Al-Akhbar Journalist : I will not apologize for the article


Al-Akhbar newspaper journalist Hasan Ellaiq attacked on Thursday Defense Minister Elias el Murr accusing him of acting like a militiaman.

“Who are you to send the (Army’s) Counter-Sabotage Regiment after me? he asked

He added: ” Despite the fact that you are a defense minister, there are judicial authorities and they are the ones entitled to give the orders to security forces,” Ellaiq said in an interview with Al-Jadeed television.

Murr criticized on Wednesday those journalists that are spreading media leaks on Israeli spies and agents, saying: “Any journalist who targets the army will be arrested.”

“We are fed up with false allegations and articles, including one that a respected newspaper published about the army commander informing me that a retired general, Ghassan al-Jidd, was collaborating with Israel,” he said during a press conference.

“The journalist started his article by continuing what (Hezbollah chief) Sayyed (Hassan) Nasrallah began in his conference and we have taken the legal procedures to reveal the truth,” Murr revealed.

“Whoever wrote that article is the first Israeli agent, and I want to know who wrote it and who pushed him to it,”Murr stressed .

Ellaiq insisted that he will not apologize for the article he wrote in which he mentioned information about the Israeli spy Ghassan al-Jidd and criticized the way Murr and Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji tackled the issue.

Ellaiq noted that Murr had “defamed” him “in front of all people during his press conference” on Wednesday, adding that “at the personal level, this subject can’t be dropped just like that.”

Ellaiq noted that Jidd was left at large for three years despite the fact that he was suspected to be an Israeli spy, adding that an investigation should be made in order to identify “why and how he escaped.”