sheep to a sanctuary that was gonna bring them to light. well that shepherd was taken out and at the present, we seem to have a few shepherds in his stead ( I wont mention them cos of idiot syndrome attacking me purposes) that are attempting in filling his shoes and are nearly there and israel are hating that.

    these shepherds are……(fill in the blanks)

    their second mantra on their emblem

    2)But in abundance of counsellors there is victory.

    what do you people figure that would be – SPIES and they’re being flushed out which means israel is losing its hold on lebanon slowly but surely cos with the flushing of the spies and the protection of our shepherds, lebanon will soon head toward prosperity in the near future.

    this means we have to continue with our unity as lebanese and march forward as one people one flag and many religions.

    i’m surprised no one even noticed that. i read all emblems and currencies and agency latin inscriptions to see what is the goal of those organisations just like i read the LAFs emblem for the first time ever and i realised that we have a proud and beautiful force that can be counted on if given the chance.

    1. Ya brazzar Tony, er7amna min your syrian nut huggery….khallas f7imna, sooriya oo bashar oo bas!

      I understand, i am seeing the light now, you would rather be brutalized by your brethren than an enemy. syrian, iranian or HA death is much less painless than an IS or US one. Syrian killing a family member is forgivable and should be acceptable, khallas you have won me over, fee maktab SSNP be shimlen oo baakleen kamen, I will register on my next visit oo 3eefna min 7al seeri 🙂

      1. maria habeebti you’re becoming dilusional. how the hell could my interpretation of the israeli mossad emblem direct anything toward syria.

        you want me to blame hizbollah and syria for the israeli emblem?

        whats with you and the syrian love?

        stop with your swareekh baby cos you’re not making sesne in regards to my post.

        why would i mention syria when i’m interpreting the israeli emblem.

        you’re strange habeebti. calm down with your attack on me.

        you know that i hate whining about the past and if you and syria still have a problem, thats YOUR problem.

        dont drag lebanon into your mess.

        i lived through the syrian regime and their tanks are not in lebanon anymore and thats very important to notice. if you tihnk there wont be syrian loyalists, israeli loyalists, american loyalists, russian loyalists, iranian loyalists like any other country on this planet, dream on.

        we need to work with all our enemies in order to safeguard our borders or are you too shallow to notice that ya habeebti.

        my post was specifically to do with the israeli emblem and all i expected from you was a compliment for my sharp observation but instead, you gave me some urine soaked underwear all becasue i didnt have the word syria somewhere in there.

        do you even notice the problem we have right now you and the rest of the blind following you? we have an israeli infestation that might have seriously affected the safety of hariri thus his demise. you want me to turn a blind eye to that? who will be the traitor in this case? me or you sweetie?

        gee thanks my dear.

      2. Tony, this response is not based on this 1 post, its a little humor in response to your many posts. Your mentallity of sweaping things under the rug so you can enjoy a year of peace is not the solution. You are very sharp in criticizing 1 side and blindly support the other, which i believe has caused way more damage and as for traitor talk, dont even go there, because every post ive written criticizes all sides but you guys see my hatred for syrian regime as unpatriotic. Like I said before, HA blew it with there sit in and attack on the mountains, while people are mourning their loved ones, the beik is cutting deals for his legacy to survive. Tony you are a friend and I enjoy your comments and jokes but you really have no idea what happened in May 08 and its aftermath. i can get into extreme detail to prove why I trust no side and that there is no difference who the enemies are and their motives.

        BTW Tony if the weight of blood had a price, you would be on forbes top 100 because………….ma fee at2al min damak ya smeek 🙂

      3. lol maria with the libon writing. offer something with substance to the table cos you keep saying the same crap over and over again. 🙂

        i love you anyway cougar girl with the libon libon libon. 🙂

        so HA blew it with their sit in so khalass we dont talk to them ever again. great thinking sweetie.

        in that case lets all pack up and never come back to lebanon like you huh??

        biddik ajiblik shee min libnan y ammoora. i will be there in 3 weeks so eat your heart out. na na nana naaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

      4. Tony youre too funny, you only mention the sit in, but dont bring up the attack or the ongoing threats of a repeat of may 08 lol You are officially the sugar coat king. Feek tlabis kh@rra be da7ab ya man lol

        As far as bringing anything, thanks Tony, badee salamtak, hope you have a great time, for me 07,08,09 was enough for a while.

      5. maria habeebti i talked about the sit ins and the attacks many times sweetie. i just dont wanna keep repeating myself. dunno how i sugar coat anyting.

        the sit in got dealt with and the attacks got dealt with.

        why wont you come back? why is this political arena so personal to you.

        i honestly dont care an iota about it cos when i come to lebanon i enjoy my family and the food and the beaches…etc.

        why would you not come back to lebanon? i know you said in one of your posts that your relative or sister or something was beating the maid and that disgusted you and you said you will never come back.

        why not go back and lobby the MPs to do more for the labor if you’re that hurt and i dont blame you for real. that was seriously bad.

        i will go to lebanon for a long time cos when i went to school at the shouf national college which overlooked deir il qamar, those years were the best years of my life.

        so when i’ve been back for the first time in 06, 08 and in 3 weeks, i remebered why i loved it even during the civil war.

        you are hurting me with your insults in terms of sugar coating but i’ve talked about all that before and i’m tired of it.

        the repeat of 08 aint gonna happen? why dont you separate politics form personal habeebti.

        you have to sift through all the yelling and ego to get out one sentence that is really the one thats the real message.

        you know when i used to watch CNN, i didnt listen to the news, i would read the ticker at the bottom cos that was the real news and all the verbal diarhoea from the newscaster was exactly that.

        the public speeches are not for the public, they’re for the parties concerned to know that alliances need to be made or else these sheep will rise up for whoever they are.

        dont worry too much cos HA is actually on thin ice from many angles even syria thus gaegae’s statement re HAs absorption.

        these things are bigger than you and i maria so why not we meet in lebanon and drink all night long and celebrate ourselves as people who get along.

        i could care less about HA or FPM or phalange or progresive.

        all i care about is lebanon and one people cos the people want peace and its coming very slowly.

        lemme know if you change your mind about bringing you something back.

  17. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    haha i love your posts maria, i fully agree you tell them!

    1. christian martyr FYI you aint a martyr unless you’re dead bro and thats one.

      two, when lebanon and syria were at war, you have every right to say syrian spies but are you aware that syria and lebanon signed peace agreements and they opened embassies in each others’ countries and bashar assad actually came to lebanon as an invited guest?

      its wierd that you mention spies nowwhen they’re out in the open and every media know who they are. the title has changed from spies to loyalists due to the fact that we are now at peaceful arrangements with syria. our loyalists are in the open – berri, nasrallah, jumblat, aoun, hariri so if syria needs anything now, all they gotta do is pick up the phone.

      big difference there man. israel is at war with us therefore we need to be careful of their actions as it truly doesnt want us to succeed.

      why dont you mention that the US and Israel offered bashar assad the whole of lebanon in return for dimantling HA and he refused which lead to hariri’s killing thus the withdrawal of syria?

      you guys are focusing too much on the wrong areas.

      as a lebanese, i visit lebanon every 2 years since 2006 so for me, peace treaties bring hope to lebanon and its progress.

      i do know for a fact that maria has said it will never go back to lebanon. so do you honestly think i will take her posts seriously?

      my friend rabih hmaydani came back from the states and has opened a pub in gimayze which i will visit during my stay in 3 weeks and we have marillionlb who busts his butt and puts up with darak and power outages.

      if maria doesnt visit lebanon, she will stay in limbo from 30 years ago which is where i was until i visited.

      lebanon since 2006 is absolutely beautiful. the only thing that changed is that theres no more syrian road blocks but the LAF has made up the diffeence. everywhere we go, jawaex il saffar min fadhlak and get out of the car, search the car, okay you can go. whats the difference here? nothing.

      i would like to see HA dismantled, the whole of lebanon under LAF and no road blocks ever.

      i cant wait to go in 3 weeks so, what suggestions do you and maria have?

      maria always wants to execute all the MPs. okay fhimna. that aint gonna happen. whats your other solution? get syria out. from where? they’ve been out since hariri’s assasination.

      get HA out. well thats a little racist cos as a lebanese, i refuse to join your immature comments. HA are lebanese and we need to deal with them accordingly no matter how ridiculous they act.

      its your thinking thats creating problems. why dont you learn from hariri how to deal with one death and handle your country with maturity and diplomacy.

      why dont you listen carefully to president suleimans speeches as they direct the MPs as to his visions and they have to implement it.

      you talk about syria’s troops. what are you on dude? where the hell are syria’s troops man?

  18. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    why is that people are jailed for being spies for israel when syria has also spies and othe low lives woring for it?? why?

    lebanon is for the lebanese we dont need syrias help or its troops thank you

    ALI made a very good point about the aerial survialance of HA since they “apparently” guard lebanon why didnt they shoot down the israel helicopter when it flew over our land to supossedly assisinate pm rifiq hariri? what were they setting there behinf there aerial eating bezir and smoking argili? they expect us to believe there rubbish!

    1. SHHHHHHH, be very quiet! there are moukhabarat on this site, you dont want to upset them.

      last i heard kathy, prophet and victor have made their aliya in syria and are back, taking no prisoners!

      I fear for you my friend!

      Credit goes to my friend Leb-Syrian, I stole a joke from your many great ones!

      1. Nadine Foad Avatar
        Nadine Foad


        You are only good at “Talking” and spreading your anti-unity sentiment. You have no real solution to Lebanon in anyway, your constant negative remarks only shows how biased you are towards Lebanon and how you discredit certain sects from their nationality and their personal commitment to their country. all what you know is get the Syrians out the Iranians too, Get rid of HA and all of the other so called “resistance” then the Israels will come running at us to return the rest of the jnoob (since they are so generous) and then we can build like 100 malls and bring more french TV channels and we be so cool!!!


      2. HAHAAHA Nadine!!! good post!

        khalas shou baddik fiya? her understanding is that you have to be completley and blindly and absolutley against Syria and HA no matter what they do and completly and blindly WITH march 14 no matter what they do.

        if you dont agree with anyone and see good points in each side, it means you are syrian moukhabarat.

        How do you even wanna have a dialogue with such a reasoning?

      3. Nadine, ya 7ayate, ya habebte, my friend please read what you just wrote…..I am against unity and certain sects, ya Nadine, syria or SSNP is not a sect, it is a nationality that is practicing their ideoly in a foreign country. I may talk and criticize because my solution is one that will never be something real in this life time or the next. I ask for all foreign countries, their spies, intelligence, and nationals to leave libon and for all the war criminals who hold all the seats and power to be exiled and for lebanese from abroad to come and govern this country, without religion being the hijacker. I know this dream is a joke to most but if it were to ever come true, could you imagine what kind of country libon would be?

        You know, I realize you are a nice lady and have never said anything insulting on here and so therefor I apologize for insulting you and I have no ill will towards you!

      4. Maria, I said I don’t wanna talk to you and waste my time so I make this very short.

        since you live in Canada, you can listen to Radio Shalom, no joke, on the internet. go listen to commentators and what they have to say about the lebanese army.

        only YESTERDAY (and you can check on their website) was the commentator saying that the army would never even DARE to oppose the IDF (talking about the aug 3rd incident) and that HA had to be involved in this even though ehud barak dismissed that claim.

        nevertheless, he said, the lebanese army is a JOKE and everyone in the world knows that and the IDF would ANHILIATE (THAT WAS HIS WORD) the army in a second because the IDF is the one of the strongest armies in the world and ANY other army would be weak in front of it, because they are too VISIBLE and DO NOT operate like a militia, which is harder to beat.


        and then you keep yapping about different forces in lebanon. FHIMNA!

        no one wants 2 armies in lebanon BUT what do you do in the face of ISRAEL????

        wlek none of you have ever responded to this question though I have asked it a thousand times.

      5. kathy i guess you woke up and craving me first thing…..I will put the trash talk aside and let you know that I dont give a crap about some jackass on a radio station or his sadistic and hidden motives, the issue is what is inside libon and that is corruption by its war lord leaders who will do anything to keep their social status and protect their interests, the interference of foreign countries and their operatives. IF libon can rid itself of iran and syria, the US will put a leash on its rabid mutt and then there will be no reason to think of war, but this is wishful thinking because syria wants its golan back and iran wants control of the region and what better place to fight from than libon. When the 06 war happened, did you hear a peep from iran or syria? did they retaliate because their “brethrean” was getting bombed? assad was hiding in a resort the whole time. Take the floatilla incident, did any of those cowards do anything? iran said they were sending aid with military escort, I called BS from the get go and thats exactly what happened, NOTHING.

        You have to remove the threat from all sides to have peace, not side with an enemy who has caused more torture and pain for the sake of artificial peace.

        Anyways I know im wasting my breath because the libonais are a bunch of “sauvage” that are incapable of running a country independently and without religion.

        anyhow, mabrook, inchala syria always dictate and rule libon!

      6. Maria, I can’t beleive im gonna say this but I agree with you on several things.

        are syria and Iran’s intentions nothing but pure towards Lebanon? Absolutly not and you are right about that.

        the point where we disagree is : “IF libon can rid itself of iran and syria, the US will put a leash on its rabid mutt and then there will be no reason to think of war, ”

        In my very humble opinion, I do not think that this is the only reason why US or Israel want control of Lebanon. there are further interest and a bigger agenda.

        so to be frank, we are screwed on all sides.

        In a perfect world, HA would stay armed FOR NOW but would cut ties with Syria and Iran and work on protecting lebanon only.

        the only problem with that is who would supply them with weapons, etc.

        now I know u say u dont care about some idiot on the radio, but maria, trust me, this is the general beleif in Israel. political experts were on that show, along with an ex-IDF commander, directly from tel-aviv.

  19. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    perhaps smuggling weapons to hezziballah from iran… mmmm?

    1. Cathy,

      Why do we always relied on Iran,Syria,US,SA ect… We in lebanon are always putting other interest in our political reasoning, We lack the hability to think in the interest of lebanon.

      The truth is lebanon or the lebanese state is not yet strong enough. We need our political institution, our justice system, our army to be more and more strong so we can stand for ourself, with one strong unity voice.

      This can only be possible if Hez militia group become one with the Army under the rule of the government and the constitution. If this become a reality any confrontation with Isreal will be mitigated.

      Why because the ,international community would be divided in half, one side for lebanon and another for Isreal.

      This Im sure ISreal understand. So in my humble Hez is doing the work of ISreal by helping them divise us… Any decent nation that became great w had strong institution. Tell me why Lebanon can’t…

      kind regards Sister

      1. Marc, I agree HA becoming one with the LAF is a good solution but do you think Israel will not then say that the LAF has now become equal with terrorist and attack it?

        #2 strategically, from war view point, the only reason the IDF was unable to defeat HA was because HA acted as a militia with secret communication network, tunnels, etc.

        in Iraq, did you know that since they were not “winning” against the insurgents, they had to place a anti-insurgency “militia” to help defeat them and according to the reports in CNN this morning, this was the main reason why they have “succeeded” in iraq and are now withdrawing.

        I only HOPE that what you say happens in Lebanon one day but we also have to be realistic, the IDF can never be defeated with an army that is visible, hell they can burn all of lebanon in less than a day with their weaponry.

        regards to you marc.

      2. Cathy,

        I love exchanging with you. The logic of a militia is great for definding our territory. But you didn’t convince me on leaving them independant…

        The chain of command as to belong to the cabinet the government not Hez. Im not saying to dismantle the militia but let them integrate fully into the army and let them keep their tactics but the command should belong solely to our democratically elected govermment.

        IDF would be scared to attack us if this is the case ( army1+hez1=1), because they would attack lebanon as a whole an not only a sect that is receiving order from Mullahs… And the international community will be more incline to say to Isreal stop attacking lebanon (christian,muslim).

        They Isreal don’t want to see the army become one with hez because they will be lacking in ligitimacy, but today they can say hez is our enemies they are proxies of IRan so we can attack them.

        look what happen with the flotila…


      3. Marc,

        you’re right the command definitley has to belong somewhere down the line to the government and I honestly see that as our future because I do not want them to answer to Iran or Syria in the long run. I think lebanon should have diplomatic good relations with Syria but thats where it stops.

        the only counter-argument I could give is the infiltration of spies in even the army itself, as we have seen, is quite scary and could jeapordize the stength of our LAF+HAZ combined, don’t you think?

        I mean the government wanted to dismantle the communication network in 08 and the truth is, without this “network” many things could have been exposed to the hundreds of spies that were caught in lebanon…

        which is why HA reacted so strongly, albeit not correctly and let me very clear I do not condone what happened and I think many are to blame.

  20. moustapha Avatar


    I have a question. Will fusing the millita under the command of our army eliminate the secterian issues we have with the Hizzy? The hizzy maintains its secrecy by having only its sect enlist. Will that change?

    1. Moustapha,

      Of course, in my opinion this new branch of the military should not be a sect monopoly. But the fusing like you say could create subtancial value to our Army.

      In the army all of lebanese no matter which sect they belong must adhere to the autority of higher command which is link to our goverment.

      cheers Mustapha

    2. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri


      My line exactly. HA hijacked not only our right to resist but in the process ALL of Lebanon. Any political party in Lebanon that does not accept all of Lebanon sects is hegemonic. The motto of HA is “Islamic resistance in Lebanon”. That leaves us Christians out of the equation. I guess we’d better pack and leave.

  21. ARMY i know they israels are real bad people so why on earth we keep provoking them leave them alone make a deal with them and forget about them look at jordan egypt they not bothed with israel any more what do we need to bring the golan for syria let syria fight for it we did pay enought we need pece in our land and you saying about HA where in prision with lahed soliders they where attacking them all the time u cant blame anyone realy its our gov who let all this split happen between the lebanese i did support HA up 2000 israel went out of lebanon enought make strong army and protect lebanon from syria first then israel but as long as HA syria friends we will have no country thats will know the peace and rest

  22. henry what on earth are u smoking man please let me know so i won;t buy it wake up man and stop dreaming non sense

  23. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    TONY A im well aware what a martyr is champ so i dont need you to explain to me what martyr is iam a well educated person as i live in a english country and i visit lebanon every year and i know all about it, see when i mention to you syria if you read and understand my articles properly i give my evidence why im agaisnt syria and its because of the incidents ive witnessed from the syrian troops while i lived in lebanon and meanwhile the syrian troops were in lebanon… i agree with you on peace aggreement with syria but i dont see how isreal is our enemy let me educate you on something its hezzeballas enemy, its there war with israel since the year 2000 have you heard of the israelis and lebanese troops at war?? even when israel invaded lebanon is 2006 if it was our war why didnt the lebanese army get involved? see im for the lebanese governmet not a militia… israel is your enemy not mine 🙂

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      What ever happened to “ana wu khayye 3ala eben 3amme, wu ana wu eben 3amme 3all ghariib”???

      So in your eyes we are not even brothers even if we belong to a different ideology.

      You see, as I said, a failed state…

      I have the solution… Unfortunately nobody asked me… lol

    2. Christian martyr,

      unfortunatley as much as many lebanese opposed to HA like to beleive this, HA is not the only one at war with Israel…

      I posted something under another title on this site about I found on hareetz news site.

      their motives and goals are pretty clear, they want us to keep the 400K palestinian refugees so that they can never come back to palestine. Also, if there is a pro-israeli govt in lebanon, in their minds, it will be easy to send some more palis into our country as they need more space for yeretz israel. and while they are at it, they may want to take some water from us and annex a couple villages to their land.

      it may seem to you that they are only at war with HA because it is ONLY HA who is still standing in their way of accomplishing their goals.

      1. Cathy,

        I agree with most of what you are saying, although the palis came in the 70 and the president of the Time Helou accepted them.

        He had no choice because of the pressure of the arab world. So the palis problem is our problem know we have to deal with Isreal. We need to be strong as a state to be able to negociate hard with them eventually. Because a day will come and we will have to sit with them like Jordan and Egypt.

        But the ” raison d’être” of hez is to always be in conflict with them until they ( Isreal )do not exist, since that their resistance is an Islamic one…


      2. Marc, I agree, HA might have started the party under islamic notion and calling it the islamic resistance, but they have come out and said that the party’s “motto” if you will has changed, and now he always calls it the lebanese resistance whenever he makes a speech.

        thats not to say that it might be just a PR stunt in order to get christian backing but even though most in it are shia, they do say that anyone is welcome to join…is that true? I dont know

        as far as negotiations is concerned, Israel will NEVER take back palestinians an give them the right to return.

        Queen Rania was making a speech at some US university where she said we are hopefull that one day these palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, etc. will one day return to their homes but we all know it aint happening and we have to deal with the cnsequence.

        I have nothing against palestinians, but they do not belong in Lebanon and should have the right to return to their homes and lands.

      3. Marc one more thing, egypt only has about 70K refugees compared to our whopping 400K

        also, Israel never “occupied” egypt or Jordan in the manner that it has Lebanon for over 20 years and bombarded it and killed its civilians. you might say it is because of their peace treaty, but even at that, lets say after Israel got arafat out of lebanon, instead of making peace efforts, why did it deepen its invasion and occupation?

        I mean I think Lebanon has resources (water) that Israel wants..I think Lebanon itself being the paris of the middle east is in itself a threat to the economy of Israel and its image….

        I think Lebanon, being much smaller than Egypt and Jordan, is easier to control….

  24. sorry christian martyr i totally disagree with you. if you visit lebanon yearly, where are the syrian troops? i dont see any.

    if HA is your enemy then sit down and talk with them as your fellow lebanese. i dunno why you see them as monsters and ghouls.

    i also disagree with you that the war with israel is only with HA. thats a little narrow minded and selfish if not outright oblivious.

    israels been attacking lebanon long before HA was created in 1982 so how can you say that israel is not lebanon’s enemy.

    its israel that actually created HA cos the USA and israel love to breed extremism around the world. why? cos it serves their purposes for survival. as long as there are extremists, the world is not focused on israels handling of the palestinians.

    the lebanese army didnt get involved in 2006 cos they were ordered not to. the lebanese army wasnt ready in 2006. they’re ready now and thats all i care about.

    i dont care about yesterday or the day before as each day brings a new batch of energy.

    so if israel created HA with its constant bombardment of the south, who is lebanons enemy and why cant you see israels motive.

    if you’re for the lebanese government, then rally your MP in your constituent (if there is such a thing) to encourage gaegae and HA to continue with their cooperation in merging HA weapons and military under the LAF.

    what will you say when that happens and the LAF will become such a powerful force and israel invades then? will you still say israel is MY enemy and not YOURS?

    will you keep poiting fingers at HA after they become strictly a political wing?

    will you ever be happy and not so lovey dovey with israel who is sinking our country with its infestations of spying?

    you incidents fro syrian troops are from when? 5, 10, 15 years ago? we all went thru it man. we can all share stories but they’re long gone bro. move on. this is life and this is war.

    now we are at peace, but not with israel so its a lebanese problem and NOT a personal problem.

    1. Tony & Cathy whom I respect but sometime disagree.Let me ask a question do you think one day we will make peace with Isreal.

      Actually myself I do, believe we will have to make peace with them. Because, only peace can bring hope.

      Let try to build bridges even with our worst enememy who ever it might be.

      I see hez a show stopper for real peace amoung us first. I don,t trust Syrian, Iran… I believe Isreal is a nation govern by the rule of law. Although some of their ruling are not always in favor of the weak and poor.

      I disagree with them on many of their political approach -like the fact they built a wall to separate them from the palis, and their over all treatment of the palis.

      I prefer to live in a demotratic nation than anything else. Why do we have to play by the Islamist book, eye for an eye and a…The jewish state is exactly the same … We need to brake this vicious circle…Like Saddat did and Hussein… A true solution will come trought a real respectful dialogue…

      Please share you thougth with me.

      Peace to you all

      1. marc when israel treats palis like humans and tear down their walls, israel itself will change its image worldwide and will not need to keep intigating strife and problems in order to keep the world community distracted from its brutal operations.

        the problem is that israel is not realising the beauty of co-existence which some right wingers are actually beginning to voice.

        as i’ve said before marc, the 2 state solution wont work. how can it? please answer me this marc cos you seeem intelligent and you honestly wanna seek answers.

        you got gaza on one side and west bank on the other. are you gonna build a bridge between them to connect to each other? will you call one palestie major and the other palestine minor?

        logistically the 2 state soluton is a failed marraige which only leaves coexistence as the only justifiable solution and you will see in due time, the wall will come tumbling down just like it did in germany and palisrael will emerge which will hopefully bring peace to the entire world as all extremist groups will either dismantle or be battled to submission as israel will be no more and the entire world will hopefully finally tear down all its borders so people can enjoy employment and residency anywhere they want.

        thats my vision and HA fyi is a by-product of israel’s bombardment so if you need to attack anyone, attack for israel for creating HA. before 82 there was no HA. if the south didnt keep getting bombed, why would HA even exist?

        the islamist book you talk about in terms of an eye for an eye is also found in the tora, the old testament and even spiritual teachings.

        the only difference in the spiritual philosophies is that the eye for an eye is interpreted as the karmic cycle or energy that comes back at you indiscriminately.

        israel is a nation governed by rules that only safeguard the rights of the jews so if you think thats democratic, boy, thats a sad democracy.

  25. Abou Daoud Avatar
    Abou Daoud

    Tony Syrians are gone we all now that that’s why you don’t see them now. Christian Martyr has maybe lost his family in a Syrian shelling as i did ….

    I am quite amazed how you know the opionion of almost evryone better than themselves. In one post you treat Geagea as crimial the you call his criminal suggestion about HA as a fact which has not even been commented by HA itself …. how did the Yassir and his Fath reach Beyrouth and from where did they attack Israel? Grow up and study history please. You will find that any islamist organisation will try to destroy Israel. HA is the ennemy of Israel – and vice versa …

    1. Abou daoud, yes islamic org want to destroy israel but dont act as if christians should their friend too?

      do you guys not read the news ya 3ammeh??

      do you know what is happening to christians in israel?

      Israel doesnt care about ANYONE who is NON-JEWISH. get that through your skull.

    2. abou daoud we all lost during the syrian and civil war. how long do you wanna mourn. my mothers been passed away for over 10 years due to hospital error. do you want me to go bomb that hospital and keep hating it? khalas man, i forgave them cos forgive them god, they not what they do. the medical industry is all guess work.

      god only gave us 3% of our physical brain to use and look at what we’ve done to each other.

      thats why when we meditate and we use the other 97%, we can see the power of our brain via the spiritual world.

      why should i learn about the history when you people give me minuses when i try to understand HAs creation. when i say israels been invadinh lebanon long before HA was creaated in 1982, i get minuses.

      i say i hate gaegae cos he was a butcher and now he is doing something good for lebanon by cooperating with HA. read the article man. gaegae has issued the statement to put HA under the LAF wing. are you not happy with that or would you rather keep fighting.

      what do i care about fatih and yassir and beyrouth. i was 10 when that happened and i was there and who cares. arafat is dead allah yir7amoo and you love to harp over the past. move on.

      so i’ll keep the history lesson for you to love and enjoy and stay stuck in the 60s. please dont tell me you still wear bell bottom jeasm and you have a big afro.

      you talk about islamists hating israel. gee i wonder why? they get edication really? trying telling that to the gazans who cant do anything with their education.

      why dont you start studying chemistry so that you can understand that for every action theres an equal and opposite reaction. when israels been brutalising humans for 50 years, do you think that will breed love?

      i gave you a thumbs down for yout post anyway.

      i love everybody and i hate all parties and i love progression and lebanon is moving forward and people like you are stopping it cos you think that the war is not over and you have unanswered questions.

      we all do. who bombed our house in alley? who thought that they could steal all our belongings and rip out the electrical wiring and dooors and drawers and switches and windows and destroy it until we went back after the war and rebuilt it?

      who allowed the syrians in? we all did. we are all guilty so now we are all moving on except you of course.

      to anyone who lost anyone during the civil war and syrian war alla yir7amoon and i know they’re in a better place than we are for sure.

      the people who are left behind suffer the most which is why getting a hold of god soothes all ailments.

  26. PROPHET Avatar

    Christian martyr

    I understand that you don’t consider Israel you enemy. I won’t repeat everything I’ve posted regarding Israel’s aggression toward Lebanon and the whole region.But There is a nationalConsensus in Lebanon that views Israel as the only enemy. I hope you can only respect that Consensus. I understand that you consider HA your enemy and Israel’s only enemy in Lebanon. Can you tell me than why were Israel attacking Lebanese villages back in the40’s and 50’s? Why was Israel raiding our border towns and killing people and destroying homes? You know at that time , we had no Palestinian militants in Lebanon, The PLO wasn’t even created. The Iranian revolution wasn’t even conceived yet. I won’t mention HA, because the majority of southerners were not even into religion or even GOD. Most people were either pan Arab supporters or leftists.

    If you believe that Israel views any Lebanese or Arab differently, you live in an illusion. Just look at how Israel used its Lebanese supporters during the Occupation of the south. They were sand bags to protect Israeli soldiers and border. When Israel left, they abandoned them. Those are the guys that died protecting Israel, they were left begging at the border to be allowed into Israel .One day ,I hope , you’d realize that Israel has no friends, but rather disposable people that are thrown away when they are not needed anymore. Just like a condom.

    I don’t think that your grievances against the Syrian should blind to the point where you consider Israel as your friend. All Lebanese agree are in agreement that Syrian presence in Lebanon was a terrible one. Every one suffered from them, one way or the other .But when the 2006 war was going on, Syria was the only outlet for Lebanese. No one is asking you to support the Syrian or HA. The least we ask you is to open your eyes and start realizing the truth that Israel is the enemy, and that it will always have bad intentions toward Lebanon

  27. Abou Daoud Avatar
    Abou Daoud

    Cathy knowledge comes through the eyes and ears and hands working.

    The sad story is that even muslims in Israel have more chance:

    – to become literate

    – practice his religion

    – be member of a political party

    – take part in open elections

    – have an employement

    – get medical treatment

    – have a fair trial

    Than in almost any OIC country .

    Latest findings: among the top 500 universities 3 are from Islamic countries (1 Iran 2 Saudi Arabia).

    South Africa alone has more than the entire Arabic world. This also valid for tiny Switzerland and Israel. India has a few and Pakistan none (same history if you want to blame the colonial brits now).

    Gazan’s may go to egyptian hospitals and sisjordanians to jordanian hospitals but hold where do they go? Israel …

    I don’t mind that dogs love dogs even if they do it on the road.

    But whe they bite me only because i’m not a dog ….. Islamist don’t even care about themselves. Less than 25% of the finacial support for Gaza and sisjordan are provide by Arab (muslim countries) almost 70% by guess who … the US and Europe.

    Everytime you think Jews are bad i don’t even need to judge (if they care about anyone) at least they care for themselves and do not threaten anyone like the islamists do.

    Don’t ask if you don’t care about knowledge and tolerance. Do you want Freedom or Submission?

    Stop whining …. and inform yourself

    1. abu daoud egypt closed the rafah crossing for years man. gazans couldnt go anywhere. your info is very biased and distorted.

      you have forgotten to mention that lebanon has always boasted having the AUB which since the 60s its been a great university for our children.

      the only one i see bending over in subnmission is you with an invite to israel to conquer lebanon. how will we be free when you got so many spies pleasing israel who most likely killed hairiri.

      its wierd that you tell cathy to stop whining when its you thats whining about arafat and stuff that happened 40 years ago.

  28. PROPHET Avatar

    Abou, you are so right. You made me think of something else now. If we add up all the money Saudi Arabi, USA,Iran,Qtar invetsted in our latest election, W’d have been able to build few universities,and couple of power generating stations to fix the power outage once and f or all.

  29. PROPHET Avatar

    Also,The money that was wasted by Arab countries in their failed wars against Israel, and the money they gave to Arafat, may have even tempted The Israeli to sell them back Palestine. LOL

  30. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    Guys and gals, Honestly I got tired reading your posts is like someone turning in a circle without an exit. Its very hard to persuade each other so at the end isnt a debate anymore. I am sorry I prefer to read and smile. At least I admire the respect you have to each other despite the difference in your opinions.

    Vive le Liban Libre

  31. ABOU DAOUD Avatar

    Tony AUB is not in the top 500 and without American there would maybe no UB at all … ther first meaning of martyr or shahid is witness – of God or Allah.

    Hesb’Allah itself does not have Lubnan on its agenda – only the Koran the Sharia and the Caliphate. Why did HA attack Israel on undisputed soil in 2006?

    for sure not to defend Liban.

    You should rather explain why HA was NOT created 1948 or 67 IF Israel “always attacked” lebanon.

    Iran is not the answer – it is the problem.

    Bad for the Gazans and im sorry for them – the majority voted for the destruction of Israel – which closed the door. Yep i said too bad but there is always worse: Egypt took their nationalty away and is locking it’s own nationals in – they may always leave (under harsh and unfair conditions) towards Israel and Egypt for humanitarian reasons – back to square one: why are 95% of medical emegencies going to Israel instead of Egypt? Because they are not the apes and pigs as HA says. The fact that you are the enemy of my enemy does not mean you are my friend. Now that HA says if you are not with us your are our enemy . . all those who wants justice and truth are the enemies of HA – and the opposite way round.

    1. yo AD i just got off work here its 1030pm and thank you for your post.

      i dont care if AUB is not in the top 500. without american, we would still have a university maybe called l’ecole de beyrouth or maybe german backed. who knows? just cos the AUB is not in the top 500, well maybe thats cos the zionist controlled planet hates to advertise anything from the arab world including and especially colleges and schools.

      HA was created at a time when HA needed to be created.

      i’m beginning to think that you’re not lebanese as many pro-israelis are changing their names so that they come here and try to continue with their attempts to divide us.

      the creation of HA was to protect the shia from extinction cos of the continuos bombardments of the south as well as the lack of the LAFs protection.

      of course i can understand their anger.

      israel was gonna attack in 2006 regardless whether HA kidnapped the cowards or not so to sit there and blab about undisputed soil tells me you’re a zionist posing as a lebanese so stop wasting our time and go post on the haaretz where you’re loved.

      undisputed soil you say? israel’s soil is undisputed? ok well at least one of us is living in reality and it aint you.

      gazans were encouraged to practice elections and freedom of rights to vote and they got punished cos they voted hammas. who is the criminal, hamas or israel?

      its really obvious to me how its so easy to spot an israeli a mile away cos you’re so gung ho about israel that you’re ridiculous.

      95% of medical emergencies you insulant individual is going to israel cos of the largest outside prison in the world that israel created that is harbouring many unhealthy prisoners.

      why is it that israel has invaded the USA like an amoeba that feeds quietly on its prey and has been milking every last penny from it and the US people have not awoken yet?

      wake up america and lobby your congressmen hard to stop the tap to isreal. do it so you can save your selves from poverty.

      you keep talking about HA. lets talk about the 50 years of media brainwashing that israel has pumped into the sheeple of this planet that anyone criticising israel is anti-semitic? whats more stupid and ridiculous is the statement or the iditos that have never questioned this statement.

      well thanks to being in the age of awareness in our present planetary alignments as well as having the internet, israel is slowly being exposed and many universities, music artists, city halls, countries are divesting from companies dealing with israel.

      even bush started the mantra that if you’re anti-republican, you’re anti-democratic.

      so HA is no different except for the fact that they are a resistance group as opposed to the US and israel that are terrorist countries.

      please go waste someone elses time and let me rejoice the fact that gaegae and HA are slowly but surely startig dialog that will absorb HA into the LAF and israel will soon have a tricky time convincing the world body that the LAF is an illegitimate group to justify its invasions.

      just like the IRA dismantled and is now part of the army thus making it strictly a political group, HA is going to experience the same metamorphosis that will allow it to enjoy the security for its people from the very country that they were born in and should have protected them a long time ago.

    2. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      ABOU Daoud,

      First let me start by saying that I feel sorry for you and for your son since his name is David (it says it all).

      Second, AUB is one of the best universities in the world whether you like it or not. Top notch people graduated from there, including myself, and I hate to brag, but my colleagues and myself did extremely well for ourselves. Don’t come back preaching me Harvard, or MIT as I have been in Academia ALL my life except for a small stint (less than a year) in a startup company and I have seen the quality of students graduating from all those universities. The difference is in the quality of the students recruited and advertising them for jobs in the aftermath. That’s all. The education and the books and the teachers are all pretty much the same. As a matter of fact they, the teachers, hop around between those universities for exposure quite often.

      You people give uneducated guesses at best and pose as knowledgeable individuals because you got yourselves a keyboard. At least research your facts before you spit garbage out of your mouth.

      Like the Lebanese saying goes: “Saaer lal khara mara wu saaer yehhke bell taellaaq”. (I love Lebanese sayings, so fitting! LOL)

      1. i love you walid.

  32. ARMY everyone in here know;s thats israel a brutal country and they don;t like no one but themself thats true iam not trying to defend them in anyway israel does want to take the palestinian land but thats should be an international problems man why only lebanon have to pay the full price there is palestinian all over they only want to fight from lebanon because we gave the a piggy bag my friend we gave them whatever they wan;t all paletinain children study for free in lebanon but my children can;t do so is that a fair country ya prohet is that a nice home for our children hey bro you did say thats the christain who help protecting the israels borders been used as sand bag and when the isreals pulled out they didn;t want to take them and there is a lot of them they didn;t want to go because they are lebanese and they belived they where fighting for lebanon and what the lebanese gov did to attrack them back? i tell you what they did they call them treaters and the bang a jail term on them waw thats will encourage them to come back one think i hope syria is not yousing HA as send bag for hereself i know thats you and tony A keep saying move on and evrey one been hurt from the syrian belive be you have no clue what you are talkin about my friend if my mother syrian i will kill here myself thats how much i moved on and there is a lot of lebanese similar to me they don;t hate HA because they are HA the hate them because the are dealing with syria and let hot they don;t use them like condom too thats will be a big shame lets hope one day we will have our lebanon back from the death god is great peace

  33. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    Prophet im with you on the post you made.

    fellow brothers and sisters like weve managed a peace agreament with with syria why cant we manage one with israel? i understand how hard it is to consider them as a friend to us when they bomb our country,but it made it clear to the lebanese govenment that we dont want nothing from you were just after HA because the lebanese army had no power over what was happening in the south. Correct if im wrong i honestly see HA is a syrian and iranian project to fight israel guys honestly speaking if they cared so much about protecting us from israel if it was much of a threat to the lebanese 2000s on why didnt the same two countries give its arms to the lebanese army rather than HA? wouldnt it of been complex free if we just had the lebanese army in lebanon? and the lebanese people as one rather than sects? guys my point im making here today as much HA tries and tries i doubt itll get far why? because every time HA would come out to talk or complain about the brutality the israelis convey on the palestinian people you get ameria an ally to israel standing up to say na were not going to accept niether the rest of the world your a terrorist org allied with with iran and syria in which whom are my enemys in lebanon not a lebanese govt. … IF these so called countries cared so much about our unity give all your amrs to govt. rather than a shiite organisation in lebanon why giving the americans and the rest of the world something to talk about? when youve got syria and iran against america and its alies in this case youve got x tryin to get to y and its happening in our country.

    Tony brother the syrian troops have left lebanon bro a long time i know but but syria its his hands in lebanon and many mp who are pro syrians, you seen the article the other day where a chieft member of HA saying us and the syrians are still washed in each others blood and there the type of organisations who promote war. Sit with HA and talk i wish this could happen talk about what? everytime theres something they dont like they other dont allow the constitution pass or there closing the road to the airport or burning tyres or threatening that will be dead bodies in the trunk of cars come on bro tell me? im not a pro israeli but im just tryin to share my views on matters and its problems from 10 15 years ago that influence the thinking of many lebanese today.

    peace brothers and sisters

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      A martyr is already dead and dead people tell no tales… So if you do not change your silly name stop talking…

      I will tell you why peace with Israel SHOULD not happen (at the moment).

      I have many investments in the stock market. However, I NEVER invest in (Atria-Phillip-Morris) EVEN if it would make me a millionaire. WHY? because they make cigarettes, something that kills people by the thousands. It is a matter of conscience. Israel, should resolve the issue of the Palestinians and give them a place they could call their own BEFORE I would sit down and consider peace. That does not mean that I advocate attacking Israel. There are other means to achieve one’s goals “bedoun khabiit”. That being said, I would have NEVER exchanged goodies with Syria neither until they return the prisoners and demarcate the borders and THEN some (i.e. apologize for the atrocities they committed against the Lebanese people.)…

      1. walid i agree with you again.

        CM read my posts re the car trunks and HA and syria.

        i am not the controller of our present path in lebanon nor am i the solution.

        i am only wanting peace for my country and i have always said that we need to be cautious of all alliances be they with syria israel iran turkey USA france and whoever cos they all serve their interests.

        having said that, i’m happy with the opening of the embassies between syria and lebanon cos its a step toward demarcation of borders, prisoner return hopefully, veterans day maybe and i will only sign peace with israel when they stop treating palestinians like garbage.

        many ask what does israel gain out of killing many mps. a lot cos it causes civil strife and they can keep pumping spies here as we keep being distracted that its syria.

        as for jumblatt? i know syria killed him and that was a very sad day for me as we drove by the sopt he was killed and everyone knows it was the syrians. what can i do about it? zilch, nada, donut, nothing, ne rien, wala shee soto cry abnout something i cant change i find silly cos lifes too short and i’m not in power.

        so i have personally moved on just like i moved on re my house. who else would have stole all our stuff except for the druse of our communty cos we heard there were 2 families during the war robbing everybody and making money. what can i do about that? again, nothing….

        our house roof got bombed supposedly by the USS New Jersey and the bullets in it are from fighters that took shelter in it.

        i totally agree with joannas post that many of us got wronged by many sides so, i aint gonna sit there and hate everybody. it was a civil war as well as a syrian-lebanese war as well as a lebanon israel war so, what do you want me to do, walk around harping that our country is ruined?

        our leaders have signed peace agreements with syria and i must accept cos i aint in control of anything. these things are above all our heads unless we become MPs.

        i do see hope with those agreements as i am sure our leaders are at least protecting lebanon from the lesser of 2 evils. do i trust syria? who in their right mind would?

        i trust nobody in politics cos as i said, in politics, nothings personal and its all about favors and benefits.

        right now our alliance with syria benefits us cos it serves for our stability. we can use syria to pressure talks with israel to give back some lands which i honestly think is a petty thing cos as a spiritualist, i dont believe anybody should own land cos we”re all going back to god so none of this on mother earth is ours anyway.

        but i’m getting too deep for many of you on this site so i will stick to the shallow stuff like yeah lets have this land back and demarcate borders and blah blah.

        to me, i want peace all over the planet but i think we’re on a planet of neanderthals that havent even begun to master the art of love thy neighbor nor the beauty of share the land nor the wonders of integration of cultures nor the imagination of using the mind or even the similarities of religion.

        i used to worry about maronites cos of my ignorance to their philosophy as i thought they were evil and i had no idea of their beliefs or tenets until my friend walid khouri through private emails enlightened me of their religious platform.

        i can honestly say that now that he made me aware of their standings on religion and their views, i actually like them.

        thats the problem with many of us which is why i see hope with the LAF and HA integrating cos of people like walid and i in both camps that will get together and talk like us and get to realise that hey, we’re not so different after all and that will be the beginning of the creation of a string army.

        i ahve no apologies about my mentality as ogd has forgiven us over and over again so, if i can forgive the war and welcome a new horizon for lebanon, i will and its not for me cos i’m an expat, its for the brave lebanese who have stuck it out for the past 50 years and are tired of war and black outs so, its for them that i want peace but not at lebanons expense.

        i urge our leaders like i have said before to walk in with a pen in one hand and a knife in the other cos politics is a treacherous jungle.

      2. Leborigine Avatar

        Well said, to all the uneducated, that is how you write a post!!

    2. PROPHET Avatar

      Christian martyr

      Ya habibi ya Shahid,

      Thank you for your reply. It is very common for Lebanese, especially us who experienced the horrors of the civil wars, the Palestinian presence, the Syrian presence, and the Israeli Invasions to develop different or opposing views. Those events effected us one way or another, and everyone of us may have been affected differently by the same event. I don’t have any intention of saying things to score points, and I hope you don’t either. None of what I say is intended to offend anyone.

      I reject the notion that we signed a peace agreement with Syria. Syria was never an enemy of Lebanon. Syria and Lebanon have had a complicated relationship since the creation of both nations. Many of those differences have been resolved, and many more still need to be resolved. Even now, there is a consensus that Syria isn’t the enemy.

      On The other hand Israel, without repeating what I’ve said in my previous posting, has been an enemy to all of Lebanon, though some may have been blinded by the PLO‘s inexcusable record. But With the departure of the PLO, “the Palestinian threat” had ended. We were left with an occupation for a large part of our country. The only party that had not been involved in the civil war was HA. While Lebanese factions were killing each other and the rest of the Lebanese, HA was fighting Israel, and continued to do so until It liberate it most of the south.

      There is no logic in your claim that HA is a Syrian or Iranian project designed to fight Israel . If you mean HA is supported by Syria and Iran, then it’s a fact no one denies. But If you mean that they are Iranian or Syrian Proxies, it’s an insult to the thousands of people who died fighting to liberate the south. It is also an insult to most Lebanese to say that they died for Iran or Syria. No one would like his home destroyed to please Iran or Syria or any other country, Unless we assume People are stupid, and I don’t think you do. People of the south were abandoned by their own state, abused by the PLO, the Israelis, and the Lahad army. The notion that People who were left alone; no National Army to defend them, no State to protect them or offer any services just decided to fight and die for Iran makes no sense at all.

      You continue to say that no one gave Arms to the Lebanese Army. We had no army. Our Army was divided. Our own army was hijacked by various factions. I don’t need to remind you of the battles our Army was injected in. Do you really think anyone was going to arm a divided army? Do you think the usa or the west would Arm our Army to fight Israel? Do you think Lebanon would even dare accept sophisticated arms from Iran? I’m not suggesting any of the above. The Problem isn’t only arming the army, it’s a political decision that Our Government isn’t capable of making due to the delicate sectarian balance. In other word, unless we decide what type of Political system we need for our country, we won’t be able to decide how to defend it. To make the first decision, it will take guts. It would take thinking outside of the box. That’s another subject we can visit another time.

      1. Prophet,

        Here is my take on Hez… Who funds them Iran you support them Syria. So if it is not their project. I wonder what else we can call it…

      2. PROPHET Avatar


        You want to pick and choose. You take a word out of contest and you turn it around.

        I’ll do that too.

        As far as I know Neither Iran or Syria is considerate an enemy by the State of Lebanon.

  34. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    i dont mean to generalise but i agree with abou daoud almost every muslim i know here hate jews and consider them enemys even from 10 years young born and living in a english speaking country they tell you they hate jews…

    1. yo CM i doubt they say jews (as the religion) cos islam has no problem with judaism ONLY zionism so if they say jews they are not meaning the religion at all so lets make that clear.

    2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      ya dont mean to generalize, but guess what? ya did! And no muslims are not taught to hate jews, they just hate Israel. Muslims are taught to live in peace with jews, and christians “ahl il kitab”. It seems to me that you have a problem with muslims though.

      And anti-semitism exists everywhere, I have met people from all different backrounds in America that hate Jews, So dont use your “english speaking countries” bull$hit with me. And you criticize Hezbollah, cuz they fight in the name of Islam? However your no better, According to your name on here “Christian Martyr”, your headed in the same fanatic direction that they are in.

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        Also, ya got 2 thumbs down from me, damn am i glad my computer let me refresh 🙂

  35. christian martyr Avatar
    christian martyr

    LOL and jews only happen to follow judaism? but i can understand what your trying to say , but besides this im tryin to stress the fact that most parents feed thier kids with this hate when these children dont even know what lebanon looks like

  36. true all the crap on our planet is passed on and its up to the new generation to change it but many children would rather please their communities and fmailies than be alienated.

    look at the children of israel who are taken on field trips to sign missiles. how evil is that?

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      Spot on, I love you too brother…


    AY walid and leb syrian let me clarify your ridiculous thinking of the name im using… Firstly my birth name is christian for gods sake! Secondly there different meanings to martyr ya zkeya

    1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion.

    2. a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause: a martyr to the cause of social justice.

    3. a person who undergoes severe or constant suffering: a martyr to severe headaches.

    4. a person who seeks sympathy or attention by feigning or exaggerating pain, deprivation,


    now my meaning of martyr is a sacrificing person i hope you can link my meaning with the 3rd meaning ive given you…

    Thirdly lebsyrian love to break it you but my goodfriend in which whom i spend time with on a daily basis is shiitte muslim from bierut and my next door nieghbours whos kid and baby twins eat, sleep and are babysitted by my family are syrian druze AND my sisters friend is a sunni muslim from future think about that before you indirectly call me a racist due to your disagreements with my posts in which honest before god i post what i think and not with the intention of being racist

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      CHRISTIAN MARTYR, I replied to you post. I hope you got the chance to read it. ENJOY

    2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Just because u know muslims or have muslim friends doesnt make it okay to generalize. And even if u feel the need to, keep it to yourself.

    3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Christian martyr i find your post offensive because u generalized me. I am a sunni muslim, and I for one can tell u that i dont hate jews, or not even all Israelis for that matter. I love everyone who loves peace and tolerance and unity. I know plenty of non muslims who have said much worse things about Jews then I ever have or would. I dont think its nice to generalize in any way shape or form. And you should be ashamed that u are “friends” with all those muslims and yet u know nothing about them and generalize them to say we are born to hate Israeli’s. Your comment sounds like something id read on a zionist website.

      1. Leb-syrian bro you are totally right.

        also, jews are actually taught the exact same thing. I remember this documentary on CNN that got CNN banned from Israel because a jew said that since he was little, and like every jew he knows, the parents have always taught them to hate arabs and think of all of them as suicidal maniacs but when he went himself into the arab territories, and met with real palestinian muslims, he realize how untrue it was and how welcoming they were, as long as you didnt threaten to take away their land and homes lol

      2. PROPHET Avatar

        Are expressions of hate protected under freedom of speech?


    Yes brother thank you for your information… i really liked 😉

    in my view is see the syrian and iranian government putting HA on the forefront to achieve there defeat on israel as they have a long hstory of war with each other now what in your opinion would be a much easier solution giving power to an army that you say was broken up or to a group of civilians? bro lets be realistic here each country favoured or allied different sects this is why we all have diff opinions see before israel withdrew its troops it turned over its position to the SLA south lebanon army the sla position was to keep guard on the border from any PLO attacks and counter attacks israel even left an open border called “the good fence” where it allowed lebanese residents to find work in israel… a good friend of mine from south lebanon (jezin) was forced to leave when israel left because hassan nassralah threatened to kill them if they stayed so this bloke and his family moved to israel went to school there talks jewish even listens to jewish music, there really not as bad as people make them sound like egypt why cant our country sign peace with them enforce HA to become involved in the lebanese army get the two to give the prisoners back and put our people n country at rest cause as its evident the israeli invasion were clearly not from the lebanese people not till the 2000s

    god bless

  39. PROPHET Avatar


    You definitely misunderstood my point alltogether.

    I was answering your question as to why No one wanted to supply arms to our Army at the time. I was in no way advocating any replacement of the Army by HA or civilian’s resistance. I was just stating historical facts, George. Please do not twist my words.

    I Posted a comment stating exactly what you said about different sects allying with different countries for protection. So we’re in agreement there, except that I think the sects’ alliances with other countries started way back when the country was being created under a sectarian structure.

    Your information about the way Israel left in 2000 isn’t accurate George. I come from the area myself. I know for a fact that The Last Israeli soldier leaving took place as the sla was at the border gates .I don’t know about your friend’s story, but It is a fact that not HA, not any body took revenge on any of the people that worked with the Israelis. As a matter of fact, hundreds of sla a members are living in the area now, even those who had blood on their hand. There might be more to your friends’ tale than we both know. As for those who were allowed to work in Israel, they had to be related to a member of the sla . Let’s not get sectarian here, there were more shiia members with the sla than Christian .I challenge your friend to go public with his story. People who suffered from the Israelis and the sla were blaming HA and the Lebanese government for letting most of the sla members get off the hook on easy sentences. You want me to really believe your friends story? I’m sorry bro, I won’t.

    I can’t understand your eagerness to sign a peace treaty with Israel when Israel doesn’t want peace with any one .You always ignore the historic events that led us to where we are. Unless you’re thinking of a treaty like the one signed in 83. You always advocate peace with Israel, but you never explained the conditions upon which we should sign one. You make it seem like Israel is begging us to sign a peace agreement. Didn’t Lebanon negotiate for few years with them? Did we get anywhere? Are you willing to give Israel the Lebanese water they demand and claim? Are you willing to give them warning stations on top of our mountains? Are you willing to naturalize the Palestinian refugees who are in Lebanon ?these are few(of a long list ) of the demands that Israel asked us to do last time We negotiated with them. I ask you to be realistic. God bless George.

    1. The only peace agreement you sign with israel is to state that both sides do not shoot at the other. Other than that I do not wish to go there or either have the israelis come over period. As far as i am concerned israel needs to pay lebanon 50 billion dollars in war reparations and also pay for the wealfare of the palestinians living in lebanon if it refuses to take them back. Otherwise no peace deal until hell freezes over..

  40. PROPHET Avatar

    Do you want me to consider all lebanese vistims who were killed by Israeli attacks ,Victim of friendly fire?I’m Sorry George. I can’t.

  41. PROPHET Avatar

    meant to say CHRISTIAN, not George. My APPOLOGY


    PHROPHET its either you need re read your history or youve must of understood me fair enough let us just say israel is all of lebanons enemy, what about the syrian aggression on the different lebanese sects many lebanese havent forgotten aboout that either or what about the plo and christian massacres? look champ as much as israel is an enemy which im not saying they havent harmed us syria has to and just like we have put our problems with syria aside we should so with israel cause when we are going mantain our tit for tat relationship with it were going stay divided and were never going to get peace in our country brother politics is business and if my country is going to benefit from being in peace with my enemy then so be it whether you like it or like them or not… i can sit there arguing with you and telling you my friends story but you know what we both have political views its starts dragging on. what is with your paranoiya with israel wants to fight us ive heard it on the news millions of time israeli mps have said we want to live in peace and harmony with the lebanese. lets forget our backyard fight yesterday and work on how to control conflicts from both ends, get the hate out of you..i dont care what who or when i just want my country in peace with all its nieghbours its not just about you or your political party its about the benefit and peace of your country… im out peace

    p.s my names christian not george :s

  43. PROPHET Avatar

    Enjoy you evening Christian, There is more to life then politics. I ASSURE YOU OF ONE THING . I have no political party at all. I NEVER HAD,AND NEVER WILL. I’m just another opinionated Lebanese.

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