Lebanon: Tourism up over 11% in July


Lebanese Tourism Ministry announced on Friday that the number of foreign visitors to Lebanon during July had reached 361,934, which it said was an 11.58% increase when compared with July 2009.

tourists sunbathe as others swim at the St. George Yacht club in Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon expects nearly 2.2 million tourists in 2010


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  1. thats the name i was trying to remember where i went to in 2008. it was abslutely beautiful but sadly my sister also showed me the exact location where hariri (MHRIP) was assasinated.

    i cant wait to go there.

    constantin though we have our differences, believe you me if i see you on the street i will shake your hand cos i’m not affiliated to any party bro.

    i bet you we would have a drink together and laugh at all this crap.

    my opinions will not change anything. i just hope that people affiliated with parties can forct their leaders to unite with the other parties.

    anyway, 4 weeks and counting and i cant wait to eat knefeh ib ka3ik and loads of baklawa.

    so between september and october the weather is still hot right people?

    1. We just returned from Lebanon, we stayed the whole month of July.

      Despite the heat Lebanon is beautiful – I would go back if I can.

      1. joanna i’ll be there from september to october. thanks again. why do you say if i can….

      2. My husband is a Native American. I love him to death, but wished if I married a Lebanese. My sons loved it there but they resisted when I proposed to buy an apartment in Zouk Nekail.

        This was my first return in 31 years and the first trip for my husband and kids. I seriously doubt that they will agree to go again.

        It was so nice to meet my uncles and aunts and 40+ cousins, visiting Harissa was a blessing – I had great time but my husband felt that he does not belong.

  2. thats very sad joanna cos my wife is canadian and everytime we have left lebannon she cried. she really feels she belongs cos my family is very warm with her and she loves the food and the nightlife and the beaches…..

    you are in a sad predicament my friend. god bless you.

    1. My grandmother is Italian and lived in Lebanon all her life.

      My husband enjoyed the trip, but would not go as often as I wish to go, and definitly would not invest in a house there either, and that is what making me sad.

      I have 8 brothers and sisters and each ones owns an appartment in Lebanon, except me.

      Oh Well, at least he agreed to take the trip with me – I am blessed to have him in my life.

  3. joanna i dont wanna meddle in your affairs but dont be a push over. he shouldnt be selfish.

    the house or the trip should not be an issue.

    you guys are a partnership and should act like one.

    stephanie and i are ver equal, when she wants to go to newfuondland she goes.

    eve if youe husband doesnt wanna go, you should at least go once a year ny yourself.

    just a thought and i apologise for offering my thoughts on a personal matter.

    may god bless you and him and help you both find a happy medium suitable to both your needs.

  4. joanna iam glad thats you enjoy lebanon it is a real fantastic place and i hope you will be able to visit again and if i was you i;ll keep winging in your husband ears until he give up a flat in lebanon is a very good investment for the kid they gonna tripe soon i thing and god bless all lebanese people and help them

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