March 14 MPs call for punishing scaremongers


During Tuesday’s cabinet session, March 14 MPs Ammar Houri , Okab Antoine Zahra and George Adwan discussed the recent threats against public figures including Prime Minister Saad Hariri and called on relevant authorities to punish the scaremongers

This comes after former minister Wiam Wahhab , a close ally of Syria and Hezbollah who has repeatedly warned the cabinet from collaborating with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), adding in a recent interview that people supporting sedition in Lebanon will be later “found in car trunks.”

Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar said that he requested measures be taken to ensure that the statements voiced by public figures were not breaching any law, the correspondent said.

Adwan also suggested using part of the MPs’ salaries to financially support the Lebanese army, which was taken into account by Speaker Nabih Berri, the correspondent said.



4 responses to “March 14 MPs call for punishing scaremongers”

  1. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad

    This bugger Wahhabi sounds untouchable.

    I am not that bad but i hope he ends up in car trunk as well

  2. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    There is a shortage of food in Pakistan why don’t we butcher this pig Wiam and feed all the hungry poeple.Someone should put him out his misery !!

  3. thats absolutely insulting for a civilised country to allow anyone to issue such threats.

    the difference between west and east in this regard is that this guy ( i honestly have no idea who he is as i though wiam is agirls name cos my nieces names wiam) will immediately get fired and censured.

    its about time that these laws are implemented in lebanon cos the wild west days are over and we seem to still have some hillbillies who think that riding the mechanical bull is still in fashion.

    implement this law quickly and lets start imposing them immediately cos cars in trunks is mafia talk and this guy wiam (wiam? guys name?) is getting out of hand.

  4. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

    an advice for the 14th of march folks: if you dont wake up, shape up, defend yourself more vigorously and start showing some teeth, very soon you will be shipped out as wahab is predicting in car trunks by hezballah and the pro syrian folks.

    the 14th of march mps are asking the 14th of march justice minister to punish the scaremongers.

    and they are absolutely right complaining, after all they are the ones that should be the most concerned by wahhab threats.

    the powerless justice minister, upon hearing the mps’ complaints, considered the case and dumped it on some unspecified second party’s shoulders.

    the whole matter will probably end up in a forgotten drawer some where in the justice ministry without any enforcement and so on and so on…

    so far, no concrete measures were taken and we are talking about a process that is within the grasp and the control of the 14th of march folks.

    in the meantime, wahhab is still roaming, free as a bird, issuing unobstructed threats right and left from top to bottom jeopardizing “al selm al ahly” the national coexistence on any tv station he chooses.

    this is the sad and unfortunate image of the failed state of lebanon this is the typical double standard of justice and the flagrant example of the bankrupt legal system.

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