Suleiman , Sfeir meet in Diman


Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, Defense Minister Elias al-Murr and Interior Minister Ziad Baroud headed to Diman on Thursday to attend a mass led by Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Following the mass Suleiman and Sfeir held a closed-door meeting at the patriarch’s summer headquarters in Diman.

No details were released about the discussions during the closed-door meeting that lasted around one hour.

Later on Thursday, Sfeir held talks with Lebanese Forces MPs Strida Geagea and Elie Keirouz. Talks tackled the local developments in addition to the anticipated visit of Suleiman to the Bsharri area, which is represented by the two MPs in the Lebanese parliament.



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  1. I hope something positive comes out this meeting. Lebanon needs a break for instability, chaos, political challenges, foreign countries meddling with our future. We need time to ourselves to build new infrastructures ( Water supplies, Electricity, Hospitals, Roads…)I cannot live another day without electricity in this simmering heat we are experiencing, the water I drink make me sick, the air I breathe make me noxious. Enough bickering and let’s let us rebuild our country. May his pontif Sfeir, Suleiman, murr, franjieh (s) and all work to minimize the friction that exist among various christian and muslim parties and establish unity, mutual respect and co-exsitence.

    1. By asking for weapons because of a tree at the frontier ?

      By making STL a summer vogue while everybody walking on RH’s sepultur in Downtown, I can’t see how there’s friction between religious communities in Lebanon.

    2. nice post ali. thumbs up. do you not have air conditioning in your house? we do.

      1. I am glad you have a/c, the question is where do you get your electricity!!!!you must be using AAA batteries, huh. Or you must have your own dirty diesel, noisy generator that spews black smoke and choke you, your children and the neighbors and you are proud of it and in the morning you complain that you did not sleep all night because the noise kept you awake. You had nothing to do, so you decided to utter few intelligent words to make a point. Good Job, tony, way to go.

  2. lol ali i just read your very stupid comment. really shows how ignorant you are. actually, we have built a separate room mr. genuis for the generator and we actually dont hear it at all. its state of the art built with circuit breakers that protect from power surges and start up. we have separate air conditioners in all of our rooms and we have purifiers for the smoke that you cant even smell it.

    amma falaa7. they do have quite generators genius or really peasant is a better word for you.

  3. ……..and to think some idiots actually gave you 2 thumbs up. sorry to disappoint you readers bu ti gave ali a thumbs down cos stupidity should not be rewarded.

  4. ALI another thing ya 2aydami is you’re not supposed to drink tap water. all the water we drink is bottled. no wonder you’re sick.

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      Tony, ya Tony,

      The majority of people cannot afford a motor nor bottled water…

      Come on brother, your comments are very insensitive. Do you think someone from Akkar or the South or the Palestinian camps can afford anything BUT tap water?

      The problem with the rich is that they become blind to the plight of the poor and usually, and sadly, they never stop to look how others live because they are so diluted within their own money.

      Being your friend, I will protect you even from yourself. You are highly regarded on this site and an apology for Ali is warranted as he apparently lives there, day in and day out, while you and I don’t.

  5. walid ya walid i doubt ali is living in poor conditions if he can afford internet which requires monthly payments as well as a monitor and a keyboard and a mouse and a tower which is quite costly, i can tell he’s not poor habeebi. the guys english is very well so i dont like assunme he’s poor. i highly doubt it.

    i have no idea where he’s living habeebi and his attack on me wasn’t warranted as i’m only offering solutions. had he told me that he’s poor and he’s living as good as he can, you never know what my answer would have been at that moment.

    i donate to over 7 charities every month bro.

    i love you walid and i’m apologising to YOU only as i let you down in terms of handling my post.

    if ali can tell us where he lives, most likely visiting from the states, then i will definitely be more than happy to apologise asits never in my intentions to ever disregard the poor and unfortunate.

    thank you walid. now can you get big talker rafik to send his demo?

  6. or was it karim?

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      That’s Karim and I do not know where on Earth he is… I think he loved it so much in Beirut that I won’t be seeing him any time soon in the states… 🙂

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