Chatah: I hope Nasrallah is right


Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s adviser Mohammad Chatah voiced hope that Nasrallah is right about Israel’s involvement in former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s 2005 assassination.

He made the statement during an interview with Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai to be published Friday .

His comment comes after Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah tried Monday night during a televised press conference to present evidence including footage he said came from Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) monitoring Hariri to prove that Israel was behind the assassination of Hariri. He also presented a confession from a suspected Israeli spy .

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon prosecutor asked the Lebanese authorities to submit the Hezbollah evidence

STL was formed by the UN to try the killers of Lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri.

“The existence of motive and capability makes accusing Israel of assassinating [Rafik Hariri] a possible prospect,” Chatah said.

Although Nasrallah’s information is of a general character, when the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) issues its indictment it will create an opportunity to shed more light on hypotheses and available evidence, he also said.

“All the Lebanese want to put Israel under the spotlight in a public international trial,” Chatah added.

Regarding Nasrallah’s lack of trust in the STL, Shatah said that the tribunal is relatively new and “differs from the previous investigation that was conducted secretly for obvious reasons,” referring to the International Independent Investigation Committee mandated by the UN to probe the assassination prior to the formation of the tribunal.

He said that a fair assessment of the STL’s investigation would be possible only after its materials become public through the indictment and trial process.

Chatah also said that “Hezbollah’s ministers agreed to the tribunal in the 2009 Ministerial Statement,” adding that even if they did so with reservations, the statement remains “binding on all.”

The leaders of Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia all affirmed the necessity of “working within the national government” during their Baabda summit, Chatah added.



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  1. If israel had an iota of involvement in Hariri’s assassination, then syria and h/a are the facilitators/accomplices. Nothing would take place in Lebanon without the latter’s knowledge, specially an event with such a magnitude and importance. Mr Chatah, is being the devil’s advocate and hoping that his brethren weren’t involve. He and the younger hariri are being pragmatic, I applaud their gesture, patience and stand. Hopefully, the truth will come up, peace, health and prosperity will help us forget the ugly past.

    1. Every one knows that Hez are involve in someway. I share the wish of chatah. But the truth is in the hand of justice for once. The result of trial will clean the air of the lebanese political landscape. When you feel the heat you stau out or you cool yourself. This is why there is no more assasination….

      May Gob bless lebanon…

  2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Ali you hit it right one and definitely then all 3 groups are involved in Hariri’s assasination.

    It reminded me of the days when LF attacked Zagharta and killed Tony Franjiah and some of his followers. The Syrian were controlling the whole area yet they let the LF attack Franjiah Clan. Yet the knocklehead Suleiman Jr. is convinced of Syria’s innocence. How could LF forces cross over all the way to Zhgarta without being stopped by Syrian soldiers? It leads me to believe someone else other than LF killed Tony Franjiah and implicated the LF with it. Anyway Saad has been more than patient and has a lot of courage to go to Syria and deal with them and HA without criticizing them as of last year or so. On top of it HA is threatening him if he doesn’t forgive and forget. The problem its not hariri that got killed, what about the rest of the descent people who were killed? what about Wisam Eid who was very shrwed in discovering lots of facts and was handing them to STL? who killed him? Why was his hometown mad at Syria and HA? Did israel have something in for Walid Eido? or Pierre who hated syria? Did israel think that Amin Gemyal is going to attack HA if his son was killed? come one people let’s be fair to the dead and honor them and take responsibilties and move on. Hassoun want to submerge lebanon with another lebanese-israeli war just to buy time and cover up for his crimes. Its time to pay your dues hassoun beik or else face the wrath of God. May the Bunker Busters reach you deep and hard where we will never see you fugly face again on TV. I hope they take Qassem, Raad and Berri too. Please invite Aoun during the bunker busters party.

  3. are u joking george aoun will be running to france the last time he even forget his family behind and he get first to the french embassy what will he do now lot of people knows that’s HA and syria where after the killing in lebanon but they dare to point out syria as they are scare of here mukhabarat going all over lebanon they are the scam of the earth lets hope syria and israel will face each other even i have a doubt that’s they will do

  4. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    George, I totally agree with You….

  5. well chatah with the evidence he gave in his one man play, that aint evidence. that was all hearsay. maybe if he thinks the STL will be fair, he’ll hand them the real evidence cos he cant be that stupid to hand over what he showed.

    george i liked your analysis but i dont feel sorry for any dead politicians except for JFK, martin luther king, gandhi, jamal abdul nasser cos these people were really helping their people and none of them were crooks.

    all those guys you mentioned above are during war times so its WAR and these things happen. i feel more sorry for the innocent and elderly and children that died cos of these family wars.

    may they all rest in peace.

    1. Sandman Avatar

      Tony, I think we should all wait and see what value the presented evidence has and how authentic it is before we dismiss it. Video surveillance is not hearsay and by far more credible than the supposed “circumstancial evidence” that is the basis of the STL indictment.

      We should all remain fair and reasonable about the whole thing because none of us REALLY know who was behind the killing of Hariri. Things aren’t always what they seem. In the field of international assassinations, espionage and spying, people go to great lenghts to divert the real events as far as possible from the truth.

      Ghandi, may he rest in peace. He lived on one grain of rice a day.

      1. sandman i agree with you man. a photograph only shows a photograph. if they intercepted conversations or memos to go with the pthotograph i would think it would add more weight.

        i’m not holding my breath re the STL. i know the verdict will be eventually issued for sure andlets all move on after that.

  6. ………………alas, as much as many Lebanese would like us to be their enemy in order to unite the country, we only retaliate when attacked.

    1. Adam

      didnt you attack tony and say that he assumed you were jewish when you’re not?

      clearly your statement shows you are an israeli indeed & that Tony was right

      1. No, I am Israel and I am Jewish. I didn’t say “that he assumed you were jewish when you’re not?”. I said that you all label Lebanese who don’t attack Israel as being Jewish or Israeli. I have nothing to hide about my ethnicity and am proud of it in spite of your racism.

      2. cathy adam says he’s proud but he shortened his name from adam ben yoel to adam cos i was constantly calling him adam bin laden.

    2. oh and adam, you retaliate only when attacked?


      so what about the thousands of documented lebanese airspace violations which are breaches to the UN security council 1701, have taken place since 2006?

      how many rockets has HA sent since 2006 into Israel? I would like to know please?

  7. Airspace violation isn’t an attack. Also, considering the fact that Lebanon has half of its land occupied by Iran and Syria, we don’t have much choice as Lebanon’s army aren’t ready or able to liberate the remainder of the country from foreign occupation.

  8. Also, UNIFIL aren’t doing what they’re supposed to so how on earth can we trust the international community? It’s not as if we are currently bombing Lebanon with our planes but with Hezbollah rearming and supporting the destruction of our country, some intelligence flights are an unfortunate necessity.

  9. In any case, as I say, half of your country is occupied by a Syrian/Iranian proxy militia and you’re worried about a few Israeli overflights.

  10. i totaly agree with you adam thats the iranian and syrian going everywhere in the country and no one can stop them and they don;t consider them as occupier because they are keep feeding HA money and arms but if israel wnat to cut even a tree someone have to die for it come one lebanese people wake up before it get to late

  11. joey and adam you both suit each other since you’re both mentally challenged.

    joey, if i ever see you in lebanon and i know that you actually agree with an israeli against arabs, i will beat you up druze style that you will regret your sentence.

    i will welcome syria and iran anyday than to shake hands with israel. only when they co-exist with the palestinians will i shake their hands.

    tfeh 3alayk ya joey.

  12. i don;t think you can do that you want be able to bet me la druz way wala lebanese way wala any way don;t let me get you in lebanon because i;ll beat you army way and iam gonna be better then you w ma elika tfeh 3layak w have nice holliday in lebanon

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