Jumblatt calls for revival of compulsory military service


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt urged the government to give early retirement incentives to veteran officers in order to rebuild a youthful army.

He said such a step could be accompanied by a decision to bring back compulsory military service, he wrote in his al Anbaa weekly column

Jumblatt called for the deployment of the young soldiers in the south” to learn how to defend Lebanon against Israel. ”

He also called for adopting some austerity measures to provide the military institution with needed funds that would allow it to buy the necessary equipment adding that arming the military should be a top government priority and should take place “at the expense of other unnecessary expenditures.”

Jumblatt said that several countries are ready to sell weapons to the Lebanese army without preconditions.

In reference to the USA he said :” Some countries are specifying “the type of guns that they want Lebanon to use in the interior and those that it should place at the southern border “