Is Hezbollah right that Israel killed Hariri?


On Monday night, the leader of Hezbollah showed intercepted Israeli reconnaissance footage and confessions of Israeli spies to back his accusation that Israel was responsible for the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri – an explosive murder under investigation by an international tribunal.

“Israel has the capability to carry out this type of operation, such as Hariri’s assassination and the other assassinations that targeted Lebanon during the past few years,” said Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, adding that Israel’s motive was to cast the blame on its enemies, Syria and Hezbollah.

“Israel wouldn’t miss a chance to create uproar and use Hariri’s blood to drive Syria out of Lebanon and besiege the Resistance,” he said referring to Hezbollah.

The dramatic revelations, which included previously unknown details on a key 1997 battle between Hezbollah and Israeli commandos, is seen as part of a preemptive move by Lebanon’s militant Shiite group to deflect accusations against its own members in the assassination.

Speculation has been intensifying in recent weeks that the international tribunal investigating Hariri’s murder is set to issue indictments against several members of Hezbollah.

Nasrallah’s dramatic revelations

Speaking by video link in a highly anticipated press conference, Sheikh Nasrallah gave a detailed account of why he believes Israel is the most likely suspect in Hariri’s killing in a truck bomb explosion in 2005.

Video footage was shown of alleged Lebanese spies working for Israel confessing to monitoring the movements of Saad Hariri, the prime minister and son of the slain Rafik, as well as other Western-backed political leaders. One alleged spy was shown admitting he had tried to persuade Rafik Hariri in the 1990s that Hezbollah wanted to assassinate him – evidence provided ostensibly to support Hezbollah’s claim that Israel has been trying to stir up trouble between the Hariri family and Hezbollah for years.

The most sensational revelation, however, was Nasrallah’s claim that Hezbollah had discovered how to intercept television footage from Israeli reconnaissance drones flying over southern Lebanon in the mid 1990s. He said that drone images intercepted by Hezbollah led the group to stage an ambush in September 1997 in which 11 members of a 16-strong elite Israeli naval commando unit were killed.

More footage from Israeli drones showed routes taken by Rafik Hariri’s motorcade in Beirut, including the scene of his subsequent assassination.

“Was that a coincidence?” Nasrallah asked. “Such footage generally comes as the first leg of the execution of an operation.”

A credibility problem for the tribunal?

Reactions in Lebanon to Nasrallah’s claims inevitably fell along partisan lines with Hezbollah’s supporters demanding that the tribunal redirect its investigation toward Israel, while critics adopted a more skeptical line.

An Israeli official told Associated Press that “these accusations are simply ridiculous.”

Nasrallah’s claims were more analytical than based on hard evidence, but the purpose of the press conference was to cast doubts over the credibility of the tribunal, analysts say.

“I think Nasrallah played it very cleverly,” says Bassel Salloukh, professor of politics at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. “The footage alone was enough to sow the seeds of suspicion. It’s enough for now to completely delegitimize the work of the tribunal.”

The evidence was dismissed as ‘insignificant ‘ by former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel

The tribunal, which is based in The Netherlands, is reportedly preparing a detailed response to Nasrallah’s allegations which it will make public in the coming days. CSM



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  1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
    George Haddad N.J.

    I think this guy said it best:

    “I think Nasrallah played it very cleverly,” says Bassel Salloukh, professor of politics at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. “The footage alone was enough to sow the seeds of suspicion. It’s enough for now to completely delegitimize the work of the tribunal.”

    That’s all what Nassrallah was aiming to sow the seeds of suspicion and raise doubts about the STL. He knows very well that his information is incomplete and not credible enough to shift the opinion of the STL to focus on israel. But its to create doubts and he is succeeding because many of his followers believe him and that’s what his aims are to bolster his party image before the STL set to declare its ruling. However if that’s he has, sorry charlie that ain’t enough to free you from guilty and suspicions and the evidence by the STL is way more solid than yours. Unfortunately when the STL declares its ruling Nassrallah and Iran are being unpredictable and could cause border clashes again between the LAF and IDF. which will involve hezbollah of course and God knows how its going to spread afterward. I see to my fellow lebanese prepare for winter for its going to be cold and harsh. Or shall i say it could be warmer..Those who says forget the past we shall and we can. But the past keep creeping back in our doorsteps and we keep reliving it. Until the war file is closed up to 2008, then we will be facing many difficult months and years ahead. If we’re lucky to recover from the next war of course.

    1. george i’m not a follower of HA but i agree with you as i said in another post that though his speech was disappointing, he has at lesat put a seed in someone’s head.

      maybe one day, you and i will ne drinkig tequila together in beirut yacht club bro.

      all this is above all of us common folks. we can only push our gov’t to unite and all parties to get along cos the only ones who get hurt are the civilians.

      all these idiots like ASI and israeli fan-airie who think their attacks against us posters is gonna make any difference are so ignorant.

      i love the fact that ASI actually wants to meet me face to face. what an idiot and he wonders why lebanon is in the mess it is.

      hey george, you are aware that i dont call the shots in lebanon right? lol 🙂

      el shoo el ASI wants to meet me face to face. what an idiot.

      get along everybody and urge all parties to unite. its gonna happen anyway theres no other solution.

      HA will absorb into the army, lebanon will have an awesome army. awesome enough for israel to leave us in peace. militants in the camps will dismantle and what i’m wondering here is why the hell the government isnt passing any laws or working on anything right now.

      why is this STL crippling the country?

    2. George, honestly, lets forget about the footage and say that even if it plants a seed of doubt, it is not enough as evidence by itself.

      but let’s us as lebanese ask this really important question: an investigation looks into all possible suspects, so why hasnt the STL looked into that like the German criminologist JŸrgen Cain KŸlbel pointed out in a very detailed manner in his book….

      to all of you who say that all these spies are just conveniently caught now well if so then why is the leb. govt putting a formal complaint at the UN about Israel and why hasn’t Israel said a word about it??

      1. correction ** so why hasnt the STL looked into israeli spies

      2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Yes STL needs to look at the spies and interrogate the ones who are suspicious. But you keep bringing a book about a german criminilogist. Was he there or did he investigate the evidence? did Der Speigl have any evidence on their own? i don’t believe either one until i see the STL proof and nobody else’s. But one question Cathy everyone seems to ignore. Why the quick cleanup after the assasination? did Lahoud ordered based on orders from the Mossad? why Husem Husem the so called misleading syrian agent was seen and was photographed at the scene of some assasination? why is he in Syria? why is he still directly reporting to Assad for someone who is lied about syria and then changed his mind? Do you think the Syrian would not have excuted the S.O.B by now? Nassrallah has a good point but there is no proof? just because somebody surveyed the area do you have proof where the explosive came from? who drove it? and why did Syria came with a video showing extremist who supposedly made the video before he blow himself up? Why the quick and murky rumors in trying to confuse everyone from the outset? Its Syria who started the whole thing? Its Syria who threatened to break hariri’s neck and burn beirut and hezbollah aided them wholeheartdly. Syria should be more prosecuted as much as hezbollah. But again it seems politics got in the way because Syria can cause even more damage than hezbollah. But they want to divide by accusing one but not the other. Therefore it would logically create a rift. We hear rumors there are rifts, but until it materialize i am not buying it.

      3. George, you have legitimate questions…but mine is this: how do we know it was Syria that sent this false suicide bomber to claim responsibility? Myabe I am not aware of this, but was there any evidence of this?

        and about the cleanup ordered by lahoud…where is the evidence of this? is it just a bunch of lebanese people “witnesses” that claimed this?

        Just like we need tangible evidence from nasrallah we also need tngible evidence from the other side….

      4. William Avatar

        Why should Israel respond to a complaint from Lebanon which came just recently after 5 years of UN tribunal investigations?

        Not being closely involved in the tribunal, I cannot say they did or didnot investigate whether Israel was a suspect in Hariri’s slaying. The question is – can you?

        Take for instance the killing of Imad Mugniyeh. Nasrallah still insists Israel did this yet Syrian investigations implicated both Syrian and Palestinian elements, but not Israeli. I doubt Assad is working for Israel so that only leads to a more convoluted picture of struggle for power by external forces in your own backyard.

      5. William, Lebanon will file a complaint about the spies. just as any country in the world would if the infiltration is very deep.

        the spies were not all caught now btw. it has been over the last 5 yrs and more.

        Also, how do I know that they haven’t investigated any of the spies? I don’t but from the many reports (from european sources) about the whole investigation I have heard about, this was the main complaint. and it seemed that the initial appointed person was replaced because of improper mishandling of the investigation.

        PLUS GEORGE,

        I researched what was reported about that bomber that claimed responsiblity, here is what I found:


        The Palestinian who appeared in a video claiming responsibility for the killing of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik al-Hariri … called Hariri a Saudi agent and said the attack was also “in revenge for the pious martyrs killed by security forces of the Saudi regime” and used a religious term for Saudi Arabia often used by al Qaeda militants fighting Riyadh’s U.S.-allied government since 2003.

        so my question George is what the hell does Syria have to do with this? I dont see it mentionned anywhere that Syria provided the video or evidence….who knows if this nut job acted on behalf of a small group of crazy jihadists who want to become famous and notorious….

      6. George, I know you say you dont beleive this german guy but the first does bring very compelling arguments that one cannot ignore…..

        “In his book Mordakte Hariri. Unterdruckte Spuren im Libanon (The Hariri File: Silenced Evidence in Lebanon) German journalist Jurgen Cain Kulbel makes a strong case for the United States and Israeli link to the Hariri assassination.

        The major revelation in the book is that the static emitters of Mr Hariri’s convoy, normally capable of preventing the activation of bombs at a distance, “totally failed”. The journalist affirms, citing a Swiss expert, that the system could only be neutralized by its maker, which happens to be none other than an Israeli company founded by ex-Mossad agents. ”

        btw, the deir speigel was merely an article that claimed heresay about the findings of the UN tribunal.

        there were no arguments, facts or anything else given.

        not only that but they also reported the findings of Mehlis at the beg that the syrians were involved and it turned out not to be true and mehlis was removed and is now being sued.

      7. cathy i love your logic re the books and der spiegel. i heard about those jamming devices in hariri’s car before and thats what i was hoping nasrallah would point to or to the person activating the bomb.

        he did neither thus my disappointment in his powerpoint presentation.

        i wonder which wag the dog director they hired for his seminar.

        i expected much more for sure.

      8. Ya Tony, I was very disappointed as well…he made some good arguments but not all qualify as hard evidence….

        God knows how this whole thing will end and what will happen to our dear Lebanon…I just hope that Lebanese don’t end up paying the price, as they always do.

  2. Constantin Avatar

    Yeah keep on repeating it and you will end up probably believing it: “Is Hizbullah Right that Israel Killed Hariri”.

    What a bunch of lies after lies! This is just a counter public relations policy from Hizbullah to divert the attention from itself to Israel, the best alibi for Hizbullah. Who is going to dare to defend Israel on this site or in Lebanon? NOBODY….so let’s go for it 100% : ISRAEL KILLIED HARIRI.

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Apparently you are daring to defend Israel.

      1. Constantin Avatar


        No I don’t. Where do you see that?

        I only defend my country 100%, but in my country there is injustice going on and people with arms are doing whatever they want at the expense of the government and other un-armed Lebanese. I am with a strong Lebanese government and army with no arms with NOBODY else. Is that too much to ask? This is the way it is in Syria and any Arab or non-Arab country in the world. I want Lebanon to be a normal country with a normal government where the rule of law reigns, and not the rule of arms, which is the case right now. Why does not Syria have a resistance, in Syria you need it muuuuuuch more than we do, don’t you? I will answer my question: because having arms with the people is not good for the national security, period. This is exactly why I want NO ARMS with Hizbullah or any other faction in Lebanon (of course Palestinians included) other than the army. I never defend Israel and never will, but to say that Israel killed Hariri is just ridiculous, and at this moment specifically where the STL is going to reveal some facts about the crime is merely a divergence from justice and the truth. Only those who are afraid of the truth will try to divert it and create new venues, new suspects, new options, new supposedly “evidence”, in order to release pressure from themselves. The innocent would not even care what the STL is going to say or judge, they would be living their normal life waiting for the STL results without any fear, nervousness, agitation, threats…like what Hassan is doing these days.

        By the way, I like your postings sometimes especially when you post in your Syrian accent….you make me smile.

        I am visiting Lebanon and Syria in September….I want to go to Maaloula, Tadmor and Qalaat el Hosn this time, never been.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        “I am with a strong Lebanese government and army with no arms with NOBODY else. Is that too much to ask?”

        Not at all, and I am with you 100% on that. And for the millionth time I will say I dont support Hezbollah, because I dont believe in a party of god for only one religion. Maybe a group like them was necessary thousands of years ago during the crusades, but they just seem ridiculous now. Its like having a country within a country. Just so you know my stand on that. However at the same time, I just like to have an open mind of thinking and like to listen to both sides of the story. Especially after Israel has had so many spies in Lebanon. They obviously dont have good intentions. But if you are convinced that its Hezballah, than all the power to you, at least you have your mind made up.

        And about your trip, Maaloula Tadmor and Qalaat el Hosn are all beautiful, they always have trips that will take you around that whole area, and you see the most beautiful things. And if you get a chance, there is a village called Safita in that same area, I know about it cuz one of my friends is from there, it is beautiful, some of the nicest people, (very pretty girls) and the churches there are beautiful as well. And then you might as well finish the drive down to Latakia and Tartus, Nice beaches, But all of Latakia was under construction the last time I went, so who knows what it looks like now, but obviously you can find nice beaches in Beirut as well.

        Lol and im glad you enjoy the Syrian talk.

    2. cathy the only way lebanon will win is if more people stop voting and resignng from any party they’re registered to. that way, when the families wanna fight, they will have to do it by themselves.

      we need the expats to organise a homecoming trip – about 20,000 of us and walk down the streets of beirut with flags that say i’m a sunni, i’m a shia, i’m orthodox, i’m durzi, i’m catholic, and other people holding flags saying one lebanon one people one army.

      this will send a message to the gov’t and to the whole world of what the lebanese people want.

      1. Would LOVE that!! the lebanese people need to take back the country into their own hands.

      2. Tony A. During the last elections I tried to put forward the notion of casting ballots which read NONE OF THE ABOVE; needless to say the LEbanese did not respond. Those who went and casted their votes started nagging within 48 hours. If I had a dime for every time I heard the phrase I am voting for the “lesser of two evils” I would now ouwn a chain of pubs and restaurants.

  3. geroge you actually got a thumbs down cosyou’re asking resonable questions. i gave you a thumbs up bro.

    i want hard evidence before i can even begin to agree with the STL or HA.

  4. Does it bother you Tony that Druzes in Israel are loyal, valiant, dignified, upstanding people whilst your community got massacred in the Chouf by your friends in the ‘G-d Party’???

    1. not at all. the druze live and let live and abide by whoever rules the land. they have foound a loophole in the israeli system that if they are sheikhs (religious people) they dont have to serve though a number of them do serve.

      plus the druze in israel have a seat in the knesset as well.

      as for the massacre, no idea what you’re talking about. i’ve been gone 30 years and adam, why are you always coming into our site with arrogance and condescending remarks. do you really think that netanyahu cares about you?

      israel lies to its people and if they cared so much why would they endanger them with a stupid tree incident?

      1. William Avatar

        Tony – apparently you refuse to acknowledge the level of treachery Hizbullah has in dealing with Israel. The tree incident in question occurred solely on the Israeli side, according to UNIFIL. Second, such pruning is necessary in order to keep Hizbullah agents from using it as cover when crossing the border to kill Israeli troops.

        Analysts across the board have argued that this skirmish was part of a Hizbullah attempt to legitimize themselves as saviors of Lebanon while taking the heat off themselves regarding the UN Tribunal. Claiming that the incident was a “lie” from Israel is farcical considering only Lebanon, Syria, and Iran believe the LAF version.

        I wouldn’t expect anything less from LAF if the roles were reversed.

  5. My question will be, why would Israel wais its time and assassin non HA members/leaders, and drag the problem of HA? Yes I know, the come back will be, HA will have new leaders and will attack Israel, so on and so on. Maybe NASRALLA is himself Israeli ally and he does what he does cause it keeps him in power. Few months ago, there was a report about Nasrallas travels, Israel new exactly where and what road he was traveling, why didn’t the assassin him, He is so wanted by the IDA. Wake up ya Lebanese people, you are all being played like a deck of card, they shuffle you and deal with you as they please, and you follow them like sheep’s………………..

    1. HK, the reason is very simple…they tried to fight HA for years and years and were never able to defeat them militarily.

      so assassinating their members will not accomplish anything.

      the smarter thing to do is assassinate those who are on the other side, cause a rift between lebanese people, have the whole country go, even possibly into a civil war again would only benefit Israel as it watches Lebanon destroy itself bit by bit.

      then they can reclame the title of the soul LIBERAL AND DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY in the middle east when Lebanon was beoming just that before Hariri was assassinated…it was become the paris of the middle east again…

      but Israel only stands to gain if the whole world and “international communtiy” (which they always talk about in israeli politics because they need the world on their side) saw all arab countries as terrorists, war mongers and Israel as the only democracy.

    2. moustapha Avatar

      HK i actually agree with your comments. The two parties accusing each other are actually both working together for a common preserve mayhem in the middle east.

      Reason being is, if there is stability then there is a chance for prosperity and if prosperity is allowed this will lead to a group of 8million zionists among 220million arabs living togehter who will out perform them in every single way. Economy, technology, fashion, food, etc.. thus the state of cancer will seize to exist. Just like they needed the WW2 alibi, Communist Alibi, Gulfwar alibi, the binladen alibi they need the hizballah alibi. It all has the same signature.

      Everything regarding politics and war that we see on tv and hear is a show. It sure is entertaining.. dont you agree.. unfortunately its on the cost of our lives and our families.

  6. And the pictures of the St George area that was broadcasted as being intercepted by HA, go to Google map and zoom in yourself to any area that you wish to view, you don’t need to intercept any unmanned planes or communications to be able to obtain those pictures, I leave in LA, and every other week, I use the Google, and visit Lebanon and refresh my memory of all the roads and areas that I grew up in.

    1. HK the footage has hebrew inscriptions and other lnks to Israel…

  7. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
    George Haddad N.J.

    Cathy all I was saying that day after Hariri assasination and his associates. Syria came up with a video of some extremist(I believe it was Abassi) telling everyone that he belongs to Al Qaada and he was about to do it because Hariri is swaying away from his islamic beliefs? you may have to look it up but i know i saw the video on TV.

    As far as the cleanup it was on the News and people who were interviewed in the vicinity of the bomb saw cleaning crew and several people were talking about on TV. Also in the early stage of the investigation there were syrian intelligence meeting with someone in Eastern Europe I believe from Yugoslavia that were experts in this type of explosives. Besides why would Syria try to confuse everyone with misleading witnesses that turned out to be their own intelligence agents? I had suspicions that hezbollah would be involved because Syria wanted to make sure its not along in this. And second they want to make sure hezbollah is implicated if they were implicated. And that would be the case, then hezbollah would be behaving exactly as predicted by the syrian. We underestimated the Syrians and disregarded their due dillegence and their ability to succeed in creating strife and total control of Lebanon. Everyone made fun of them in the early stage. But they eventually adapted to lebanese thinking and how they divide and conquer. Even they made deals with israel on our behalf where israel would own the air and syria the ground and as long neither would interfere with the other operations. Israel for many years preferred to have Syrian in control in order to keep everyone under their control. But there is no doubt syria played and israel of course devils advocate and they both end up fighting each other every now then. hezbollah owed Syria too much and they would not turn it down to do any operations for them. Syria got away with it no doubt about it. And we’re all fighting each other and they’re laughing at us.

  8. william you’re reading articles that satisfy your answer.

    have a good day.

  9. lol 🙂 william i actually skimmed over your response but after reading it in full. ansolutely hilarious your argument re the tree.

    did you actually look at the tree that israel was pruning? lol 🙂

    hilarious man. the tree was so skinny that you’d have to be davi copperfield or chris angel to hide behind the tree. lol 🙂

    william israel’s complaint about the tree you misinformed person is cos the tree kept hitting the fence thus tripping the sensors.

    even barrack said HA didnt incite anything.

    thank you for making me laugh. 🙂

  10. Cathy…. Due respect to your observation and Opinion, I don’t support any group; I fell badly for the people of Lebanon. All this leaders are power hungry, financially motivated people. They are all Agents of $$$ (money) that’s all they are, no one actually cares about the well being of we the people and the prosperity of the country. Example, and this is only my point of view, if HA was such a patriotic civil organization, USA said no more arms to LAF, in response to that, this was the time for HA to show his support to Lebanon, and say, here are all my rockets and arms, and my support to the army, we don’t need your help. But unfortunately, every one has their hidden agenda. Again as I said no one cares for the people or Lebanon. And in regards to the Hebrew inscriptions, any one with some good computer knowledge can add and edit those pictures, I’m not saying HA did that, but all I’m saying that I will take all that evidence with a grain of Salt, for I don’t believe any of the leaders in Lebanon, they are the reason for all of us leaving in foreign countries, all of them should be hung and foreign spy and collaborating agents, and I mean all of them.

  11. tony A AND CATHY you know why you are disappointed with nasrallah evidence becouse deep down you ,you know thats HA is guilty as hell he show no evidence at all just talk and he does make nice speeches most of the time but he is guilty as hell

  12. Everyone knows that HA is very capable on the ground, that is much more capable in carrying out operations than Israel is (as proven during the 2006 war). Isreal has air superiority and they can take images from the sky… But to find a suicide bomber that loads a truck with explosives and drives towards a Hariri motorcade an explode it, it takes a religious fanatic to do something of the sort. One that has been brainwashed by an idea siuch as that Hariri is an israeli ally and wants to rule over the shiaas in Lebanon for example. Israel could never find spies of that sort in Lebanon. All Israeli spies are either after money or simply hate Hezbollah’s mode of operations in the country so they’re willing to team up with Israel against HA. Also, HA was so adamant to block the STL formation from the beginning… Why so adamant? Remember how they pouted and staged protests and closed the airport roads, etc. etc… An innocent person wouldn’t oppose justice as such without giving it a chance from the start…

    To my knowledge, Israel has never accomplished an operation through suicide bombers… Those have only taken place by muslim fanatics either against each other (Shiaa – Sunni as in Iraq) or against Israel as in Israel. Israel never used such tactics when attacking its enemies.

    1. dandan you’re wrong my friend. during the british mandate of palestine and the first influx of the bacteria into palestine, british soldiers were set up as a sort of UNIFIL and the jews of that time actually set up explosives as well as suicide bombers that forced the british to get out of there and the rest is present NOY history.

      they have succeeded in building the biggest outdoor prison is the world so lemme ask you this.

      who is crazier. a resistance group formed in 1982 after years of being invaded andbombed by israel OR israel with 50 years of torturing a people having themselves suffered under hitler which they seem to remind the people of the west everyday while at the same exact moment repeating hitler’s actions of brutality and racism?

      1. Tony A, my friend,

        I’m only analyzing the current situation based on recent history and plausibility of theories…

        There is no doubt that Israel does dirty work, so that’s not the point. The point is that Israel does its dirty work in its own way and the arabs do their dirty work in their own way… I have not heard of a suicide bomber that is associated with Israel in the recent history… Perhaps that’s a tactic that was used in the early days of the creation of the state of Israel when the jews were perhaps still victimized people coming out of WWII and desparate for a state. The situation now however has been reversed. You hear about desparate palestinians who become suicide bombers for “the cause”… So all it takes is to implant the idea in someone’s head that a certain person is working towards peace with Israel (i.e. Rafik Hariri) for them to get onboard the plan. I can’t find what cause would drive Israelis or their collaborators to commit suicide in Lebanon to kill Rafik Hariri. It has to be an existential/religious based idea, which is why it is highly unlikely that Israel was involved…

      2. dandan i wouldnt hurt your head with that stuff bro. i honestly could care less. i can only say may hariri rest in peace cos as a pacifist, all i care about is labanon and not the mafias running it.

        in palestine i can definitely understand why someone would wanna kill him/herself. its 99.9% cos of seeing their families killed, no reason to live, cant work, cant study, cant eat, live in below human conditions, depression and god knows what else.

        you should read an article that talks about the US offering syria the whole of lebanon in return to dismantling HA and syria refused saying that HA is lebanon’s resistance group which led to the slaying of hariri and the eventual withdrawal of syria.

        there have been a number of articles that pointed to cheney and the mossad.

        so, this is way above our heads and as a pacifist all i can do is urge all the parties which i hate and am a follower of none to unite and form a strong union that will be good for lebanon.

        you must understand my dear brother that the there was no suicide bomber involved. the car that was filled with explosives was parked and hariri’s radar system which is made in israel was jammed thus allowing the bomb to set off.

        the studies have shown that the only company tat can actually neutralisw hariri’s radar is the israeli company itself which was formed by former mossad agents.

        so, the plot thickens and i aint losing sleep my friend. all i want is one lebanon one people and one army and 24/24 electricity, clean water and peace and if they (all parties) all wanna kill each other, i’ll bring the pop corn and enjoy the show.

    2. No offense “dandan” but this isn’t the first time that Israel has carried out assassinations through car bombs.

  13. Sceptic Avatar


    Israel deliberately allowed its surveillance to be intercepted so that a third party could use it in criminal activities, in order to create internal problems in Lebanon

  14. Has anyone asked the question:

    who benefited most from the Hariri assasination?

    Who lost ground in the propaganda warfare afterwards?

    The answers might help you know where to point the finger!

    Peace to all.

  15. All what Nesrallah wanted to do is throw a shadow of daoubt on the events and show some ariel shots of a plane. we all know that Israel sends its spy planes over Lebanon everyday, it has a sattelite spying on Lebanon every minute along with the US, France, England, China you name it. those shot were very poor shots that do not mean anything. I have seen shots from a plane chasing Hizballah fighters in south Lebanon on TV so many times.

    the fact remains, where did those cars come from, who sent them, who arrange for the setup, who set up Abu Adas, who killed him, who sent that tape to Aljazeera station, and what about the guys who killed Jamaiel they fled to Syria and still live there, Ain Alak incident, Fath AlIslam and their leader who is in Syria and so on….

    it was a very poor attempt, he did not have to convince his followers, he needs to convice everyone else with facts not just non-sense talk and some lame picture from the ninties… no one is accusing Nesrallah of anything, but if his boys have anything to do with it, he should fry them….

  16. Imad masri Avatar
    Imad masri

    Blindness kills. All what someone should do to confirm if Israel will do such crime to to read

    Gideon Spies History of the Mossad.

    Hope the book will shad the light on the dark history and what is israel is capable of doing.

    The crime is so complicated and phone could not be working 15 minute before and 20 minute after the crime……Please take an sample of the soil and find out what chemical was used in the explosion..

  17. if the palestinians become a suicide bombers its because of the crap they feed them since they are youngand not because israels pushing them for in algeria few years ago they was a group of fanatic attaking the trains and killing people with the axes just because they thought they are better muslims then the other the same happening in iraq now sunni and shia explode then self just because they made them belive they will go to heaven

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