Iranian FM: Nasrallah’s information presented was noteworthy


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast said on Tuesday that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s information presented during his Monday press conference was noteworthy, Akhbar Al-Yawm News Agency reported.

Last night and during a televised press conference Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah tried to present evidence including footage he said came from Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) monitoring Hariri to prove that Israel was behind the assassination of Lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri .

“Israel’s survival is based on inciting sedition in the Middle East,” Mehmanparast said.

He also said that “the presence of foreign troops in the region threatens its security.” He did not elaborate whether this includes UNIFIL peacekeeping forces in south Lebanon.

Speculation has been intensifying in recent weeks that the international tribunal investigating Hariri’s murder is set to issue indictments against several members of the Iranian Hezbollah.

Where is the Beef?

Reactions in Lebanon to Nasrallah’s claims inevitably fell along partisan lines but the overall reaction could be summarized as ” Where is the beef ? In reference to the famous phrase used as an advertising slogan by a fast Food chain in the Eighties indicating lack of any substance.

Many in Lebanon were disappointed because they were expecting convincing solid evidence and specific details on the the van that contained the 2000 kg bomb that killed Hariri. Nasrallah never mentioned the van. According to der Spiegel the van belonged to a Hezbollah official and was loaded with the bombs in the Dhahiyeh, a southern Beirut suburb and a Hezbollah stronghold.



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  1. Iranian FM: Nasrallah’s information presented was noteworthy on your toilet paper.

  2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    That’s Funny Ali you’re right on Bro. Its okay for Syrian and Iranians to interfere in Lebanon’s affair and say what they wish. But if Saudi Arabia and Egypt calls for peace and asking Lebanese not to repeat the events of May 2008. they get opposition members leveling accusation against them like they’re their israelis? starting with their Aoun the clown. The Iranians are visiting the security zones in south lebanon without permissions from the lebanese gov’t. They meet with hezbollah and nobody from the lebanese gov’t. Al Shami goes to wherever he wants and then on the phone he tells Hariri oh i am going there by the way. But frankly you can’t do anything you want. And people here have the audacity to believe Nassrallah and Iran that they’re not interfering in Lebanon or running lebanon either.

    1. george you’re beginning to say what i’ve been saying for months to put more control on MP movements that need to be centralised.

      we cant have them travelling independently to forge theirown alliances and draft up laws on their own.

      FYI the iranians visiting is just a PR modelling shot in the face of israel and the US. i’m very sure it was cleared by our president.

  3. Wake Up Ya Loubnan Avatar
    Wake Up Ya Loubnan

    The Syrian and Hezballah Plan

    Merging Heszballah with the army or vice versa then control the entire country Militarily:

    The article reads:

    A senior Hizbullah terrorist organization member and member of the Lebanese parliament called on the Beirut government to forget about obtaining ”conditional” American military aid instead turn to Iran, Syria, Russia and China.

    Nawwaf Moussawi, a senior Hizbullah leader and member of the Lebanese parliament, suggested the LAF look to Syria, Iran and countries like Russia and China for weapons and training. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to make his first official visit to Lebanon, at the end of the Ramadan month of daily fasting, his foreign minister announced Sunday.

    The political arm of Hizbullah has been accusing Israel of looking for an excuse to attack Lebanon, and it has used the alleged threat as an excuse to beef up its own military forces. The main reason behind the American holdup of aid to Lebanon is increasing evidence that Hizbullah and the Lebanese Army are working hand-in-hand.

    Hizbullah has increased its power in the Lebanese government and now holds the ability in the Cabinet to veto major legislation. Its alliance with pro-Syrian parties has allowed Syria to exercise more influence over Lebanon without the presence of more than 15,000 soldiers that Syrian President Bashar Assad withdrew five years ago.

    Assad needs closer ties with Hizbullah to re-impose tighter control over Lebanon, Beirut Daily Star opinion editor Michael Young wrote in the Wall Street Journal Monday. He said that Assad has to “show that Damascus, not Tehran, rules again in Beirut” and that the Syrian president needs Hizbullah to replace the Syrian intelligence agents and Syrian soldiers that had been deployed in Lebanon.

    Young also explained that Assad is trying to sell his return to Lebanon by casting the “illusion” that he will reduce Hizbullah’s power. However, Young added, “The Syrian leader will not disarm Hezbollah, nor will he break with Iran, because that would deny him the ability to exploit regional rivalries.”

    SOURCE: The Hartford Times Examiner

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