Lebanon: Power blackouts should be dealt with seriously


March 14 MP Mohammad Hajjar told the Voice of Lebanon (VOL) on Tuesday that power blackouts is an extremely serious issue but the relevant authorities are not dealing with issue seriously, adding that the matter will be addressed during Tuesday’s parliament session.

“Power-cut protests reflect the extent of people’s problems,” Hajjar said.

Residents in North and South Lebanon blocked roads in protest of power-cuts in their regions on Sunday and Monday.

Hajjar added:” The electricity crisis has hit all Lebanese”

According to observers Energy minister Gebran Bassil promised to tackle the power cuts issue seriously but so far the power cuts in Lebanon are the worst they have ever been.



3 responses to “Lebanon: Power blackouts should be dealt with seriously”

  1. ya bassil wallahil 3azeem you better do something about this cos nothings more offensive than a country to be called paris of the middle east when it doesnt even have electricity yet it boasts a luis vuitton store.

    tfeh 3alayk you should be fired and sentenced to live without electricity for one month to see how you like it.

    i absolutely congratulate and respect these demonstrators as they not only represented the north and south, they represented lebanese all over the world.

    that should have been the government’s top priority but who will run to save a people from misery when he is collecting money from selling them mazout and generators.

  2. This is what happens when you put morons in charge of vital services. Gebran Imbecile took over the telecom ministry and all he managed to do is screw it all up. You can never finish a conversation you start on your cell phone with getting cut off and the reception has become horribly bad. Acknowledging the great job he did as minister of telecom they gave him Electricity to play with and screw it up way beyond repair.

    Wlek Tfeh !

  3. Mr Akharjalian,

    Save your breath and your screams, the Lebanese are in a comatose state. I have been screamin for over 5 years to no avail. No one will react unless told to do so by the likes of Jumblat, Geagea, Hariri, Hassan, Berri …etc,; never would they (without beeink TOLD) move to improve their lives or get their rights; those are not people but sheeple.

    Wlek Tfeh!

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