Hezbollah hands over evidence to Mirza


Lebanese Attorney General Saeed Mirza received on Tuesday the Hezbollah documents that Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) General Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare had requested from the Lebanese authorities.

The evidence over former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination was delivered to Mirza by Hezbollahsecurity coordinator Wafiq Safa.

Mirza then handed the documents to Bellemare’s office in Beirut.

This comes after the Hezbollah leader tried Monday Aug 9, during a televised press conference to present evidence including footage he said came from Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) monitoring Hariri to prove that Israel was behind the assassination of Hariri. He also presented a confession from a suspected Israeli spy .

Bellemare officially requested Lebanese authorities last Wednesday to provide all the information in possession of Hezbollah.



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  1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Interesting…We shall wait and see.

    1. That prove that STL is credible…

  2. Prophet Avatar

    How did you figure that out Marc? The documents were delivered, as it should be done, to The Lebanese Attorney General. Even if they were giving directly to the STL, it does not necessarily mean that HA considers the STL is credible . I certainly don’t think it’s credible. I still have my suspensions that The STL won’t pursue any investigation of Israel, even if there are more evidence to implicate it.

    1. If an institution like STL doesnt regards the evidence of HEz than we should doudt their credibility. On the other hand if the STL take into account the evidence we should at least give them the benefit of the doudt.

      On a seperate note prophet, why do you think that the STL is corrupted… It is because HEz said so… In my humble opinion Hez is a political parties, that will use all is power to influence and a decision in this matter In order to save is own credibility from lebanese public opinion.

      Yours respecfully

      1. Prophet Avatar

        Marc Thanks for replying.

        First of all, I’m not speaking on behalf of HA . I was stating my own opinion. I don’t get influenced easily by any party or news organization. I criticize anyone and everyone when I see the need to. Yet I’d defend anyone who I think is right. My loyalty is to Lebanon. I would never give my loyalty to any political organization in Lebanon. They all have either blood or dirt or both on their hands.

        Had you said that you give the STL the benefit of the doubt, I would understand .

        Unless the STL figures out who brought in all the false witnesses that influenced its investigation, many people will doubt its credibility. Don’t you think that the people behind those witnesses were trying to hide something? Don’t you think that bringing in false witnesses is obstruction of justice? Why would anyone wants to obstruct justice unless she or he have something to fear?

      2. The STL indictment will be based on ‘hard-evidence’ for it to stick and be accepted my the international community. HA’s evidence is “circumstantial” and it will not stick.

      3. You make sens, but don’t forget that STL released general Sayyed. So who ever try to influence the result of the investigation didn’t suceed through false witness. Because in the end the only power capable of giving us the truth in this matter is, an impartial institution.

        If I have to choose because we will never get all the fact we are just part of the people of lebanon. I will choose an institution like STL whom as every thing to gain in being fair and just for the benefit of stability in our country. If we don’t trust them who should we trust…

      4. Prophet Avatar

        So true Sammy. Any Indictment has to be based on hard and undisputed evidence. I think of what HA provided as leads that need to be followed, not evidence. The Questions that are to be answered; how serious will the STL view these leads? If they establish that these footage are genuine, Will we see The STL investigators questioning Israeli official and officers as to why they were taking these footages on those particular days? Would Israel cooperate? Would the STL consider any possible link between the Israeli spies and the murder?

        These are some of the questions that are going to determine the credibility of the STL.

      5. Marc….how do you expect the STL to approach Israel with such lame accusations? Don’t you know that many major powers (countries) have unmanned drones (not to mention satellites) hovering over one another as part of their defense strategy. The USA has is notorious for this as is Russia and China now. We might as well accuse them for Rafik’s assassination. Sorry but how can you give them (HA) the benefit of the doubt? Just the mere timing of when they so conveniently released such evidence says it all.

    2. i gave you thumbs up prophet cos theres been many articles that have stated that STL wont even ask israel for anyting cos it knows thta israel wont listen to them which means that the STLs final verdict should be stalemate as it cant all the evidence from all the sides in order to come up with an unbiased decision.

      1. Prophet Avatar


        I totally agree. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, The US and Israel, Both refused to cooperate with the investigations early on. Both refused to sign any agreement with the UNSTL(Or whatever it was called then). Both refused to share their surveillance data for that period of time. It just makes you wonder sometimes. If the US is so eager to find out who killed Hariri, why wouldn’t they cooperate and give their data to investigators. You and know that they must have plenty of data.

  3. “footage he said came from Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) monitoring Hariri to prove that Israel was behind the assassination of Hariri.” Yeah….that footage should trump cellular communications between HA members let alone bomb-loaded truck belonging to HA. Why is it Mr. Saadan did not provide such evidence after after the incident? Why all of a sudden this mysterious information came out from nowhere and just happens to coincide right after news that STL will indict HA members. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that 1 + 1 = 2

    1. Prophet Avatar

      You seem to have made up your mind, Sammy. I think you are rushing to judgment too soon. You speak of the phone communications as facts. That has yet to be proven true. It’s as speculative as anything we heard so far. Even those phone logs need to be investigated to make sure no tampering was done to that data. I can assure you; this saga will be played for a long time. Unfortunately, I think we may never know the truth.

      1. I have not made up my mind at all. Just putting the pieces of the puzzle together and coming up with my conclusion. FYI..It was in a report several months ago that indeed the communication that took place involved HA members. The report will be out soon and we see.

        As to my personal feelings on HA, sorry, they are dirt to me! For them to turn their guns on their own Lebanese people and charge into town like barbarians will scar my mind forever! I am sure I speak for many with regards to this specific incident.

      2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Prophet I think to be safe those who accused Syria did not know that hezbollah was involved. However logic would determine that if Syria was involved, no doubt they could not do it without the help and expertise of hezbollah. Not many i believe deir speigel paper either. But since so many attacks from hezbollah and its puppets in so many ways on the STL and Nassrallah vague threats that if accused we can see another May 2008 event. So what do you really expects us to believe now? all these threats and sending on stooge after another claiming that israel did it. Why would israel kill Pierre G., Gibran Tueni Samir Kassir, Walid Eido? I can believe that Israel would kill elie Hobiekah but not those politicians i mentioned above? besides who tried to kill Marwan Hamade and chopped his driver and deliver its body parts to Marwan to intimidate him further? why Ghazi Kannaan was killed who happened to be Rafiq Hariri best buddy? who killed General Sulemein of Syria in close range and barely mentioned his name as they said he was shot at from a sniper going thru speed boat. yet many people said he was shot at a close range.. Answer these question first and let’s see if you can stick those mudered people on israel..Besides i have heard on TV several testimonies where people did not identify themselves who said there were immediate cleanup by the ISF.. Why Prophet the cleanup? Don’t you Lahoud and Syria and hezbollah would want to blame this on israel?Why order the cleanup? why several Syrian agents who bought lots of explosive in Eastern Europe just few months before the assasination? i know you’re not defending hezbollah and i know you want to be fair. But can you please answer these questions if you can please.


    2. Prophet Avatar

      Sami, You may have just provided the answer as to Why the US and Israel have declined to provide any surveillance data they may have gathered that day or the days leading to the day of the murder.

      1. Prophet…sorry man…your just not there. It would only HURT US, Israeli interest in a MAJOR way to have Rafik taken out! If there is is anyone who wanted Rafik out it was HA/Syria/Iran! He was a threat to them and his ideology of a free democratic Lebanon would have turned Lebanon into a civilized western world. As we all know, these three do not believe in such ideology and rather have their people suppressed and governed under the law of the gun!

      2. Prophet Avatar

        Sorry Sami. I’m not here defending HA or anyone else.

        Can you tell me who has not turned their guns on their own people? Did we forget that more than 100,000 Lebanese lost their lives unnecessarily? Personal feeling aside Sami, it’s the truth we’re looking for here. I wouldn’t let my personal feelings influence my search for the truth. M personal feeling and opinion of all political parties in Lebanon are clear in my previous postings. As bad as my personal views of the parties, I won’t let them prejudice my judgments when we’re discussing facts and evidence.

      3. unbiased post prophet. thats the way to victory from pacifists that dont mix emotion with evaluations of political parties.

      4. Prophet Avatar


        We do live in an area full of conspiracy theories. We Lebanese love any theory that leaves us free of any blame and responsibility.

        Your first point that If HA did it, Syria had to either know or/and approve can be a valid argument.

        The fact that HA has been suspicious of the STL and been critical of it, does not necessarily mean any guilt at all. I think your conclusion is wrong there. As for the may 2008 ; As bad as that was, I can’t relate it to the STL or the investigation at all. At the time it took place, the STL had been approved by the cabinet .Not giving excuses, but there were different circumstances and reasons that triggered that. Even Jumblat admits now that the 2 government resolutions were wrong.

        Why wouldn’t Israel kill Tweini or Quassir, or any of the people that were killed? Were any of them a friend of Israel? When you ask why would Israel kill any of those, You’re indirectly implicating those People. Even though, they were all against Syria, none of them was An Israeli ally. They were all known to be nationalistic and patriotic Lebanese. Israel would kill anyone if the killing serves Israeli intrests. That’s not a fair or logical analogy to say Israel wouldn’t kill Quassir or Tweine or Eid. There are reports that Fatah- Alislam was behind some of the killings too. They are talking about people having admitted involvement in the murder or Piere Gemayel and PM Eid. My point here is that all possibilities are out there.

        Don’t misunderstand into believing that I’m defender of the Syrians. I’ve been a long time critic of Syrian actions in Lebanon. But I won’t just throw accusations based on my feelings and personal Opinions. I do believe Syria had a lot to loose , and they did lost a lot because of the murder of Hariri. The same goes for HA. Hariri was the best ally HA could ever have.

        As far as who tried to kill Hamade? Anyone could have done it. Who ever wanted to destabilize the Lebanese situation could have done it. And the suspects are many. That is not to say Syria could not have done it either. But we have no evidence. There is no evidence that all the killings are related at all, except for the fact that they inflamed the situation more, and made March 14 stronger and stronger at the time. So Here another argument : Assuming that Syria or HA were behind the killings, why would they continue killing when every time some one went down, they lost more and more. There is no logic there either, unless they are stupid. And we know that they are not.

        As for Ghazi Kennaan, if we were to believe He didn’t commit suicide, then it has to be an internal power struggle in Syria. And that is not my problem either.

        General Syleiman was killed by the Israelis. T here is an Israeli book that just came out, those talks about this.

  4. How about the network of individuals using temporary cell phones purchased a month prior to the attack and in the proximity of the crime scene all together as in preparation for the attack. Just that evidence in itself is enough… The real answers will come out when those individuals are arrested and interrogated… If HA is not worried about their arrest, they would hand them over… Because if is more than one person who are accused, then it will be easy to tell who is lying, and at the end of the day if they’re truly innocent, no one can make them guilty… If on teh other hand they are guilty, it will be hard to maintain innocence since so many people apparently were involved.

  5. Four Generals lost their jobs and were sent to prison four years without any charges or evidence against them. That tells a lot about Credibility.

  6. Sami I don’t give the benefit of the doudt to HA but STL… Please read carefully my response to the PRophet. I believe STL is an impartial institution HA so call evidence implicate a strict political agenda aiming at changing the lebanese political opinion in this matter… However STL as a duty to investigate whatever HA give them. This my lead to a more disgrace to HA.. They might say that whatever HA give us doesn’t bring any progress…For so and so reason… This can backfire on HA even more.

    In conclusion we the people of lebanon are not stupid we understand the timing set forth by HA in this matter. IT might just be a big PR show…

  7. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    Did anyone notice that Attorney General Saeed Mirza’s attire is like Santa Claus. Seriously, add the hat and the white beard and BINGO we’ve got ourselves Papa Noel… 😛

    1. If he gives gifts to all the politicians, can we just live in peace and solve these damn problems already?

      1. Prophet Avatar

        They’re robbing the whole country , and you still want to give them gifts?lol

  8. you’re losing it walid 🙂 :

    quick give him a shot of 3arak and let him calm down. i think he’s becoming dilusional.

    oh thank god, i think the 3arak has brought him back to his senses.

    i think he’ll live.

    the end

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      Hanna el sekraan 😛

  9. Jean Haddad Avatar
    Jean Haddad


    I don’t want to jump in your debate with George

    But let me clarifies one thing from close contact and relationship with Rafik Hariri, before Hariri assasination he had problems with lahoud which he was stalling all Hariri decision regarding HA. They were in bad relation for 6 months before he died. The issue about disarming HA. And he was determined to do it in order to take Lebanon off the terrorism list. Don’t say am wrong I am positive and sure of what am saying and heard it personally from the mouth of hariri in presence of George bkessini director of future newspapers al mustakbal.

    So to say Hariri wasn’t in great relation with HA or the president lahoud. Hariri would have been able to disarm HA. HA is guilty 100% Saed Hariri knows it the entire country knows it. Give it a time and you will reverse your opinion. George Haddad is right.

    Sorry brother but my comments are based on true story.

    1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
      George Haddad N.J.

      Well Jean i agree with you as far as Hariri was working toward removing hezbollah arms. He was also serious about removing Syria from Lebanon with a new resolution to be formed in the UN back then. Walid Jumblatt himself admitted then that Syria threatened to break Hariri and burn Beirut. In the past Syria was not shy about acting on its promise and they got away with murdering so many lebanese civilians, leaders and hauled thousands of Lebanese to their jails. And despite many countries pleading with them to release, they hardly did only few throughout the years as well know. I am sure Prophet is going to say do you have proof that Syria did all this? what do you think Syria been doing all those years in lebanon protecting it? they stole it and murder it and done more than israel done to it. I have a close friend who worked and was high in the Army. he told me the profit from the casino used to pay some of the LAF salaries. Then during syria control all of it went to them. I mean hardly the casino retained any profits. yes israel destroyed lebanon many times and anyone denies it is a big liar and a traitor. But do not tell me when Nassrallah threatening to have another May 2008 right on TV that he’s not trying to scare everyone from accusing him from the crimes committed? Samir Kassir was about to go to Syria to deliver his critcism of their political system. Pierre gemeyal was so much anti-syrian that he would be better alive for israel rather to kill him. So Prophet if you’re pointing fingers toward israel, I would give away my retirement if i am proved wrong. Not only hariri was working toward removing Syria from Lebanon. He was getting to close to sunnis in Syria where he can cause problems for Assad for sure. Hariri was such a influential figure that he can rattle any country feathers. Syria never liked him and they always supported Lahoud against him. You can say I am just pointing fingers without any evidence. Well so is hezbollah with their so called evidence. Hezbollah threatens everytime it wants to accomplish something thru its surrogates like wahab, Aoun and many others. Maybe nassrallah changed his tone since then. But in the 80’s he wanted Lebanon to follow Waliet AL Faqih. Iran changed course since it knew it would be on a collision course. But with Hezbollah being so powerful that its getting its goals done slowly but surely. That doesn’t mean i would love an extreme sunnis either. But i want lebanon to share its wealth and resources among its people no matter what religions/sect and affiliations. I want lebanon to be ruled by the deserving people not just by sects and figures. I don’t care if berri would be the president, as long as he is doing it for the best interest of Lebanon. Until hezbollah drops its threatening tone and if it refuses to hand over its accused members after the STL show solid proofs. Then Lebanon is doomed for a long time to come. Unfortunately with reading several news sites and with analysis. It seems to me that israel and hezbollah war is soon to take place. This could be that israel want to strike first with any mistakes on our side. The reason is israel willing to strike because it doesn’t want any war later with hezbollah when it attacks iran. So we’re walking on eggs here with israel. One more deadly mistake like the incident earlier in the month and we have all out war in lebanon.

    2. jean its a known fact that hariri was pushing towards the EU or something like that so, i really honestly believe that the STL is a big pressure on HA to play ball and align itself with lebanese vision and we can see that with the tree incident and the flotilla as well. they have been respecting lebanon’s guidance.

      yalla inshalla khayr and i dream to see one lebanon one people and ONE flag only and please please please NO MORE POSTERS OF BERRIS’S PICTURES LOL 🙂

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