Chamoun: “Let Aoun crucify himself and relieve us”


Commenting on Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun’s statements over the arrest of senior FPM official Fayez Karam on suspicion of spying for Israel, National Liberal Party leader MP Dory Chamoun said: “He likened himself to Christ upon Karam’s arrest, then let him crucify himself and relieve us ”

On August 6 Aoun compared himself to Jesus Christ saying “Even Jesus had treacherous followers”.

Commenting on the anticipated speech of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , Chamoun questioned Nasrallah had not revealed the information he has over former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination earlier .

He said: “If he has evidence that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is being controlled by Israel and if he has information about people who were involved in the crimes that have taken place in Lebanon, then why did he wait for today to reveal them?”

Many in Lebanon are questioning Hezbollah motives and are surprised that Nasrallah did not offer to reveal to the STL the information on alleged Israeli involvement when Syria was the accused party.



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  1. Can these politicians find anything intelligent to say?

    all of them copy of each other and repeat the same statements.

    Gosh, none of them, NONE can be trusted.

    1. The persian politicians like naswala et al are very trustworthy, right trashy , ya persian spy.

  2. Top US lawmaker: Block aid to Lebanese military

    (AFP) – 1 hour ago

    “WASHINGTON — The US Congress should block roughly 100 million dollars in aid to Lebanon’s military until it can be sure the country’s armed forces are not working with Hezbollah, a top lawmaker said Monday.

    Pointing to last week’s deadly clash between Israeli and Lebanese troops along the countries’ shared border, Representative Eric Cantor warned the lines between the Shiite movement and Lebanon’s armed forces had become “blurred.”

    “The days of ignoring the LAF’s (Lebanese Armed Forces’) provocations against Israel and protection of Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon are over,” said Cantor, the number two Republican in the House of Representatives.

    “Lebanon cannot have it both ways. If it wants to align itself with Hezbollah against the forces of democracy, stability and moderation, there will be consequences,” said Cantor, a fierce defender of Israel.

    “Congress must convey that message by blocking the roughly 100 million dollars in 2011 assistance to the LAF until we find out the details of last week’s attack and can certify that the Lebanese army is not cooperating with Hezbollah,” said Cantor.

    Cantor said the United States had provided roughly 720 million dollars since 2006 in military aid “to build up a Lebanese fighting force that would serve as a check on the growing power of the radical Islamist Hezbollah movement.

    But “for the past few years, the US and the international community looked the other way as the lines between Hezbollah and the Lebanese military and government became blurred,” he warned.

    Relations between Israel and Lebanon have been strained in the wake of the deadly exchange of fire last week which killed two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist, as well as an Israeli officer.

    The standoff was sparked when Israeli troops tried to cut down a tree on the border, prompting the Lebanese to fire on them”

    Israel at work again! how can they make sure of that when we have over 70 israeli spies all over??

    1. Thanks for bringing up the information Cathy and we’re not surprised by it. All we can do as lebanese vote against these senators and help others who help us.

    2. cthy i like the way the article says that relations between israel and lebanon have been strained in the wake of…..

      when does israel ever allow for relations to imrpove. we have no relations with israel but yet again, the media loves to lie to the american people how much the US and Israel are allies.

      1. Tony, the best is that they actually admitt that the US has provided funding since 2006 to the lebanese army so they fight against HA, formed of lebanese citizens, and has seats in the lebanese govt .

        I mean how much will it take for lebanese to wake up and smell the coffee as to why we have over 70 spies and what Israel/US have been trying to do, DIVIDE THE COUNTRY AT ALL COSTS JUST TO WEAKEN HA AND DEFEAT THEM IN ORDER TO PAVE THE WAY FOR ISRAEL TO CONTROL WHAT IT WANTS IN LEBANON.

      2. voice of reason Avatar
        voice of reason

        who is stopping relations between Israel and lebanon? is it Israel or is it lebanon you tell me “aflatan”. is lebanon allowed to make a peace deal with israel to have relations with it? and who is stopping lebanon from doing so? some of you remind me of the guy who was being pissed on and the guy doing the peeing tells him it’s raining, then the guy being pissed on looks up and says to him ” walla ma3ak 7a2… 3am tshatti” wake up !!! the rain is not supposed to be yellow 😉

  3. If Nesrallah has any credible evidence and he held on to it until now, then he used the March 14 movement to remove the Syrians out of Lebanon so he’ll have a free hand in Lebanon without the Syrian intervention. he knows the Syrians will cut deals left and right when it benefits them.

  4. Elias, these morons talk as if they have any evidence of HA being involved in the LAF.

    how funny that they say they will cut the funding and that Lebanon cannot have it both ways, when israel’s barak says he knows the incident wasnt sparked by HA.

    Israel has not only the U.S by the balls but unfortunatly Lebanon also…. they wanna cut the funding to the lebanese army to weaken them and teach them a lesson that you shall not stand in the way of israel like HA dares to do. you shall obey and be a slave to the US and israel. they are trying so hard to divide the country and bring everyone against HA when THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY COLLABORATION DURING THE TREE INCIDENT!!!!

    israeli/US propaganda.


    1. Problem is it will backfire against both the US and israel of course. Because that provides more ammunition for HA to show lebanese look what the US is doing. In return people will support more HA arms. And also more hate for both. So really best to resolve this more peacefully and provide the fundings needed at least to fight extremists like fatah al islam, al qaada and other groups. But AIPAC controls the congress and that’s how we ended up in IRAQ. its sad we could have had saddam fighting al qaada even though i never liked him. But Stupid is, stupid does, stupid its..

      1. voice of reason Avatar
        voice of reason

        elias, congress voted and they said yes to war in iraq. come on man you are starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, everything is AIPAC’s fault… lool get real man special interest lobbyists do not run USA, congress and house does and have the ultimate saying in whatever goes on. as to AIPAC controls congress, got any proof of this or just another conspiracy theory of yours?

        if you got proofs then provide them and dont just make blanket statements that make you sound uneducated and bitter.

  5. cathy you forget that the AIPAC is above barak and natanyahu.

  6. Tony and Elias,

    agree with both of you.

    Saddam was al qaeda’s sworn ennemy but now the number of “terrorists” has not only sky rocketed since the iraq war but it is so easy to recruit young muslim boys and send them on a suicide mission because of the US’ mistakes anywhere in the world.

    you guys should watch the movie “traitor” with Don Cheatle. It really shows the effects of the iraq war.

    1. cathy i’ve seen it. great movie. the US prospers with the sale of arms. what it rejects in sales to lebanon it will just allocate to israel to keep its economy growing.

      1. voice of reason Avatar
        voice of reason

        tony, sure cause giving away money to outsiders grows the economy… what planet do you live on man? send me a post card 😉

      2. VOR – lol good one. i meant 2 diff’t issues. US prospers from the sale of arms so it will sell elsewhere and it will give its money to israel to keep ITS economy growing.

        thanks for keeping me awake.

  7. Tony, I was reading on another post someone talking about “wilayat al fakih”

    do these people realize the kind of war establishing this in lebanon, would ignite in Lebanon but the whole middle east?

    HA would never dare to do this or it will a bloddy war between sunnis & shias in the middle east.

    1. i’ve always stated that whatever nasrallah previously said, it was to get attention. i highly doubt that this kind of movement will even begin to gain momentum.

      too many intelligent people on the sunni and shiite side, not to mention the liberal expats on both sides that will never go for that.

      i yawned at that statement.

  8. *bloody

  9. not only that, not ALL shiites agree on this concept. even senior Shiite religious scholars have rejected this concept. Look it up.

  10. cathy i just called my dad in lebanon and nasrallah is giving his speech right now as promised. i guess we’ll get the article shortly as to his accusations.

  11. ya I have been waiting fr his speech! I thought it was gonna be earlier!

    cant wait to hear what he had to say and what’s this evidence he is presenting!

  12. get ready for isreli bombardment on this site.

    1. cathy thank you very much. i will hoopefully enjoy the read

  13. he really hasnt said much so far…. it says more to follow so I think he hasnt finished his speech but if this is it then I am very disappointed, I gotta say….

  14. i was gonna say if thats all he said then no, i aint buying it. i need tangible evidence, wiretaps, photos and not hearsay.

    1. I agree with you Tony. For me Nasrallah did not present me with any concrete and irrefutable proof that might involve ANYBODY in the assassination. I guess we have to wait and see if the STL will present a better case. I am not holding my breath though.

      1. marillionlb nasrallah’s speech like the STL is a waste of time. i thought he would have concrete evidence about the spies caught, maybe they had something to confess and about hariri’s car with the radar jamming disarmed and the car with the bomb….etc

        not convincig at all.

  15. absolutley…I dont know that tape showing the HA israeli spy, who was he confessing to? was it to Hariri himself? or was it just a meeting with HA?

    makes a big difference….

    otherwise, he made a big mistake by claiming he had tangible evidence….he will be adding fuel to the fire and more people will turn against them….

  16. Tony, read the arabic gives a slightly different version of the speech

  17. you know, he makes very good arguments in the third part of the speech…

  18. wilypagan Avatar

    Any Christian or moderate Muslim Lebanese should support the confiscation of Hizbollah arms. The little fantasy about Hizbollah winning the 2006 war is just that. Israel withdrew only to avoid negative public opinion, not because they were beaten back by Nasrallah and his cowardly crew.

    Your leaders’ failure to disarm Hizbollah despite millions of dollars in US aid has exposed your country to complete destruction in the next war, since Israel will not feel the need to limit itself to the South.

    Enough of the ego BS and talk of sovereignty. Your country is only as sovereign as far as it can defend itself. The US and Israel have been allies for many years. There is nothing wrong with the US expecting something in return from Lebanon for all the money we have provided, like respect and friendship, perhaps, and even an attempt to resolve issues with Israel once and for all.

    You have to ask yourself, would I rather live in Tel Aviv, or in a Shia, Hezbollah controlled village? You pay your money, you make your choice.

    1. Anti-zio Avatar

      Look whos living in a fantasy……

    2. wilypagan you’re blind.

  19. VOR israel wants peace on its own terms which is why its israel that doesnt encourage good relations yo aflaton NOT aflatan.

    israel wants to keep its apartheid rule alive and still force lebanon to have peace with it. well lebanon is the guy pissing on israel and israel is saying what’s wrong, we’re a good country….we’re D E M O C R A T I C. what a joke.

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