STL awaiting Hezbollah evidence


Al-Hayat newspaper reported Thursday that the office of Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare sent an official written request to Lebanese State Prosecutor Saeed Mirza asking him to provide all the information in possession of Hezbollah in line with an agreement signed between the Justice Ministry and the STL Prosecutor.

Al-Hayat cited well-informed sources as saying that Mirza, in turn, passed on the request to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah via

Wafiq Safa, Head of Hezbollah’s Coordination and Liaison Committee.

Al-Hayat sources said Hezbollah promised to give Bellemare an answer “later.”

A senior Hezbollah source, meanwhile, told Al-Liwaa newspaper that Bellemare’s request for data “will not change our perspective and lack of confidence in the performance of the International Tribunal and the investigating committee.”

“This request includes the video material that was shown on television during the press conference, as well any other material that would be of assistance to the Office of the Prosecutor in unveiling the truth,” Bellemare’s press release said.

The Office of the Prosecutor also invited Nasrallah “to use his authority to facilitate its investigation.”

“Away from the spotlight, the Office of the Prosecutor is pursuing its investigation according to the highest standards of international justice, in a neutral and objective way. The Office of the Prosecutor is led by the evidence and nothing else,” said the press release.

The Office of the Prosecutor said it has “the sole responsibility for the investigation and acts independently,” stressing that “nobody can influence its direction.”

“As such, it must pursue all possible leads,” added Bellemare’s request.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah tried Monday night during a televised press conference to present evidence including footage he said came from Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) monitoring Hariri to prove that Israel was behind the assassination of Hariri. He also presented a confession from a suspected Israeli spy .

Many Lebanese leaders praised STL for showing interest in receiving and evaluating the Hezbollah evidence.



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  1. What evidence, that was a wet dream hassoon had.

  2. i hope nasrallah has some better evidence than what he gave in his monolgue. hire OJ Simpson’s lawyer. he’ll get you off for sure.

    please give the STL hard evidence, concrete evidence cos a snap shot from israeli planes doesnt mean anything.

    our underground buildings here have cameras and our cars got broken into one time and the cameras caught a guy walking away from one of the cars. the police couldnt do anything about it cos its their word against his.

    they guy had to have been in the car caught red handed.

    HA needs this kind of evidence. who loaded the truck with explosives, hand him in. who jammed hariris car, hand him in. who pressed the button for the bomb, hand him in…etc

    1. Tony Nassrallah can hire Tarrie so he can manipulate the evidence for him. Since Tarie and George Haddad are so good in altering facts into fiction they can make good lawyers for him lol. Tony Bro i am worried about you going in Sept. Hope nothing happens and i hope you go and come back safe. Asta!

      1. wellmt family is there bro and they would be the first to tell me not to come. even if something happens, i will be with my family just like in 2006. when i left via syria, at least when i came back to canada, i wasnt as worried.

        more shawarma for me bro since we’re in the mountains i dont worry much. i have god on my side and a gun if needed on my other side lol 🙂

        just kidding about the gun. i only offered to use it once when HA approached us in 08 and i was going to join my brothers in the face of adversity.

      2. well my family ……

  3. prophet Avatar


    You are really being objective aren’t you? You have your mind set and not willing to consider another suspect at all. What’s the point of debate if you have a pre-set opinion?

    If Bellemare thought (As required) the information provided by HA is worth considering. Why wouldn’t even consider it? What if they come up with more evidence that would support a theory that Israel was behind the assassination? Would you still say “what evidence”? HA most likely will surprise everyone by providing more concrete evidence if they believe that Bellmare is serious and credible enough. Don’t forget the credibility issue that the STL has to deal with.

    1. I will leave you to be surprised. Enough surprises.

    2. OOOPs I Forgot you call yourself prophet, may be you are foreseeing something others don’t: Maybe a genie out of a bottle

  4. Constantin Avatar

    “Credibility issue that the STL has to deal with”

    Prophet, it is not the STL who is accused of killing Hariri, lolllll, it is rather the so-called “party of God” which is accused and is loosing credibility.

    No organization would be better equipped, unbiased, professional, ethical, and credible and reliable more than the STL to handle this criminal act.

    In any Lebanese or any other Arab court this case would have been put in a drawer since a long time.

    If Hassan has concrete evidence implicating the Israelis let him bring it and share it with the world and the STL, we are all waiting for him.

  5. prophet Avatar


    You didn’t have anything to add to the debate except make fun of my name. that tells enough about you .

    1. My name is ali and do not pretend to be a prophet. If you are one may be you should join a shrine/mosque/church/temple…. and leave politics and debates to other. If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  6. prophet Avatar


    I think this process is just starting. Give it time and we both will find out. I never said that the STL is being accused of killing Hariri. And I never said that anyone is or isn’t guilty of killing Hariri. All I was saying is that the process has to go on. Every venue should be pursued until we find out the truth. Unless you have a preset opinion on whom the guilty side is. you have failed so far to give any evidence to your accusation .BTW, I left a response to you comment on the Murr story. I hope you read it

  7. Constantin Avatar

    I wanted to check out if you responded but I forgot under which article I posted it. I will go and read it right now.

    Thanks 🙂

  8. idon;t thing HA have anything at all to show the stl i thing he still thing he can bloff them like he do with the lebanese people well lets hope he will leave lebanon quite and go live in iran where he;s belong

  9. 14M right wing already have their minds set on who it is; guilty until proven innocent with Syria first and now HA.

    Even if you turn out to be right and it is HA, you will destroy Lebanon one way or the other. One way is civil war which I doubt you are capable of holding for long. The 2nd would be pushing HA to take over and run Lebanon as Syria is run. Trust neither would be good for Lebanon. But I bet ja3ja3 and his followers would be very happy.

  10. and don’t think HA is not capable of 2nd. They only have to change the PM and minsters, as President Souleiman and Berri are in line with them.

    Listen, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will and cannot do anything if HA decides to go that route (which they would rather not — as I mentioned several times it does not fit their style of struggle); Look Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and to an extent Lebanon has fallen into Iran’s hands (you can thank your buddy bush for that) and KSA/Egypt did not do anything about it, nor they can, and I doubt they even want to as long as they are in power where they belong.

    I prefer S. Hariri, but with all the givens I would rather see him stay as PM until a better day come, rather then push HA into a corner and make them do the other scenario. The ME conflict will one day end some way or the other, and S. Hariri should rather be liked by the shiites when that day comes and HA turned their weapons in. Making enemies with HA now will not help his cause for a better Lebanon in the future. I also know there are people out there that do not put Lebanon first and only their hatred for HA comes first.

    1. nice post R

  11. prophet Avatar


    your name could have been Bush , Ahmadinajad or Natanyahou or even Sharon Stone. IT MAKES NO DIFFRENCE .It was your thoughts I was responding to.If you have issues with my screen name, I can’t help you there. It’s something you need to deal with.

    1. good answer prophet. many call themselves open minded but they cant handle usernames. not everybody’s entitled to put their names. its the words that posters utter that tell me what they stand for. i could care less about their names.

      i should have used shlakhtooibtakhtoo as a username cos that would have confused the hell out of people when i’m talking about unity peace and love.

  12. Headline:

    Hezbollah will not cooperate with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) because it does not trust it, but is prepared to supply information to the Lebanese authorities or any “trusted investigation,” Al-Akhbar newspaper reported from an anonymous source close to the party on Friday.

    Obviously, you don’t trust them because they have hard evidence against your crimes! Keep in mind, this tribunal if for Rafik’s execution…..HA was likely involved in every other assassination that followed against the other PM’s.

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