Hezbollization of the Lebanese army?


An Israeli official on Thursday warned of the danger of Hezbollah gaining influence over Lebanon’s army just a day after a deadly exchange of fire along the border left four people dead.

“There is a danger of the Hezbollization of the Lebanese army, if the army begins to behave like Hezbollah,” Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told public radio.

Medals decorate the coffin of Lebanese Sergeant Abdullah Tufayli, who was killed during yesterday's clashes between Israeli forces and the Lebanese army, during his funeral at Deir al- Zahrani village, southern Lebanon, August 4, 2010.

“If Hezbollah manages to take control of the army, we will have to treat the army in a completely different manner,” he said.

Top Israeli officials have said that Hezbollah was not involved in Tuesday’s deadly exchange of fire with the Lebanese army, and have for the most part sought to play down the confrontation as an isolated incident.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the clashes, which killed two Lebanese soldiers , a Lebanese journalist as well as a senior Israeli officer, were “a very grave provocation” but hastened to add that it was not planned by the Lebanese army.

Relatives of Sgt. Robert Ashi, who killed on Tuesday during a clash between Lebanese army and Israeli army, carry his coffin during his funeral procession at Darb el-Sim village , near in the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon, on Wednesday Aug. 4, 2010.

“Tuesday’s incident was not programmed by the chiefs of staff of the Lebanese army in Beirut or by Hezbollah,” he said on Wednesday.

The Israeli military believes the incident was caused by a radical Lebanese army officer who was not acting on orders from higher-ups, defense experts said.

“One must act in such a way that a local incident does not degenerate into a full-blown crisis,” Barak said. “I hope there will be no escalation, that we will have a calm summer and that things will return to normal.”

Israel will hit hard against anyone who tries to harm its citizens, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday as he issued a stern warning to both Hamas and the Lebanese government in the aftermath of four attacks against Israel in the past five days from Gaza, Sinai and Lebanon.

“We will reach, and hit with great force, anyone who shoots at Israeli citizens, no matter from where,” Netanyahu said in a Hebrew statement released to the media.



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  1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
    George Haddad N.J.

    CATHY – you said before that Barack didn’t accuse hezbollah in the latest attack in the south. Well read this one and tell me if you’re info is correct when you said he didn’t. i know you all going to jump the gun here. But when did a sniper had a chance to take his time and shoot at the israel officer during the shouting of cannons volley’s. Stop telling me I am being fed Geagea propaganda. I loved Bashir Gemyal but not geagea never did and never will. But i do support him when he’s asking for calm and peace and asking for criminals to be tried in the crime. what’s wrong with that views? It seems lots of views got so excited about Nassrallah speeches and believed him. Yet you say you’re not hezbollah supporters? well you’re being fed his own propaganda and false facts. You go by what he say and not recognize what this organization done since 2005. yes the STL seems and we have yet to discover that Syria is not being implicated. But I read also that Russia has pushed from the beginning that Syrian high officials are untouchables. I am sure there were wheeling and dealing between the west on one side and russia and syria on another side. That’s why you heard so many rumors that hezbollah and syria relationship are sour. Of course they will show it otherwise but you can’t help it if i am being accused and you’re the party who involved me in it not being accused. But i am sure and i am 100% certain the attack was pre-planned due to using sniper from the army. the 9th brigade is full of Shiite soldiers. Yes the one who got killed was christian and i am sure there are chistian there in 9th brigade. But the brigade has been known to be heavy handed with shiite soldiers and commanders. Not only that Geagea indicated before that 5000 soldiers have been well trained by hezbollah. Which is in all honesty is fine by me. But the question is are they being used to support hezbollah instead of the other way around? Think about it do you want the army fight hezbollah war now? i mean with all due respect Nassrallah and Qassem are saying will attack israel next time there is round of fighting between israel and the army. Again they’re acting if they’re the lebanese gov’t. As if they’re willing to sacrifice the country for their sake. So stop the unity act i could careless if Syria and israel have their war and Iran and israel. I don’t care if they destroy each other. But i care about lebanon and lebanese people. If you want to accuse me of being pro-israeli then suit yourself. But i am trying to stop uneccessary fighting because HA want to avoid the STL. and Iran has been wanting to attack israel before israel attacks it. If Qassem and Nassrallah want to fight for them. Please please please take it outside of Lebanon.

    1. I posted the following as a response to a post from yesterday, however I think that it most suited here.

      HA does not care about Lebanon as a nation and never cared about the Lebanese government hence to HA the goal is to have his own state “check on previous Nassralah’s speeches and plans ‘Wlieyat Al Faqieh’”. It is out there and he cannot deny it!

      When HA opens fire from the UNFL positions using the Lebanese Army as a shield HA is proving to all that the DECISION OF WAR OR PEACE is in his hands disregarding all the round table meetings and all agreements or national dialog!

      The 2006 war against HA which Lebanon and its people paid dearly for put HA on a new path “Survival and escaping judgments”. Furthermore, HA now is the number one suspect in the killing of Harriry! Guilty or not he is threatening the stability in Lebanon not by waging an internal war! Because there is not anyone armed other then the Lebanese Army to fight him! HA is threatening his opponents with the Israeli war machine. Basically saying “you convict me” and I will bomb Israel and have it destroy the Lebanese state!

      HA is threatening us with whom he claims to be his enemy!…..

      1. ghazi statements change bro. i wouldnt take that wilayet il faqieh very seriously.

      2. Mohamad Avatar

        Ghazi. Thank you for this posting. what you say is the truth.

        Unfortunately shallow thinking people will never believe it. Time will prove it like all incidents happened in Lebanon in time the truth will prevail. Initially everyone denied that Syria was behind the killing of Kamal Jambulat to find out years later that they did. Everyone believed that the Lebanese Forces bombed the church of deliverance to find out the contrary years later. HuzbAllah is looking to topple the Lebanese Government by giving Israel the reason to destroy it first. When the dust settle HuzbAllah will emerge as the only organization that is in place with money and a working network to take over!

  2. George, can you not read english?????

    Tuesday’s incident was not programmed by the chiefs of staff of the Lebanese army in Beirut or by Hezbollah,” he said on Wednesday

    he is saying that they are BEHAVING like HA.

    1. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
      George Haddad N.J.

      Yes you’re right but here is what it said below. I can get you more comments that they’re accusing hezbollah in the process. Barack is trying to downplay it so it doesn’t intensify the situation. That tells you he doesn’t want war with Lebanon. If barack wanted a war with Lebanon from before even. He would not have ordered his troops withdrawal 10 yrs ago or so if he didn’t want to commit to peace. But here is one portion of it what it said above. And who is in charge of the israeli military my friend? Isn’t Ehud?

      The Israeli military believes the incident was caused by a radical Lebanese army officer who was not acting on orders from higher-ups, defense experts said.

      1. George, with all due respect, withdrawing the troops 10 yrs ago was NOT for peace’s sake. EVERYONE even in the western media has said, that they were FORCED out due to the many many casualties and hits that the israeli army took from HA.

        I am not the one who is saying this, experts all agree on this and that that was a major military defeat for Israel, just like 2006.

    2. George Haddad N.J. Avatar
      George Haddad N.J.

      To CATHY, TONY and all you brainwashed hezbollah followers as much of course you’re trying to convince us otherwise. Here a copy of news article that was published today regarding the clash yesterday.

      Israel is givin an ultimatum to Lebanon gov’t.

      “This burst of Lebanese sniper fire triggered the clash.

      The ultimatum was delivered at a three-way meeting at UNIFIL headquarters in Naqura on Wednesday night, August 4, attended by UN, IDF and Lebanese Army officers, after Israel learned that the guilty Lebanese officer is a Shiite who hangs out with Hizballah commanders in South Lebanon. The possibility is not precluded that his Hizballah friends tipped him off to the presence of high Israeli officers within firing distance from the Lebanese border.

      This information runs contrary to the IDF’s official line on the incident, which absolved Hizballah of involvement in the clash and claimed the Shiite terrorists were taken by surprise no less than the Israeli military”.

      So if israel have spies in lebanon as we all know. they would know exactly who did what then? therefore i believe the validity of their report regarding who issued the orders. So again Cathy and everyone you want to unite behind the army or so it seems like hezbollah to me? Yes you’re going to tell me i am pro-israelis. So what i heard it before. Yes i am the cousin of Ehud Barack and my real name is really George barracuda.. Wake up people and don’t let hezbollah take to the path of death and destruction.

      1. Tayeb George, lek, first of all where did you get this article?

        who is making these claims?

        it states in your article that they come contrary to the IDF reports that hizballah were not involved.

        Ehud Barak re-stated that. so I really dont se the validity of an independant report that doesnt say who exactly is making these claims, it is def not an israeli OFFICIAL.

        Not to mention that your source of proof is an israeli article???

        Like are you for real?

        they also said the officer acted on his own right and according to your article here that the guy is a shiite.

        ok so what about the top commander of the lebanese army who adamantly DENIED that ANY officer of the lebanese army would act on his own unless given orders from his superiors.

        so who shall we beleive, our lebanese army commander in chief or some israeli article that contradicts their own israeli defense minister statements????

      2. george habeebi i’m not a hizbollah follower i’m a lebanon follower. HA is part of our family so until we treat it as one, it will continue to act like that. think about that for a sec.

      3. what this article deals with is israel’s fear that when HA integrates into the army, the lebanese army will really become a formidable foe.

        its really very simple. all other parties dropped their weapons and joined the army. well, HA doing it aint gonna make anything different.

        i wonder when gaegae went to egypt 2 months ago, how much id he get paid from the israeli officials he met there. of course i’m assuming he met them or else why would mubarrak invite him.

        whats gaegae’s price to stop his divisive speeches and illusionary forecasts that the army is capable of taking on israel.

        who in their right mind would believe such a statement.

      4. Youssef Avatar

        George, you sympathise with the yahood more than you do for your fellow Lebanese.

        This incident reconfirms the need to remain united.

        You are a fool if you think that the israelis dont want a share of Lebanon.

        You stance is a shameful one.

  3. george my friend i copied and pasted from the article above your question.

    “Tuesday’s incident was not programmed by the chiefs of staff of the Lebanese army in Beirut or by Hezbollah,” he said on Wednesday.

    the above article is issued by ehud barrack.

    israel always wants division bro.

    israel would hate for HA to be absorbed into the army cos then when israel attacks lebanon and the army hits back, the world body will acknowledge such attack from a legitimate body bro.

    never listen to what israel has to say. if it says something good look at the other side of the coin as to its intentions.

    are you telling me that the lebanese army has no sbipers? then whats the use of our army if it doesnt even have snipers?

    even this incident is HA?

    this is becoming ridiculous with our demonization of our fellow lebanese citizens. HA is lebanese habeebi and unti you accept that, you will never have peace cos if my family keeps treating me the way you do, i will always be looked at as a trouble maker regardless of wht i do.

    so HA exercised restraint and told the lebanese army we’re here if you need us and now thats also wrong?

    the lebanese have no idea what the lebanese want.

  4. damn you cathy you beat me to the punch. great minds think alike huh??

    have a good day and welcome again to the hell i’ve been in for the last year.

  5. Berytus Avatar

    Maybe that army official was a bit ‘radical’. I don’t know. And I don’t know whether there were orders from higher ranking officials in the army to pursue with the shooting.

    But what is clear, is that Ayalon took this to his advantage and twisted the logic by describing the event as the ‘hezbolisation’! That is very dangerous. The israelis want to continue to feed this division in the country between hezbollah supporters and state instution supporters.

    So guys, be careful.. Ayalon’s description is a baseless threat. Like all the other threats in past decades. Let’s hope instead of the bezbolisation of the army, there will be the full nationalisation of hezbollah into the state.

  6. By the creation of State of Israel in Middle East a cancerous tumor was created in the region so Israel needs to understand for every action there is a reaction. If Israel does not find equitable solution for Palestinian problem this cancer will grow all over the body, starting with PLO, late Saddam Hussein and Gamal Abdel Nasser, Syria Jordan Lebannese Resistance,Alkaaida ,Hamas so forth and so on therefore this cancer is growing, the solution is rightful solution of Palestinians all over the word to have their own country to be pround of and live with dignity,Israelis by putting solutions off is making this region and the world more and more dangerous, any Israeli sympathizers and this site please lobby your Israeli leaders about this simple fact for the sake of Israel and it’s Arab neighbours, before things blow out of proportion, postponing this crucial matter is not in Israelis interest, time is against Israel,has Israeli lot getting any better after all those years or worst, I let you answer that question?

  7. I agree Rafik, the problem is Israel doesnt care. it acts as a colonial empire. did you hear about the secret video that came out where bibi netenyahu didnt know he was filmed andhe was saying how HE sabotaged the Oslo agreement??

    lol what a joke! we know that all israelis (and there are a lot) who stand up against their government’s criminal actions or the ones that DESERT the IDF because they think what they are doing in the territories and elsewhere is completly immoral, Richard Goldstone A KNOWN ZIONIST JEW who issued the report about the war crimes that Israel committed in Gaza, all these people that dare be good true jews are punished by their govt (the so called only real democratic country in the Middle east) jews are banned from entering israel if they speak against their policies, they are called anti-semites, shunned by their right wing peers……

    it seems there is no end to this

    1. cathy noam chomsky was barred recently cos he wanted to give a lecture at bir zeit university.

      1. ya I heard!! can you beleive it?? and they say that arabs are dictators?? what exactly is this called? freedom of speech??

  8. CATHY you’re one feisty girl and i would not dare mess with you lol. I am glad you tell George Haddad the way its and he’s yet to be convinced otherwise. I would not spend too much time responding to him and Tarie since you just waste too much energy for nothing. I have to say you make good arguments. And Tony don’t forget to bring me some Barazi when you get back. I am in Southern California just drop by i will take you and your family to Universal Studio. Peace!

    1. cool elias. i’ll be making my way to cali in the near future so when i do and you’re on this site still we’ll hook up for sure.

      i feel like its my duty to post everyday as a proud lebanese as i don’t wantwesterners to get a wrong idea about lebanese and there continuous history lessons.

      tarie the other day talked about some reporter who had his hand cut off. that was like 20 years ago.

      george likes to talk about what arafat said 30 years ago about the road to wherever is through some town. like who cares?

      anyway, i’ve been praying for the likes of you to come on board cos it was really getting tought fighting a wave of haters.

      great to see you lillo (i like that tadlee3ation) lol cathy, leb-syrian, walid khouri, all the other acronym lebs and berytus and if i forgot someone i’m sorry.

  9. LOL thx Lillo :))

    I know it seems no one can answer with a good argument backed by facts only statements based on what “they think” happened or on emotion and religious bias…yaaneh this George says inno they HA fighters dressed in LA clothes LOL

    He has dreams and then thinks its reality and is completly convinced of it.

    1. CATHY you’re funny i have not heard this word Lillo since i left lebanon. I really do not take sides with anyone. I am for the peace and prosperity and unity of the lebanese. The only way we can be defeated by being enemy with each other. Let me tell something we have the mind and the capacity to take on israel and anyone who wishes to attack us. But we have to stop the inner fighting and stop siding with israel, syria, iran or the west or US. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are as long in the end you support the best interest of Lebanon. We can resolve issues internally without having to invite Assad, King of Saudi or UN. Even if it turned out that Hezbollah was behind the assasination then i am all for keeping it internally. Meaning put these members in lebanese jails and everyone else mind their own business. Its up to Hariri family to forgive and forget or press charges. However as long as this looms over us and dividing us. Then we will have long internal problems. That’s not to say we don’t have any other urgent problems to tackle. But this one tops it all. Once resolved internally then we move to tackle the problem of the economy and utilities issues. We can be one of the richest countries in the world by inviting investments oppt. And also if we dig for oil and gas and trutfully account for it. Not for the MP’s to divide the shares of profits among them like they own it themselves. Lebanon has lots of resources and need to be applied very intelligently and resources that can be shared. And with added investment from inside and abroad the world is ours. But we keep playing tic-tac-toe and cat and mouth game like Tom and Jerry. Enough of that. Let’s resolve these issues of the STL and border demacration and Gahjjar, and the farms in the South and focus on internal issue. Sorry for the long post. I hope that good wisdom will prevail in Lebano where it will lead to peace and prosperity Inshallah.

      1. I agree with every word Lillo!! lol

      2. well said lillo 🙂

      3. Amen to that, Elias – well said. Lebanon is beautiful and haram to destroy it by blindly following this party or that party. There should be one party only – the president and one defense force – the Lebanese army.

    2. CATHY stop flirting me and call me Lillo lol. And Tony looking forward to meeting you Bro. You all take care and back to work.

      1. lol ok fineeeeeee I just am proud of our lebanese dala3!

  10. George haddad, why are you wasting your time with this idiot, cathy? ignore that retard.

    “CATHY you’re one feisty girl and i would not dare mess with you” Elias, i guess you are a foo foo, ya nousak ma a7lek…

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      retard to you, but to the likes of me she is one of the few who is not brainwashed and speaks common sense. and your talking to a girl here, have some respect. Mashallah alaik, rafe2 ras lebnan bi haik haki, shu hal illit il adab?

      1. ma3lesh leb-syrian, the only thing he was able to say was that sermeyet geagea bitswa rass nasrallah and that he is not answering me anymore lol that is the answer of someone who has been cornered and doesnt know what to say….

        at least George takes the time to answer to my arguments…

        Allah ykhalilna yek ya girgi! lol

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        la ma 7azart, ana mali homsi, ahl immee min dimashq.

    2. Karim are you like flirting with me or something? Dude i can see you flickering your eyes lol. I like women just in case you are ya karoumi..

      1. haha “flickering your eyes” LOL

    3. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Karim I agree with you. I am wasting my time trying to convince someone who already made up their minds. So cutting one tree was it worth the 4 people died? How come when they kidnap a sheperd and sheeps no LAF fight them? are the trees more valuable then the sheppards? The order came from a commander who spends most of his time with hezbollah. I bet you hezbollah comrades dared him to issue the orders to have a LAF sniper shoot at israelis. Guys you have not learned this. Every time LAF shoot at an israelis, the israelis were not easy with LAF. If they wanted to hurt them, they could have done it during the 2006 war. Now its a great news and blessing for hezbollah to see such negative reaction from israel toward the LAF. so next time LAF and hezbollah will be fighting hand in hand against israel. I ask the LAF before they start a fight. Please wait for the Mig fighters to arrive from Russia at least. Don’t embarrass us with hawker Hunter. These planes are as old as Tony Ali Lol.

      1. ok George, you are really undermining our army by simplifiying this clash to “ONE TREE”

        this was more than that, as I wrote somewhere else, UNIFL workers account that it was at first thought that the israelis were on leb territory, so the UNFIL and the LAF fired warning shots in the air…it did not aim it at the soldiers…it also issued verbal warnings before that…but the IDF overreacted and fired back directly at the LAF and this is when of course the LAF acted in self defense.

        I dont think the initial goal was to get into a violent clash.

        I give our LAF more credit than that

      2. lol george my friend why arent you harsh against israel habeebi?

        and yes, i’m an old fart for sure but not older than 50 hint hint. 🙂

        ya george, you gotta admit that israel is an instigator bro. like maybe you do need a bong hit or two cos marijuana does help you introspect without the ego.

        i knowcos i when i ised to smoke it and i would argue with my family, i would go smoke a huge bong hit and low and behold when my ego has been numbed temporarily, i caould actually see my parents point of view.

        and Noooooooooo i havent touched it in 10 uears bro so i can’t offer you any 🙂

        bas come on brother george, you know that israel is a problem maker.

        at least throw me a freaking bone dude. 🙂

  11. Karim, shou mesh eder trid 3a shi min yalli elto so baddak thinneh ou thin lillo lol

    haram el ghireh mish helwe ya karim yalli tiz geagea 3ala chfefak inta!!!

    1. cathy now you’re talking my lingo. you gotta be rude at times to shut the animals up.

  12. haram Karim ma weje3ak osba3ak min el fa2ess 3ala “thumbs down” on all my comments? lol

  13. tony a, why don’t you go smoke your crack, chillax and mind your business ya faden. is she your bitch that you feel you have to defend her? .

  14. Bravo they took out Karim’s filthy comments and my impolite reply to him lol

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      haha well i got -2 just because my moms family is from damas

  15. george bro with all respect to you i don;t think you know the lebanese army very well true the are not inteffering much and may be they are not helping the lebanese much and the hunter is an old jet but the lebanese army is a tough one bro teh thing is the american won;t give them army becouse they are worried about israel just in case about the mig bro it will never happen all this just talk

  16. By Max Blumenthal

    05 August, 2010


    On July 26, Israeli police demolished 45 buildings in the unrecognized Bedouin village of al-Arakib, razing the entire village to the ground to make way for a Jewish National Fund forest. The destruction was part of a larger project to force the Bedouin community of the Negev away from their ancestral lands and into seven Indian reservation-style communities the Israeli government has constructed for them. The land will then be open for Jewish settlers, including young couples in the army and those who may someday be evacuated from the West Bank after a peace treaty is signed. For now, the Israeli government intends to uproot as many villages as possible and erase them from the map by establishing “facts on the ground” in the form of JNF forests. (See video of of al-Arakib’s demolition here).

    One of the most troubling aspects of the destruction of al-Arakib was a report by CNN that the hundreds of Israeli riot police who stormed the village were accompanied by “busloads of cheering civilians.” Who were these civilians and why didn’t CNN or any outlet investigate further?

    I traveled to al-Arakib yesterday with a delegation fromTa’ayush, an Israeli group that promotes a joint Arab-Jewish struggle against the occupation. The activists spent the day preparing games and activities for the village’s traumatized children, helping the villagers replace their uprooted olive groves, and assisting in the reconstruction of their demolished homes. In a massive makeshift tent where many of al-Arakib’s residents now sleep, I interviewed village leaders about the identity of the cheering civilians. Each one confirmed the presence of the civilians, describing how they celebrated the demolitions. As I compiled details, the story grew increasingly horrific. After interviewing more than a half dozen elders of the village, I was able to finally identify the civilians in question. What I discovered was more disturbing than I had imagined.

    Arab Negev News publisher Ata Abu Madyam supplied me with a series of photos he took of the civilians in action. They depicted Israeli high school students who appeared to have volunteered as members of the Israeli police civilian guard (I am working on identifying some participants by name). Prior to the demolitions, the student volunteers were sent into the villagers’ homes to extract their furniture and belongings. A number of villagers including Madyam told me the volunteers smashed windows and mirrors in their homes and defaced family photographs with crude drawings. Then they lounged around on the furniture of al-Arakib residents in plain site of the owners. Finally, according to Matyam, the volunteers celebrated while bulldozers destroyed the homes.

    “What we learned from the summer camp of destruction,” Madyam remarked, “is that Israeli youth are not being educated on democracy, they are being raised on racism.” (The cover of the latest issue of Madyam’s Arab Negev News features a photo of Palestinians being expelled to Jordan in 1948 juxtaposed with a photo of a family fleeing al-Arakib last week. The headline reads, “Nakba 2010.”)

    The Israeli civilian guard, which incorporates 70,000 citizens including youth as young as 15 (about 15% of Israeli police volunteers are teenagers), is one of many programsdesigned to incorporate Israeli children into the state’s military apparatus. It is not hard to imagine what lessons the high school students who participated in the leveling of al-Arakib took from their experience, nor is it especially difficult to predict what sort of citizens they will become once they reach adulthood. Not only are they being indoctrinated to swear blind allegiance to the military, they are learning to treat the Arab outclass as less than human. The volunteers’ behavior toward Bedouins, who are citizens of Israel and serve loyally in Israeli army combat units despite widespread racism, was strikingly reminiscent of the behavior of settler youth in Hebron who pelt Palestinian shopkeepers in the old city with eggs, rocks and human waste. If there is a distinction between the two cases, it is that the Hebron settlers act as vigilantes while the teenagers of Israeli civilian guard vandalize Arab property as agents of the state.

    The spectacle of Israeli youth helping destroy al-Arakib helps explain why 56% of Jewish Israeli high school students do not believe Arabs should be allowed to serve in the Knesset – why the next generation wants apartheid. Indeed, the widespread indoctrination of Israeli youth by the military apparatus is a central factor in Israel’s authoritarian trend. It would be difficult for any adolescent boy to escape from an experience like al-Arakib, where adults in heroic warrior garb encourage him to participate in and gloat over acts of massive destruction, with even a trace of democratic values.

    As for the present condition of Israeli democracy, it is essential to consider the way in which the state pits its own citizens against one another, enlisting the Jewish majority as conquerers while targeting the Arab others as, in the words of Zionist founding father Chaim Weizmann,“obstacles that had to be cleared on a difficult path.” Historically, only failing states have encouraged such corrosive dynamics to take hold. That is why the scenes from al-Arakib, from the demolished homes to the uprooted gardens to the grinning teens who joined the mayhem, can be viewed as much more than the destruction of a village. They are snapshots of the phenomenon that is laying Israeli society as a whole to waste

  17. the above article is for any reader to see the callousness of israeli actions. for them to lose one life of theirs is valuable cos for them it furthers their cause even more.

    we get bullied and unifil sides with israel. un sides with israel. israel plays with gray areas such as this is disputed land.

    it ignores warning shots.

    israel just plainly doesnt care.

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