Lebanon PM, Speaker exchange accusations over 2010 budget


Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Speaker Nabih Berri exchanged accusations over the 2010 budget during Tuesday’s parliamentary session

In response to statements of MPs, Hariri said parliamentary committees should speed up adoption of the budget so that the cabinet could act.

Berri, however, snapped back at the premier, saying that the budget hadn’t reached parliament in time. “It should have reached in October 2009 so that deliberations could have ended in January.”

On the issue of electricity, Hariri did not object to power cuts from the homes of politicians. He made his remark in response to Hezbollah’s MP Hassan Fadlallah who called for to cutting off electricity from officials for one day at least so that they could feel the suffering of the people.

The speaker also had a word to say on Hariri’s statement, telling lawmakers that scores of projects and proposals are awaiting appropriate measures to find solutions to the electricity crisis.

According to Ya Libnan energy consultant ” Fadlallah’s statement is amusing since Hezbollah supporters have not paid for electricity charges for several years”. …”Lebanon ‘s utility company has not been able to collect electricity charges because their collectors have continuously been subjected to attacks by Hezbollah and Amal supporters”. He added : “The shortfall in collections has forced Lebanon to subsidize the electric utility company Electricité Du Liban EDL resulting in huge state budget deficits . “